The Black Cat of Nallaththanniya


The black leopard who was killed by poachers should be our cause célèbre because, let’s be honest, nobody in Sri Lanka actually gives a shit about systemic racism in America.

Sri Lankans, especially those of us who have studied or lived in North America, are full of shit. The same goes for those from Europe and down under. I say this because now it has become very trendy for Sri Lankans to show solidarity with the suffering of African Americans and so many of us post inane messages on social media about the plight of the black man and how Black Lives Matter.  

Really? Do Black Lives Matter to us? I lived in America for 20 years and have met hundreds of Sri Lankans living over there. Apart from a couple of lasses with a bad case of jungle fever, not a single Sri Lankan has ever considered a black man to be their equal. Before you tell me I’m wrong, count the number of American friends you have… are they not mostly white with perhaps a couple of latinos and a token black? How many of you have had a black boyfriend or a wife? Isn’t it true that even the most liberal Sri Lankan parent would accept a child marrying a white but not tolerate a Kaapiriya?

Come to think of it, Sri Lankans don’t consider Indians or South Asians to be their equals either. We think that we are better than them. Leaving aside the harsh racial divisions amongst ourselves, as a nation we all think we are better than fellow people of color. A bunch of Paki Nazis is what we are.

So why are we involved in this protest movement when most Sri Lankans who have posted on social media don’t even consider an African American to be their equal? Let’s stop pretending that we care because we really don’t. All we are doing is spout empty words. The entitled, Fair & Lovely slathered English speaking elite from Colombo couldn’t possibly know anything about the suffering of a black man in America.

So, instead of wasting time on a cause that we don’t believe in,  we should protest about something that affects all Sri Lankans… something that pisses all of us off, something that the entire country, except the politicians, care about: Wildlife. Instead of getting worked up and calling Donald Trump a racist c$*t, let us all protest against our most precious resource being destroyed by politicians and their lackeys. The black leopard who was killed by poachers, and the lack of interest by the authorities to punish those responsible, should be our cause célèbre because, let’s be honest, nobody in Sri Lanka actually gives a shit about systemic racism in America. It doesn’t impact our daily lives in Asuchiland. To all those keyboard warriors who feel the need to rail against the injustices of fascist governments, make the black cat of Nallaththanniya your George Floyd because Black Leopard Lives Matter! 

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