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The capitalist media’s job is to spread illiteracy and innumeracy


www.eesrilanka.wordpress.com talks of what’s said, half-said, footnoted and ignored. Here’s a slice from last week’s edition.

The hilarity of these first-this/first-that stories, like about the Australian CEO being Sri Lankan, replete with racialized rags-to-riches stereotypes, brown girl, poor girl, migrant… white money has the needed confidence in them … Then we find out she was charged in a German tax probe involving billions. We also find out her grandfather was involved in the assassination of SWRD and helped bankroll the ouster of the Sirimavo government in 1963. How they loved the English, and the English (with exceptions of course) loving them back.

Then there is first New Zealand SL-born MP Vanushi de Zoysa who recalls her cousin Richard being killed… It doesn’t recall the uncle involved in the murder of a Prime Minister. Curious how there is a flurry of a certain fraction making it into supposedly prominent places elsewhere… Two different success stories all linked to murderous reactionaries  within the country. Yet they matter little to the masses of women, let alone the people, of any country.

This week the Anglican Church joined the evangelical chorus about human rights. Very good. The Church must now make a priority list, chronologically based. Where shall we start? From 1795 to 1815 to 1830 to 1848 to 1948 and beyond, the role of the church English in the devastation of the country must be first accounted for. 

By the way, how many Black people has the Anglican church extricated from the clutches of their majesty’s prisons?

A BBC story reveals that the government of India has run a 15-year-old disinformation campaign against Pakistan, using over 750 fake media outlets. What else is new? Why is the BBC telling us this now? Is it part of the English game to continue stage-managing Partition?

Observers suggest such revelations are “to preempt a much more damning report and give a ‘touched up’ version of the findings. Also, to take the focus away from what was probably the main target, China. The whole operation was a collaboration with Western agencies.  Neither India’s secret RAW nor any other secret services answer to any power: government or private, within their countries… controlled directly by the Ruling Cabal.”

The “Real News” usually ain’t really any more real than ‘Fake News’. Few people have real access to the real news, let alone ‘insider information’ on the capitalist system. For example, 90% of the news supplied by Reuters, Bloomberg, etc, is ‘market data’…

Courts are usually where some ‘dirt’ spills out, when dinosaurs fight. Online legal databases (for business research and risk management) such as LexisNexis and Westlaw cost $100s an hour. Westlaw is owned by Thompson-Reuters.

LexisNexis, claimed as the world’s largest electronic database for legal and public-records, is owned by RELX (formerly Reed Elsevier), whose owners link to the Bank of England, etc. Reuters, Unilever, P&O, Lloyd’s formed the English Empire’s frontline quad.

Several readers tell us that ee is too long. Most news items are repetitive mind-deadening cut-and-paste corporate propaganda, and also overwhelm more important news links. Most ‘fake news’ is corporate whitewash to hide their real news. Two-thirds of our newsletter is our news compendium. The compendium compiles some of the weekly public English media output, as an archive for reference. ee presents the compendium, to examine its focus. It’s by no means an endorsement of their point of view. On the other hand, we can see what their priorities are, or rather what they wish people to focus on, or divert to and from. It also exposes certain anxieties, which they intend to paper over by pointing away from the roots of our discontent, or to other lesser causes. Unilever still controls the home market, P&O still controls the seas…

It’s a shame that media, especially TV and the internet, which could be a force for good, is flooded with sheer nonsense. One reader asked if we think this is true only for Sri Lanka. Not at all. The capitalist media’s job is to spread illiteracy and innumeracy. On the other hand, since our focus is Sri Lanka, ee tries to see through it all. Note, SL has a far ‘wider’ media than European countries and their settler states, where it’s rare to even see mention of socialist alternatives, even as the socialists presented by our media seem to know little about the link between modern industrial production and independence.

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