The Concerts of Europe


In 1963, Asia, Africa and the non-Euro Americas were left out when radio frequencies were allocated for satellites in Geneva. Many satellites have military applications, and the US controlled Intelsat (set up for “international cooperation” in satellite communication).

Observe carefully the white concert in Geneva. Remember them when England and their corrupt British Council, the USA and the Germans set up art, literary and music festivals here.

Assassinated African-American prophet Malcolm X observed: Gentile and Jew, Catholic and Protestant, despite all supposed differences, when they hear the word “Nigger”, all run in the same direction.

When China detonated its first atom bomb in 1964, Malcolm declared white supremacy was over. It was: “the greatest thing that ever happened in the 20th century to Black people.” African-Americans “would never be free until Asia and Africa threw off the yoke of imperialism and became strong.”

In February 1815, 15 English armed divisions began looting a deserted Kandy in concert. Colonial governor Fred North insisted “the King and his Tamil advisors,” had provoked invasion. England’s foreign secretary Castlereagh was more precise: Ceylon was integral to English empire, “It is one of the keys to India and will not be returned.”

On March 2, they struck a deal for ‘good governance’. “You have now deposed the King,” one local traitor fecklessly told the English, “Nothing more is required, you may now leave us.” 

“An old and tragic tale. The Kandyan turned with too facile readiness to the idea of bringing in the foreigner to settle their domestic differences. That pitcher went too often to the well. The convenient arbitrator became the permanent master. The Kandyans accomplished their own political doom.” Colvin R. De Silva went on. “A petty state, mediaeval in structure, unprogressive in ideas, parochial in policy and diplomacy, and rent by internal dissensions, could not anyhow have checked the advance of a modern imperial power.”

Lanka’s peasantry would now be trapped within a slave plantation economy. Peasants, Bhikkus, Vanniyala (Veddha), Chiefs, and ‘pretenders’ to the throne soon allied in a series of “revolts, rebellions, conspiracies and plots” against the English.

Yet by 1815: With regard to all important branches of industry, England possessed a virtual monopoly of world trade! In 1815, the “Concert of Europe,” set up by the Quadruple Alliance led by England had defeated Napoleon’s First French Empire. Imperialists now spoke with one voice. The Congress of Vienna divided the world, with England claiming Lanka, Mauritius, the Cape, Tobago, Santa Lucia, Ionian Islands, Malta etc. – to strategically control the oceans. Their “European Concert”, conducted by Austrian chancellor Metternich and Castlereagh, held the balance of power in Europe (until the Russian Revolution).

Concerts, with all the instruments of manufacturers, militarists and musicians harmonizing together, were a popular ruling metaphor in 19th century Europe, not just from Mozart’s concertos. A factory was described as “a vast automaton, composed of various mechanical and intellectual organs, acting in uninterrupted concert for the production of a common object, all of them subordinated to a self-regulated moving force.”

This white concert manifests most in the international capitalist orchestra aka mass media, conducted like an evangelical religion. Based primarily in Manhattan (as is US Capital and the UN) their repetitive saturation advertises pantheon (their gods) and pandemonium (their yakku). Watch CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, NHK: the same headlines are hyped in sync.

In 1859, news agencies Havas (France), Reuter (England) and Wolff (Germany), anchored in their stock exchanges, collaborated to extend their networks. In 1865, a France-US cable was operated jointly by Reuter and the Anglo-American Telegraph Co. (later AT&T).

In the 1870s, Reuters, Havas & Wolff divided up the world: Reuters took exclusive rights in England, Holland, and related colonies; Continental Wolff took Germany, Scandinavia, Russia; while Havas took France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Reuter and Havas both took the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, Belgium. In 1875, Reuters, Havas (now Agence France Press) & Continental Wolff (Deutsche Presse-Agentur) colluded with the US Associated Press (AP).

In 1872, Iran’s Nasaer-al-Din Shah granted news agency owner Baron Reuter exclusive monopoly to exploit all mineral resources and control roads, railways, telegraph lines, water canals, irrigation systems, and customs services! This “concession” launched the era of ‘Big Oil’ in West Asia.

England’s Viceroy of India Curzon called Reuter’s coup: “The most complete and extraordinary surrender of the entire industrial resources of a kingdom into foreign hands that has probably ever been dreamt of, much less accomplished, in history.” Iranians violently forced its cancellation, but Reuter repeatedly claimed compensation. In 1889, the Reuter-controlled Imperial Bank of Persia was opened, monopolizing Iran’s modern banking sector, and printing Iran’s bank notes! This English bank sold all Iran’s mineral rights to the English Persian Mining Corporation (later British Petroleum).

By the 20th century, 4 major news agencies controlled over 80% of global news flow! Imperialist countries also controlled almost 90% of radio spectrum, mainly for military use. In 1963, Asia, Africa and the non-Euro Americas were left out when radio frequencies were allocated for satellites in Geneva. Many satellites have military applications, and the US controlled Intelsat (set up for “international cooperation” in satellite communication).  

Most countries were not allocated geostationary orbit (parking spots in space) for satellites. Satellite broadcasting of television signals into countries clearly threatened national sovereignty. Satellites illegally collected data on crops and natural resources in most countries, analyzed by mainframe computers and databases mostly located in the US.   

In 1974, the UN declared a New International Economic Order (NIEO) for countries to regulate and control multinational corporations, and set up associations of primary commodity producers similar to OPEC. The imperialists then sabotaged NIEO through their monopoly media.

A New International Information Order (NIIO) was demanded by the Non-Aligned Movement in Algiers in 1973. In 1978, the NAM got UNESCO to support the NIIO. The US, England (and Singapore!) withdrew their membership in UNESCO in 1984 to kill off NIIO.

Monopoly news agencies in London, Paris and New York, emphasize natural disasters and instability, distorting basic realities in most countries. The unbalanced flow of mass media from the imperialist world, and control by their advertising agencies considerably cripple local mass media. The Concert and its Counterpoint continues…

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