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The Corruption of Economists: Charge Hemas with Murder


Hemas Holdings, and other local importers of Big Pharma, should be charged with mass murder, and not just for spreading conspiracy theories in their mafia media.

Hemas Holdings, and other local importers of Big Pharma, should be charged with mass murder, and not just for spreading conspiracy theories in their mafia media. They’re accused of preventing the early use of the Sinopharm vaccine here, while Hemas also insists only they can import Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca, thereby allowing increases in infection and death (see ee Focus).

• Indian businessman Muni Kundanmal claims to have pioneered the ‘garment’ business in Sri Lanka (what about Kuveni?). In the early 1970s at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, he reprimanded a Sinhala businessman for insisting business was doing fine under Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s United Front government. Kundanmal had yelled at him, ‘I say, men, don’t say that, it will only encourage them!’ 

     It’s almost holy scripture in capitalist media to claim the 1970-77 coalition government, which also attempted local production, was an economic failure. Its successes are also ignored. Yet when interviewed in 2009, Kundanmal acknowledged that in Sri Lanka, ‘The best time for Sindhi business was in the ‘70s and ‘80s.’ (Random Notes, Athukorala)

• The Wijeyawardene Group’s Sunday Times, famed for their dripping-over-the-top-Anglomania, links Trincomalee to English novelist Jane Austen’s brother who died in 1850. The Times makes no mention this was 2 years after their 1848 massacres here. Brother Austen died during English war on Myanmar, with a cenotaph bearing his name found in Trincomalee, the oceanic prize imperialism seeks.

     Sister Austen did not write directly about the colonial game. Yet many of Austen’s relatives were involved in the bloody English wars on our countries, which continue to this day. She certainly lived through the English Empire’s expansion to indentured enslavement in Asia from the Atlantic chattel trade in Africans and the genocide in the Americas. Yet Austen restricted herself solely to the so-called ‘novel of manners’, recounting the effete airs of the English landed gentry who sucked our blood off-novel (not even like ‘off-Broadway’!). How does this link to the ongoing whingeing about attacks on University Arts education (Random Notes).

• Hartal 2.0 & Govi Superstar – Some ‘Big King’ TV channels lavish uber-pixels on promoting superstars of the Hollyweird and Bollyweird variety. Now they’re suddenly interviewing goviyo against the ban of fertilizer. Yet they never broadcast ‘Superstar Govi’. Their stipendiary columnists are now predicting Hartal 2.0.

     The Wijewardene Group media have also grown sad, showing photos of people sleeping in the street. The capitalist opposition have suddenly discovered widespread impoverishment and despair. Even highlighting the JVP’s thundering denunciations, they wish to sacrifice another generation of people against the plantation machine? They hope to arouse the anarchists and nihilists, who are preponderant in our society, due to the prevention of modern industry. Only modern industry can creatively employ people, but there’s no ‘Industrial Superstar’ on TV either, let alone ordinary galaxies. The media will not discuss the addiction to quick money, and the failure of the oligarchs to invest in modern industry.

     The private telecom companies are making a killing off internet education, due to Covid. The government must move to take over distribution of food, finance, and quickly enforce a wage policy, before opportunists postpone independence again.

• The Central Bank SL governor this week warned people against a clearly anti-national media, following last week’s request for banks to invest in production rather than speculate in property.

     Also examine ee Finance section: A surplus of new stories are targeting rural microlender LOLC, also linked to Hemas, for artificially ‘pumping’ the stock market.

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