The Mangala-Wiggy Waltz


Wiggy the champion of (Tamil First and Last) Sri Lankanism and Innocence the champion of shrubbery and the wiggly. Now ain’t that special?

Last week newly minted MP C.V.Wigneswaran was waxing eloquent against an imaginary foe in Sri Lanka’s parliament. C.V.Wigneswaran the Tamilian parliamentarian from the predominantly Tamilian Jaffna District and Sri Lanka’s Ealamist Tamils’ begging bowl connecting them to their diaspora brethren and western masters, ranted about Gotabaya Rajapaksa being the president of the Sinhalese, for the Sinhalese and by the Sinhalese.
This from a man who has never been anything more than a Tamilian for the Tamilian and by the Tamilian diaspora.

Gettysburg is cringing. Abraham Lincoln is contemplating hara kiri from the grave.

Mangala Innocence hears Wiggy’s call to action loud and clear. Never one to miss an opportunity to flutter his political wings to attract those for whom he’s quite the darling local agent, Mangala says he will take up the cause of Lanka’s soon to be trampled fauna and flora.

Wiggy the champion of Sri Lankism and Innocence the champion of shrubbery and the wiggly. Now ain’t that special?

At the visceral level, it is easy to dismiss Wigneswaran and Samaraweera as inconsequential because their ability to influence the political flow of the country is limited. 

After all, Innocence didn’t even think he could get elected to parliament and withdrew from contesting at the last election. Innocence’s political instincts were correct and therein lies the danger of the man. 

Mangala Innocence may be a political has-been in Sri Lanka but he’s ever ready to genuflect before the political West and does have the ability to attract the attention of North American and European interventionist sentiments. The international conservation sector is ever ready to jump on their white horses to fight the dark environmental evil doers in dark continents. 

C V.Wigneswaran is also an irritant for similar reasons but is more brazen and direct about his intentions. Wigneswaran wants foreign intervention in Sri Lanka on behalf of northern Tamils. It is that simple. He has already appealed to his political masters in the diaspora and is likely to seek the services of internationalist neoliberals marginalized by Donald Trump. Wigneswaran has anointed himself as the new Tamilian Emperor of the Jaffna Peninsula. He has sympathetic international audience as does Mangala Samaraweera. 

That makes Wigneswaran and Samaraweera dangerous foes for Gotabaya Rajapaksa because the Rajapaksas’ are not known for their subtlety in handling political irritants and ham fisted crackdowns on the two will provide the cover for the neoimperialist western hordes to invade the shores of Sri Lanka. 

It is best not to give them the traction they crave, but it would be good to keep an eye on these operators.

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