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The Indian Ocean as the (new) last frontier!


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US warship this week violated India’s claim to its ‘Exclusive Economic Zone’ in the Bay of Bengal. Then an Indian warship, rather than challenging the US intrusion, instead entered Colombo Port to wish us happy new year!

     Earlier the US withdrew its warship in the Black Sea on Russia’s warning. Japan meanwhile announced plans to dump a million tons of radioactive waste from Fukushima into the oceans. The seas about us in this here ‘torrid zone’ clearly froth tempestuous…

     How exclusive is our ancient port of Kolomthota, long monopolized for the last 225 years by England’s agency houses and their agents, such as P&O etc? 

• The Indian Ocean, with its fabulous marine wealth and worker power is being tagged, ‘The Last Frontier’. ‘Frontier’ is an old conceit for the encroaching plunder, genocide and land theft by white settlers in the Americas.

     History, we ignore at our peril, is not just staring us in the face, but hammering us over the head, with bludgeons made both of imported steel and sugar.

• The US government has dedicated $300 million annually to its ‘Agency for Global Media’ (AGM), to focus on countering China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), etc. This should generate lots of fog, and more. Blaring about Colombo Port City being a ‘Chinese colony’, first shrilled by the US ambassador, was soon crowed here by related media, NGOs, opposition parties, and others. (AGM operates Voice of America’s Radio Free Asia to attack Vietnam and China, Radio Marti to attack Cuba, etc.)

• Now they blame China. It was the USSR, 40 years ago: Mervyn de Silva, Lanka Guardian editor, exposed how the US was using the USSR as an excuse for indefinitely postponing the Indian Ocean Peace Zone (IOPZ) Conference, to be held in Colombo in 1981. A week before his talk, the US announced B52 nuclear-armed bombers would be operating from illegally occupied Diego Garcia. (LG Vol. 4: No. 9), their largest base south of us.

     Last month (March) England declared their ‘armed forces will also maintain a permanent presence in the… British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT)’ – despite the UN declaring their presence there illegal! No UN office has been set up to evict them!

     The BIOT is of course what the English Department backwardly miscalls the 7 atolls of the Chagos Archipelago of over 1,000 islands, the largest and most southerly being Diego Garcia, whose residents England dumped onto the streets of Port Louis, in Mauritius!

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