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The Continuing War to Prevent Sri Lanka’s Independence


It is ee-easy to understand why the merchant- and moneylender-controlled media fervently oppose a strong state. Railing against despotism, and militarization, they yet ever praise the US, England and EU, who have never stopped waging wars, as models of ‘democracy.’

So here is what fake ‘independence’ and fake ‘industrialization’ wrought:
‘Five agency firms, George Steuart & Co, Whittall Boustead Ltd, Shaw Wallace & Hedges, Mackwoods Estates & Agencies, and Colombo Commercial (Agency), managed 171 companies in 1964, compared with 101 in 1950; their relative share of the total number of companies increased from 28% to 61%’ – SBD de Silva, The Political Economy of Underdevelopment.

Here’s English Lesson 101: Passive voice: ‘Sri Lanka is a poor country’. Active voice: ‘English Banks still rob SL’. Passive voice: ‘Lost Nautical Culture’ Active voice: ‘The English banned local ship and boat building.’

‘Shipping agencies contributed to the commercial dominance of the European firms. As agents for shipping lines, they had a first claim on the available freight… direct access to shipping facilities was a prerequisite for large-scale trading. …The monopoly power of European trading enterprise was thus based on the pre-emption of markets and supply sources, economies of scale, access to funds, and the lateral integration with insurance and shipping business.’ – SBD de Silva, PEU
It is easy to see why our ruling class is so beholden to what the white man thinks, with much electronic ink wasted on responding to ‘Vexatious Persecution’.
An economy based on ‘exports’ (dependent on expensive imports) and ‘tourism’ makes us dependent on foreign forces and house-trained economists, more than ever.

The ‘commissions’ such trading provides – this is why the top Englishman here is called ‘The High Commissioner’ – end up in European and Anglo-North-American banks and their safe tax havens. If our leaders feel threatened they can always flee to their white nests. This is perhaps the reason why the UNHRC feels their trump card is ‘travel’ sanctions!

• If India is denied control of Colombo port’s deepest terminal, they’ll try to coup the government, foment rebellion again, perhaps among their upcountry ‘Malayagu Makkal’, suggest several ee readers. The US government has also come to bat for India’s takeover of the port. India also threatens to divert their transshipment freight away from Colombo. A hijacked UN, still controlled by whites, has also joined the vultures circling overhead and within.

A coup has long been underway to ensure that a popular government – recall the Swiss Embassy snafu – will be squeezed on all sides to prevent them delivering any kind of social and economic justice in the midst of capitalism’s latest ‘crisis’.

Sri Lanka has been under invasion, sometimes overt, most times covert, for over 500 years. The only way these forces can be defeated is by relying on the people.
This week it was revealed that the US government’s promise of stopping NATO’s ‘never-ending’ war in Afghanistan is contingent on the Taliban joining them in attacking China, Russia, Iran!

And it’s not only the international white mafia, and their local brow sahibs, Sri Lanka has to deal with:
‘When I was in the Health Ministry, I thought the pharmaceutical mafia was strong, but now I see that the sand and granite Mafia is as strong as the pharmaceutical Mafia. This Mafia controls the price of sand and granite.’ – Dr Anil Jasinghe, Secretary to the Ministry of Environment

Jasinghe adds: ‘A cabal of regional politicians and businessmen had put paid to the government efforts to ensure that rural communities enjoyed the benefits of natural resources around them. Regional politicians were controlling sand and granite extraction, and members of the vulnerable rural communities were working for them as labourers. Those politicians and businessmen also flouted laws openly…’

But is it just a matter of mafias? Is it just old colonial processes in flower, of the old agency houses? What of the banking mafia that refuses to invest in modern production and got into debt importing ‘luxuries’?

‘The Government has to settle an International Sovereign Bond of $1,000million in July this year, and SL Development Bonds amounting to $1,325mn by next August.’ Fund managers rule us. Who are these fund managers who can decide to crash the stock market and economy? When will they refuse to ‘roll over’ Sri Lanka’s supposed debt? This will presumably trigger a huge stock exchange crash. For all the talk of ‘transparency’, these fund managers are invisible, and more powerful than companies or politicians. This is why disinformation about who owns our debt is all the rage.

Speaking against capitalism is ‘hate speech’ – on this basis a server was taken down during this week’s supposed investor revolt. Human Rights, the Environment is being weaponized by capitalism,……..Welcome to ‘The Moralization and Legalization of Capital’…

[This is the ‘executive summary’ of this week’s E-Con E-News post. Read the full analysis @ www.eesrilanka.wordpress.com]

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