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ee is the only news medium in this country to continuously discuss the primary need in any modern economy ‘to make machines that make machines’.

     ee was delighted to hear the President, therefore, advise ‘officials to study the machinery required to produce organic fertilizer and manufacture machines that could be built locally with the assistance of the Sri Lanka Army Engineer’s Corps at state-owned factories…’ (see ee Agriculture)

     Is ee ‘kaday-going for the Rajapakses’ as detractors insist? ee responds: We all live in a damn kaday. Who will this big kaday serve, and how?

     In this thay kaday, meme-makers deploy expensive imported gadgets, musicians buy fancy ‘heavy-metal’ guitars and strings to rock’n’roll. They mimic white boys who mimic Black musicians.

     Instruments made for mere cents or nano-fractions of cents, by workers in other countries, are sold here at 10,000% markups. ee is happy even one politician has stated our need for machines to make machines! Professors saying this are even rarer. No artist we know does. ee recalls poets who were also printers and machine-makers; musicians who sought to make their own instruments (Random Notes).

• This making of machines to make machines requires a national conversation. Machine making is indispensable for a modern industrial economy. Likewise, we need to wrench the home market from the control of Exxon (fuel, fertilizer) and Unilever (consumer goods) and sundry machine importers: To enable rural investment in rural industry. The media, both public and private, is fully controlled by this private import mafia and will not permit such conversation or practice. Instead, the noise of white jazz, riffing on regime change!

     The President advising officials ‘to study’ the manufacture of machines does not necessarily mean they will do so. Many officials, from colonial times, have been covert agents for multinational importers linked to foreign banks. They will either prevent or subvert. This is why workers backed by the military must direct production and distribution.

     The import media will praise SMEs making cutlis, handicraft and assembly (manufacture, using expensive imports) They highlight isolated ‘inventions’ and exceptional machinery (which doesn’t skill the worker). They will claim using the latest Big Data and other digital genitalia. Yet neither we nor cultivators may never hear about any new machines, unhappily ever after.

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