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e-Con e-News 23-29 October 2022

Cuba shot down a US U-2 spy plane flying over its airspace on 27 October 1962,

at the peak of what the US media love to call ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’ – 60 years ago.

The US Navy also attacked a Soviet nuclear submarine B-59,

which auspiciously, we are told, did not escalate the provocation that day.

It’s another of those ‘most dangerous global moments’ that took place, 17 years

after the latest colonial power dropped atomic bombs on Asia, in Japan in 1945

to announce its arrival…1962 was also the year of that coup…

On Thursday, 20 October 2022, US Central Command chief Michael Kurilla visited the Ohio-class West Virginia SSBN (submarine with ballistic nuclear missiles), which ‘specially surfaced’ at ‘an undisclosed location’ in the Arabian Sea, bordering Sri Lanka. Kurilla is a veteran of the US invasions of Panama, Iraq, Haiti, Kosovo, and Bosnia.

     SSBNs, called the ‘stealthiest’ US submarines, are armed with 24 Trident II ballistic missiles, each of which can carry up to 10 warheads, in total giving the vessel an ammunition supply of 240 strategic nuclear warheads – a vital component of the US nuclear triad.

     Apparently, these immersible tombs and tomb-makers are not supposed to announce their locations, or their existence. Yet this frothing nuclear Moby Dick (‘of mass destruction’) is flipped up by the US, splashing out of the ocean called Indian (now Indo-Pacific). Not a word dribbles out in Sri Lanka’s media. The almighty memorizer google does not carry its usual millions of diversionary citations either on the incident.

     It’s another covert warning to those who think the premier genocidal white-settler state on the planet will allow dreamers to rule their – let alone our own – destinies, and escape the stranglehold of US hegemony, without a long-term political, economic and military plan. So what’s with the private show? A part of the constant de rigueur menacing?

Menacing or brandishing is a criminal offense in ‘many’ (but not all) US states,

generally defined as ‘displaying a weapon with the intent of placing another person

in fear of imminent physical injury or death…

Self-defense is often explicitly given as an exception …

The tangentially related crime of ‘Menacing by Stalking’ was introduced as a new charge.

And so the US cometh stalking the Indian Ocean so far away from its pirate settler coves in the North Atlantic. While it refuses to vacate Diego Garcia; it now states plans to establish a permanent force in the ‘Indo-Pacific’. So why bulge their genetically modified republic-destabilizing killer bananas ? – see ee Sovereignty, US Signals Readiness

• This week also had no media coverage, or liberal outragification, of Australian Navy warships in Sri Lanka’s ports. They said they’re participating in ‘Indo-Pacific Endeavor 2022’, and left after a naval exercise with the Sri Lankan Navy. Sri Lankan officials are apparently ‘yet to recognize’ the so-called ‘IndoPacific region’ and the Quad Group of which India is also a member.

     ‘The Indian Ocean should not be a ‘playground’ of world military powers’, State Defence Minister Premitha Bandara Tennakoon yearned at an Indian Defence Ministers’ Conclave 2022 during the weapons bazaar DefExpo2022 – at Gandhinagar, in India.

     Tennakoon was said to be echoing President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s September vow that Sri Lanka ‘would not participate in any military alliance, and did not want the problems of the Pacific coming into the Indian Ocean… The geopolitics of the Indian Ocean has unfortunately made Sri Lanka the punching bag for Hambantota.’ The US apparently did not heed his call, and have kept sending hitmen to set the President straight (see ee Random Notes).

• The US War Department released its 2022 National Defense Strategy, to ‘reinforce and build out a resilient security architecture in the IndoPacific, and foster advantage thru advanced technology cooperation with partners like Japan & Australia.’

     Quad nations should establish a permanent maritime force that’s in being all the time’, offered former US chief of naval operations Gary Roughead, rotating command every 6 months among themselves.

• Those aspiring to lead Sri Lanka should understand the threats being made against Sri Lanka. The media maintains a supine ‘radio silence’, as US threats become more evident when we study the world around us.

