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Sri Lanka as Slave to Oil Pirates in Singapore


The whites see energy control as one way to take over countries

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Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 20-26 March 2022

Oil scarcity? Power cuts? Look at the supermarkets, doors open, billowing air-conditioned (AC) air to the world! Cooling a warming globe, apparently. Look at all the obscene luxury cars on the road, each with only one occupant. Are they rushing to develop the nation? Involved in economic production? No! Nikang! Just joyriding?!
     Oil sails here from Singapore. Singapore gets it from West Asia. Sri Lanka gets it and from Singapore, and is not allowed to get it directly, or create its own energy resources. And India is setting oil prices here to push its own agenda.
     This ee examines this oily history between colonial Boustead & Co, which controlled electricity in Sri Lanka, helping to form an energy monopoly in Asia, setting up the country for a fall under England’s Shell, and US Exxon (which funds many a thinktank here)! It is Boustead who undermined DJ Wimalasurendra’s dream of energy self-sufficiency in Sri Lanka (see ee 01 August 2020).
     It is England’s agents like Preece, Cardew & Rider (PCR), the ‘Consulting Engineers employed by the Crown Agents on electrical and mechanical subjects’ in the 1920s, who sabotaged Laxapana, and also took over construction of the Victoria Dam, part of the Mahaweli project in the 1980s, which once promised to sell energy to India! Ha!

• There is no modern nation, no independence, no industrialization without energy security! The whites use energy control as one way to profit off and also create chaos in countries. From the moment of ‘Independence’ in 1948, with a white man allowed to set up Sri Lanka’s Central Bank in 1950, this former colony was turned into an import-consumer playground of the rich. The first CB governor John Exter was assigned here by the US Treasury. Exter’s job was to prevent the modern industrialization of the country, by proliferating an import mafia. This orgy of consumption was a scenario played out around the world in former non-settler colonies (Random Notes).

Payment settled for Singapore diesel & jet fuel shipment;
unloading begins today – Ada Derana

• Indeed! Singapore has no oil of its own. The oil hoarded and refined in that city-state is imported from West Asia, etc. Their ships sail crude oil all the way past us. It is refined in Singapore, to then sail and be sold to us back here. No wonder Singapore sees us as idiots. While hiding one of Sri Lanka’s top criminals – ‘Royal-College Arjuna’ – they even give us sermons on ‘rule of law’! 
     Singapore was set up for reshipment of the English opium trade etc, to China by such English bankers as John Coutts (linked by marriage to England’s first governor in Ceylon, Frederick North). Modern Singapore was created out of distributing oil from Russia, and then from Dutch-controlled Indonesia and English-controlled Borneo, creating Royal Dutch Shell. And of course, US Rockefeller’s Exxon was also set up there. Singapore also profited immensely by providing refueling facilities for US bombers to destroy Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam in the 1950s and 1960s (see ee Focus).
     This ee examines why Sri Lanka has to been made to depend on Singapore, which itself imports oil. Singapore is a base for US and English multinationals Exxon and Shell. ee also looks at how oil became a base for Singapore’s industrialization.
    Sri Lanka is enchained to a system where half of global oil supply and a third of global trade passes through the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. Singapore is the world’s top bunkering port. The world’s 3rd-ranked oil-trading centre. An integrated oil hub, it covers the entire value chain: regional exploration management, construction & maintenance of oil vessels, rigs & platforms, and related financing; the processing of crude oil, storage of refined products, marketing & trading of energy products. Singapore oil prices set the regional prices for oil products for the Asia-Pacific Region.

• Oil price hikes, even in the USA, are being blamed on NATO’s current wars in Europe. Yet the US doesn’t actually import that much Russian oil and gas: only about 8% of imports, or a paltry 2% of the US’s overall use. If the war has had any effect, it is increased fear among investors, that they will lose profits! Why?
Scientists and engineers have dropped the cost of solar and wind power…
to the point where it is some of the cheapest power on Earth.
Supply is only a small part of rising oil prices and the method of suffocating economies: A new great game is being played around the world. Oil price hikes are not about supply. It’s about capitalist investors fearing they’ll lose out on profits. The industry is making ‘obscene amounts of money’. Oil prices actually dropped since peaking after NATO’s latest horrors in Eastern Europe, but petrol prices are kept very high in most countries. The fossil fuel industry and its political allies are using NATO’s war on Russia and the Ukraine, and high prices, to justify increased dependence on oil – ee Industry, Oil Addiction.

• The capitalist media is spreading fear, pointing to false causes, and will keep provoking people into disorganized uproar. This private media, their professors and artists, are actually worse, even less accountable than most politicians, who at least have to be elected and appear in public (with bodyguards, etc) and possibly get shot at and even blown up.

• ‘Pirates have taken over the ship!’, cry the more prescient. ‘Any IMF bailout package will subject the hapless public to ‘electric shocks’ and ‘waterboarding’. ‘Get ready for another round of assassinations, coups, faux uprisings and terror.’
     ‘Experts’ are indeed coming out of the wall. Certain walls. There are these clicking hikmeeyo (shrews) issuing the poisoned elixirs of the IMF, World Bank, various NGO-hijacked UN Commissions, etc. Most, posing as economists, thinktanks, activists, and even politicians, have never asked: Why we are not allowed to make a pin! (There are those who say they do, then let them tell us their process: from where the machines, how the workers are enriched.

• There have been very few import restrictions. If any! The English press does not report on the proposals made by the Jathika Nidhahas Peramuna (NFF) led by Wimal Weerawansa, to the government, on how to control imports. And the former Central Bank Governor divulges he insisted on continuing import controls (see ee Quotes)

• These capitalists and their media have consistently lied about the government’s supposedly harsh import restrictions. The import mafia are led by the oil and fertilizer mafia, led by US Exxon-Chevron, England’s Unilever, and the banks. Note how there is little mention about the massive imports by multinationals like Chevron, Unilever, Nestle, etc.They have sabotaged from the very start, the attempts to more accurately target inessential imports.

Total imports last year cost US$20.6billion – the highest import costs reported in Sri Lanka’s history. Yet only $4.6bn was spent to import ‘essential’ goods such as fuel, coal, gas, medicine & medical apparatus. While almost $6bn spent importing non-essential goods. And, how much of the ‘essential’ fuel imported was spent on joyrides? How much on actual production? Such stats are not allowed to be divulged. (Random Notes)

• The media will not tell us. This so-called Sri Lankan media is not really Sri Lankan. Pages and screens are filled with multinational corporate (MNC) advertising, and most articles posing as news. This easily show us the media is import-mafia-controlled. By the usual suspects (Unilever, Nestlé, etc). These mafia capos do not have Sinhala village ‘thug’ names like Mahakandure Madush.  Instead their ‘respectable’ Colombo 7 media barons have widely spread rumors, eg, about China mixing excreta with fertilizer! Such lies have a long history, as ee heard this week, about how rice from China was mixed with sand at the port to attempt to discredit our most successful trade treaty, the Rubber-Rice Pact (ee Focus).

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