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Wolf noted that Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), cynically authorized on their New Year’s Eve, empowered them to detain any US citizen “for anything forever!” We should ask our experts on oriental despotism what that is called?

Artists, poets and musicians glibly criticize politicians, but rarely, the capitalists behind them. Or even the media capitalists own. It’s the capitalist media who make and break most politicians.

Reporters can’t criticize the media. That’s biting the handmaiden that feeds you. 
Most working artists slog for capitalist advertisers: poets stitch lines of slogans, painters squeeze lines of color to gloss the practices of banks and corporations, as musicians fine-tune the ring tones of their cash registers.

Freedom of the press is for those who own one. And the raison d’être of the capitalist mass media is to confuse their main enemy as much as possible – the working class.

 There are no greater paragons of denial and sycophancy than the corporate media and their self-delusional minions – not handmaidens of democracy but pimps of the public relations men – fair & lovely cosmeticians of the corporations.

Small truths have to embellish big lies. Fake confessions of ‘retail’ criminality by English governments and media are requisite rituals to maintain their daily polished self-image as white knights of truth and light.

 Former Associated Press CEO Tom Curley once apologized for firing a reporter almost 7 decades before! That AP hack had broken a pledge made to the military by embedded reporters, to ‘hold’ a story announcing the WW2 surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945! 

 This is called lobbing soft balls. Fake confession: The retiring AP CEO Curley was promoting a new book. If Curley really wished to expose media censorship, he would  tell how AP retains its wholesale monopoly of not just “US” news: how they suppress, downplay or steadfastly ignore in their AP stories daily “published and republished” by almost 2,000 newspapers” plus those over 5,00 “television and radio broadcasters!” Or how the US military protects AP’s almost-250 “news bureaus” in almost-100 countries! 
Tommy can’t divulge how a few mega media corporations based in Manhattan, own almost all major broadcast and print media (yes, including your favorite novelists!) in the capitalist world. They decide what will make the headlines every day, to be passed mouth to mouth by a myriad raconteurs, priests, poets, and ‘free media’ gurus in journalism schools! He could tell us how the US state department decides who who’s to be embedded deity and who unbeddable demon!

Of course there are lots of other news agencies, but AP acts as “first source.” In the snafu that is US “democracy”, it is not any election commission but AP that always announces the winner of US Presidential elections. This last time, after getting a nod from News Corp(se) owner Rupert Murdoch.

 An English Parliamentary Select Committee once denounced Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch as “not a fit person” to run a major international media megalosaurus such as News Corp., the “world’s second-largest media group,” due to its “phone hacking scandal”. Who’d they believe is ‘a fit person’ to run capitalist mass media? The English state’s BBC –  the world’s largest broadcaster? They claimed that was Murdoch’s greatest crime. Really?  ‘Mistuh Murder’ hypes the English parliament’s many wars around the world? Was his crime, like US President Nixon’s, to bug the phones of the wrong people? 

 Nixon’s real boo-boo was getting caught spying on the owner of the Washington Post, who was a CIA spook himself! In the state, in the media, in the military, there are brave and foolish lieutenants, who usually have to take the rap. Wily Commanders of Commanders-in-Chief, Generals’ generals generally do not have to. Politico Nixon and Mogul Murdoch too ended up giveaway grunts of the bourgeoisie!

US author Naomi Wolf saw all this chicanery as commonplace in US politics: Wolf “worked in two US presidential campaigns, and saw firsthand the standard tactics – nonviolent but still mafia-inflected – of high-level politics. There was no shortage of privately contracted surveillance and wiretapping. Campaigns routinely planted spies – interns, household staff, or even lovers – in the opposing camp, and devoted vast numbers of man-hours to combing through private records researching opposition. The results were regularly used behind the scenes to bully, intimidate, and coerce targets. Most of these “scandals” never saw the light of day – the goal was pressure, not disclosure.”

Wolf noted that Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), cynically authorized on their New Year’s Eve, empowered them to detain any US citizen “for anything forever!” We should ask our experts on oriental despotism what that is called?

 Obama struck a deal with Bush and Cheney not to prosecute them for war crimes. He signed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), supported by Google, Facebook and Microsoft, rushing it “through the US House of Representatives.” CISPA spawned copycat legislation in England and settler colonies Israel, Canada and Australia. The law enables “control over the personal and financial lives of anyone who does business in the US or with US companies. As when the US government issued a subpoena for Icelandic legislator Birgitta Jonsdottir’s personal bank records. Everyone has secrets: love affairs, substance-abuse problems, mental-health diagnoses, heterodox sexual preferences, or questionable discussions with accountants. In a surveillance society, they become leverage.”

All states are “a pair of handcuffs.” Whose hands will be cuffed by which hands is the issue? The right to bug a phone is a presumed right of any state, if it claims to be sovereign, as is the right to control what comes in, out, under, and over its borders! Every new communication technology in the US, England or Europe, has first to be approved by its top security agencies, just as only certain vehicles of certain designs are allowed on those nations’ highways or airspace! 

So the question about such rights remains: on whose behalf? Right now the handcuffing is done on behalf of a few capitalists. Who knows for whom, in the future!? The world is made and remade everyday by its workers! Ultimately they shall decide on whose behalf their toil is exploited. Such Yakas shall surely have the last laugh.

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