     Pacific nations are rejecting threats by the US demanding they ‘pick a side’. Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Minister Jeremiah Manele says they shunned an initial US-Pacific declaration, because the US demanded they choose a side. The package came with military training by US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) & more US Navy patrols. US 3rd Fleet head, Vice Admiral Michael Boyle during a recent Rim of the Pacific exercise, warned: ‘The US is closer to conflict in the Pacific than it is to peace’. He called for a more centralized command & control structure, and a standing maritime force similar to those elsewhere around the globe that could rapidly respond to a crisis in the Indo-Pacific. He spoke of ‘a need to understand right now which nations in the Pacific would join the US if there was a conflict with either China or North Korea’.

• The US has declared [see below] its public war strategy to coincide with China’s 20th National Congress. The US strategy depicts Russia & China as beset by problems associated with ‘the pathologies inherent in highly personalized autocracies’ that are ‘exporting an illiberal model of international order.’ Even declaring:

We will not use our military to change regimes or remake societies.’

So, then this flashing of nukes? Mere radioactive cant?

Days After ‘Threatening’ Saudi Arabia,

US Nuclear Submarine

Makes a Very Rare Appearance

in The Arabian Sea

This very atomic-Mosaic threat to indeed part the Red Seas (firing up every oil-well), is apparently aimed at Saudi Arabia, who the US accuses of aligning with Russia amidst NATO’s war in the Ukraine.

     The US & EU (claiming no choice) placed a cap on oil prices. They say Saudi Arabia & Russia, along with the rest of the producer alliance known as OPEC+, have cut oil production to drive up crude prices. OPEC+ insists it is a purely business decision. Such explanations normally resound hosannas ululated on Wall Street and its media choirs. So an elaborate dance writhes on. With the US even saying, they live not by profit alone.

     While Sri Lanka has been told to keep away from Russia & China – with Sri Lanka’s President finding the time to visit dead leaders in Tokyo and London – on November 8, India’s foreign minister S Jaishankar will meet Russia’s foreign minister S Lavrov.

• Top US & Canadian generals also met this week to plan the imminent invasion of Haiti, while US Secretary of State A Blinken visiting Canada dodged questions about the joint US-Canada military invasion. Haiti, by the way, isn’t asking for military intervention! It’s the unelected government put into power by Canada after the assassination of the last President. They are not asking to be rescued. The present US Envoy Julie Chung is accused of complicity in the assassination of the last President.

     Haitians are on the streets denouncing ‘foreign aid’ and invasion, saying the US and other powers have contributed to the destabilization of Haiti.  Protesters are also demanding the resignation of US-backed Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry. Next October will see the 40th anniversary of the US invasion of Grenada in 1983, which took place after a devastating attack on a US marine base in Beirut.

     On Monday, US President Biden announced new sanctions on Nicaragua’s state-owned mining enterprises. Revenue from these mining operations funds Nicaragua’s social welfare programs.

• And then they publicly renounce live-action military adventures again. Yet the US also wages expensive wars via all ‘other means’. This ee Focus recounts their plans to control media to take over Iran, as well as the role of NGOs and other gangs in Haiti leading to assassination, coup, and now imminent invasion again; the threat to cut Ethiopia off from ‘social media’; the use of Elon Musk’s supposedly independent satellite system to circumvent state control over media, the use of Twitter (now ‘taken over’ by Musk); the role of intelligence in the ‘successful meddling in the internal affairs of another country’, with the provision of the latest ‘social media’ tools, the US role in the so-called ‘Arab Uprisings’.

• ‘White fragility’ is a recently publicized trope (2018) that sought to explain the mass & velocity of the ‘defensive instincts or reactions that a white person experiences when questioned about race or made to consider their own race.’

     So when imperialists are questioned about imperialism, what do we get, from the so-called Left & Right, and so-called Black & white? Welcome to the USA’s Global Fragility Act, which aims to target and take over countries deemed as too ‘fragile’ to survive any relationship with China or Russia. (see ee Focus)      

     All the pious rhetoric of their Colombo cabal, their lawfaring and the daily whinging of their troll armies, suggest the attempted division of Sri Lanka is at hand, midst an ongoing coup to prevent any further attempts at independence. Their actions in Myanmar, Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc, make their aims palpably manifest.

