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Sri Lanka Still Dancing in Lipton’s Circus


The President, speaking at the COP26 enviro-farce in Glasgow, from where Thomas Lipton and his tea business was unleashed on the world, could’ve pointed to that Scottish city’s landmarks: built up from the English plunder of Sri Lanka

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e-Con e-News 31 October – 6 November  2021

The President, speaking at the COP26 enviro-farce in Glasgow, from where Thomas Lipton and his tea business was unleashed on the world, could’ve pointed to that Scottish city’s landmarks: built up from the English plunder of Sri Lanka: They imposed an unfree alien workforce and plantations on a people invaded and betrayed, devastating our highlands and committing genocide – creating ongoing ecological disaster and implanting a demographic time bomb.

            Glasgow’s Lipton was taken over in 1943 by Unilever, whose massive propaganda apparatus branded Lanka, ‘Lipton’s Tea Garden’. The President indeed missed another great opportunity to tell the world, and teach the obdurate English some real English history. Though he may figure it is a waste of time (see Random Notes, Lipton).

     It was left to Bolivia, invaded by Iberian conquistadors 19 years after Sri Lanka, to point out that corporate-hijacked COP26 represents another imperialist tactic – Carbon Colonialism (ee Agriculture, Bolivia).

     The UN and environmental lobby is so captured by the multinational agenda, they have sustained abject radio silence while the government has been attacked in its feeble attempt to protect cultivators and consumers. Yet the whites love animals and trees. Elephants now spark more media electrons than the ongoing process of impoverishing the peasant and stealing their lands, where plantations set the benchmark for treating workers overall. Yet it’s the English that killed elephants in vast numbers, driving them out too to set up plantations.

     Not a day goes by without some media-amplified complaint from plantation owners about how badly they are treated: By the government. By workers, etc. In fact, the government has failed to protect the country from their underdevelopment of the country. This ee continues to expose the fraud of the ‘Tea Auction’, dominated by Unilever, with an import-export plantation oligarchy that still robs the country, refusing to invest in mechanization (ee Focus).

• Multinational corporations (MNC) met the Finance Minister at their ‘annual closed-door… pre-budget forum’. Why closed-door for those constantly demanding ‘transparency’? Only the sponsor, Wijeya Group’s Financial Times, briefly mentioned the session. Unilever and Ceylon Tobacco Co, who launched ‘The League of Multinational Corporations’, were notably missing from the attendees listed? Yet there was Swiss Baur’s, England’s Standard Chartered Bank, the USA’s AIA and Dole, and Japan’s Itochu, etc.

     These MNCs are demanding a ‘master plan’ for using fertilizer, ‘faster approval’ of land for growing export crops, enhanced ‘local market access’ for MNC products, reduced government intervention on pricing, and a ‘faster approval process’ by SL Standards Institutions, etc. It is not coincidental that these are the main themes corrupted economists love to harp on.

• Workers have not received wage increases for 2 years, while banks, corporations and the Colombo Stock Exchange are posting high profits and gains – making exaggerated fictitious claims (see ee Finance). Much of this comes from the laundering drug and other illegal profits, with only low level criminals exposed. They’re investing in real-estate and tourist hotels (& in other countries too!), making cities to expensive for workers to live in. With no direction from the Central Bank and state banks, they’re refusing to invest in essential goods and the real economy – modern industry.

     Meanwhile, the JVP and FSP are demanding that prices be ‘reduced’ and workers be given a Rs10,000 salary increase, which is half of the basic wages for most workers. These too are fictitious demands, made for publicity purposes. They make no demands about the pressing need for modern industrialization. What kind of ‘Marxist’ parties are these, who do not know the role that machine-building plays in modern economies?

     The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, ironically, was the first to be registered as a trade union, as No. 1 under the 1935 Act. That law, to take the steam out of the newly formed socialist party, covered both employers and workers. Yet employers now refuse to allow collective bargaining, thereby blocking any sectoral wage policy. After all, wage increments are made at the company level, which is the ideal way to increase wages.

      If capitalists are forced to grant such wage increases, their economists will then cry ‘inflation’, and demand immediate increases in prices, as they’re doing now, despite no wage increases. They could easily reduce prices of food and goods by investing in rural industries and agriculture. This they will not do unless the state forces them to do so.

• Banks are robbing the country through the import-export plantation game. This is why they have steadily opposed the establishment of an export-import bank, let alone a development bank. The state must establish cooperative rice mills and use modern (big) data to bulk import essentials. This is exactly what the English did during their WW2! But we are not allowed to do so? What slaves we still are, while MNCs are ruling the roost. Meanwhile monopolists Prima Ceylon and Serendib Flour Mills claim lack of dollars to import wheat flour! (ee Agriculture)

• Banks Know No Democracy – The Central Bank of the USA, the Federal Reserve, has been called that country’s ‘51st State’ and the most powerful state! It is ‘beyond the reach of democratically elected politicians, ensuring that only those with direct access to reserve bank personnel have an effective voice…’

     It’s no wonder that local media economists continually demand that the Central Bank here be made ‘independent’ of public oversight (see ee Focus).

• Europe and the USA are frequently venerated as the world’s most ‘open and democratic’ societies. This ee exposes the absolute lack of democracy in their main institutions: government, the cabinet, the judiciary, the police & security forces, the military, the central bank, let alone the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO, the BIS, the ECB, etc. Behind all this is the total lack of democracy in the banks and corporations, many of whom have budgets huger than most countries in the world.

• Sri Lanka is a US Colony – It’s no anomaly therefore that the ongoing sellout of energy security, to a shady US front corporation, which can only be challenged in England’s courts, has bypassed both the tender process and the cabinet. Having signed the ACSA military pact to allow US boots on Sri Lanka soil, and now handing over energy policy to the US, the capture of the country is almost complete. All this while the media harangues about a so-called ‘Chinese takeover’. The job of the public capitalist media is to misname and misdirect us from clearly seeing we have long been a US Colony since 1948. Their Country, Their Law, indeed! (see ee Focus)

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