• US Senator Robert Menendez, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a strident critic of Sri Lanka (& all the other ‘enemies’ of the empire), is reported under investigation about a company that’s authorized by the government of Egypt to certify exports of Halal food worldwide. Menendez was earlier accused of ‘influence peddling’. In 2017 prosecutors dropped corruption charges against him after a jury couldn’t agree on a verdict. These charges could very well have been media diversions. Menendez has much deeper links to the imperialist machine. He’s the US senator from New Jersey, home of Rockefeller’s ExxonMobil conglomerate.

• Dr IMF  – Never has a patient been so pawed over in the ICU by life-saving doctors. Never has a patient been kept alive by greater expectations. Even as the patient’s life supports & heirlooms are pawned off to the nearest financial magicians.

     This week saw the entry of yet another titled US official delivering we must assume was dollar-ed news: US Treasury’s Deputy Assistant Secretary Robert Kaproth – What therapies hath he administered as exchange, we can imagine. He may have made the Central Bank governor, more independent of Sri Lanka, promising him tenure-for-life in Iowa. Kaproth may have made money supply more dependent on Wall Street. He may have checked off the IMF’s deadlines to revive the patient in the new Gregorian year. The passage of the 22nd Amendment to weaken state power, the petroleum sell-off, the utility hikes, the banking sector (see ee Quotes for a list of their demands). What is clear is: no Dollars are forthcoming yet…

     Minister of [No] Power & Energy Kanchana Wijesekera listened to Kaproth’s sermon ‘on restructuring Sri Lanka’s loss-making state-owned enterprises (SoEs)… in the Power & Energy Sector, policies, debt restructuring, fuel management system and petroleum products procurement.’ They probably failed to discuss Shell Oil’s recently ‘reported profits of $9.5bn for Q3 2022 compared to $4.1bn for Q3 2021’!

     Kaproth also met the Opposition Samagi Jana Balwaegaya (SJB), MPs Eran Wickramaratne, Harsha de Silva, Kabir Hashim. Kaproth had earlier been in Sri Lanka on June 27, with the US delegation consisting of Deputy Assistant State Secretary Kelly Keiderling, State Department Economic Chief John McDaniel, US Treasury Deputy Director for South Asia Catherine Reynolds. ee also noted his attempts to cash in on the anti-China sampan (ee 25 June & 02 July 2022).

     Economics affirms the Politics. Kaproth follows on the heels of US Assistant Secretary of State for South & Central Asian Affairs Don ‘Banana2’ Lu, who has given his face to the ongoing political chicanery in Pakistan. The assassination this week in Kenya of a Pakistani critic of the recently US-sponsored ‘soft-coup’ in Pakistan, followed the announcement of the removal of the political rights of recently soft-couped Pakistani President Imran Khan.

Economic Crimes? – England’s latest Prime Minister is not just its first ‘Indian’ PM as all the media crows, but more importantly, it’s the first Goldman Sachs PM! – Yet Rishi Sunak has erased his Goldman Sachs & hedge fund career from his LinkedIn profile and from his official government bio. Sunak worked as a junior analyst at Goldman Sachs, 2001-04, to research railways. He joined TCI hedge fund, 2006-9, as a partner.

     US rail freight operator CSX sued Sunak’s TCI hedge fund, which had secretly bought shares in CSX, using opaque derivatives to disguise their large shares. TCI then paid $10million to CSX, plus legal fees. In 2009 he co-founded the hedge fund Theleme Partners, with Patrick Degorce.

     (In 2013 TCI became the 2nd-biggest shareholder in England’s newly privatized Royal Mail. Shares rocketed almost 50% above their issue price, sparking criticism that government had undervalued one of England’s biggest state sell-offs in decades. In 2014 Sunak launched his parliamentary career).

     Sunak is married to Akshata Murty, daughter of Indian billionaire Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys. Narayana avoided millions of dollars yearly in taxes on Infosys dividends by claiming ‘non-domiciled’ status. Murty had to then pay taxes in England on her overseas income. Their combined wealth is estimated at a mere $800 million (ee Finance, Sunak).


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