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US Military made iPhone… Afghanistan Central Bank Governor links IMF & US Treasury…White War Games Continue in Indian Ocean…Education & Military Links Worldwide… Our Rasthiyadhu Rock&Rappers & US Embassy

Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 15-21 August 2021

• Search (google) for ‘How many killed in Afghanistan?’ It only gives numbers of US soldiers killed. This is just a reminder of what this internet is all about. There is also no exact data on how many women were killed by the US, English and other NATO forces there.

     This white media propaganda will now switch to how their mainly manly white killers have to remain in Afghanistan to save women. US pretexts using women as an excuse for war goes back to the white settlers in 17th century: Native Americans were accused of kidnapping white women. Such false allegations were then used to justify genocide. Again, the internet does not provide numbers for original Americans murdered. 

     This ‘white man’s burden’ to protect women is occurring while England and the US are trading accusations: England is exposing tapes of President Joe Biden’s son abusing women and ‘substances’ in hotel rooms, while their Prince Andrew is avoiding arrest in the US for raping a minor.

• Tweet & Run! This ee reproduces the Afghanistan Central Bank governor’s last tweets before he fled Kabul. He exposes the link between the US Treasury Department, the IMF, World Bank, Central Banks & Reuters. The CB governor claims: he was the last to know? (see ee Focus)

• US President Biden unsettled kalusuddhas everywhere dreaming of green cards, by stating Afghans who betrayed their country, working as informers and agents for the US government, are ‘equally as important’ quickly adding ‘almost’, as the US citizens they left behind when their officials and soldiers fled Afghanistan (news.yahoo.com/joe-biden-said-committed-helping-190509343.html).

     With Biden misspeaking such revealing gaffes, US Vice-President Harris is dusting off her 50 shades of skin to reclaim Asian allies. The Afghanistan withdrawal is linked to the whites’ need to focus their attack on China, to prevent the rise of another industrial power. She will arrive in Singapore Sunday and visit Vietnam on Tuesday. She will provide fog while the US conducts provocative war games against China.

     Meanwhile, who said the English left? They have 145 military bases round the world. So do other Europeans. Post-colonial indeed!

            While Obama was setting up 400 US bases surrounding China, local US media agents instead attacked China, claiming it was sitting up a ‘string of pearls’, of military bases across Asia (Random Notes). Meanwhile, a new US military RAND research report suggests the very best way for the US to unsettle Russia and China is to be ‘baffling and unpredictable’ (see ee Sovereignty, Baffling)

• 690,000 people voted for the current President of Sri Lanka. They wish him to truly take charge, control the merchants and the banks, and ignore those chattering nonsense about ‘militarization’ and ‘despotism’. The rich whites wish to maintain their wasteful lifestyles, and will not invest in a just economy.

     ee has kept asserting that a war economy is inevitable, much like what England imposed here to protect themselves during their WW2. While Covid has to be defeated, many calling for total lockdown also hope the economy will crash. So it’s hilarious to hear SJB economic spokesmouths talking about how people are more important than money, and that ‘Sri Lankan Lives Matter!’

     These are the same people who promoted policies to destroy the public health system and social safety net.

     The most criminal news this week is that millions of J&J vaccine produced in South Africa were exported to Europe rather than given to Africans as promised 6 months ago, while 10,000s of Africans died.

     This recalls President GR’s televised suggestion this week that vaccines from China were needlessly delayed by doctors beholden to private pharma interests, eg Hemas, etc. Vaccine apartheid continues on a global scale. Africans themselves did not know that these vaccines were being produced in their country? Industrialization is as much a secret as military intelligence.

• Some media and NGOs funded by NATO are calling the Sri Lankan President a ‘military despot’. ee this week recalls the military origins of the iPhone, internet, etc., and academic research in general. The so-called democracies including their education systems are solidly guided by their military, economic and political needs, and depend on exporting fascism to the world.

     Every advanced country has a war production act, to ensure military, food & health security. Except us. The imperialists call it ‘defense’ production. What does this mean? Imperialist countries actively hide their industrial policies, while paying our academics to talk of ‘free speech’, and economists to blather about ‘free trade’, etc. But the link between military, state and education is solid in those countries.

     Apple’s iPhone, iPad, etc., designs and engineering technologies, were first developed and funded by the US government and military (see ee Focus).

     This ee also focuses on the US Defense Production Act (DPA), which still gives their executive branch enormous powers. The Pentagon uses DPA authority to place 300,000 orders per year for weapons of war and related equipment. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also uses the DPA to respond to disasters, prioritizing its needs for food and bottled water, etc. The DPA was also used to supply natural gas to California during the 2000-1 energy crisis, when private interests undermined the energy system. So why does the US wish us to privatize energy, then?

     The white media then wishes to preserve the myth that these imperialist countries are ‘democracies’.

• Our academics live in a dream world. While opposing the privatization of education, ee also challenges the type of graduates produced. They’re just the wannabe classes mimicking the ruling kalussuddhas, who are imitating the type of white man who ruled the non-settler colonies: these white men could not be seen doing any physical work. They imitate the ruling rentiers, who wish to make money while they sleep, from FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate).

     Meanwhile, China – that our kalusuddhas are taught to hate – invests heavily in industrial education and has the world’s largest vocational educational sector. They learned from the USSR etc. England’s industrial revolution that made that country powerful, were not the fakers from Oxford etc. It was English mechanics’ institutes after 1815 (an important date for us) that led to the phenomenon of machines making machines after 1848 (another date for us)

      Science, etc., was looked down as the province of the working class, and the ‘humanities’ were for the ruling class’s dilettantes. This eventually led to England’s comparative decline.

     Ask any of our graduates about the history of machines making machines. They will not know, nor care about doing so here?

     The import lobby connected to multinationals dominates and will not allow investment in local production. They also control the media. They set the tone. The education system is supposed to reproduce the class structure. The different schools provide the fodder for the different needs of the companies, who dominate the government. It is the difference between a producer culture and a consumer culture. This is not so in our traditional culture, where people each day know/knew the link between rains, crops, happiness and statecraft?

Devo vassatu kaalena – sassa sampatti hetu ca

Pito bhavatu loko ca – raja bhavatu dhammiko

May there be rains on time, may crops be plentiful,

May the people be happy and may rulers be righteous

Here is a daily stanza repeated in homes every day. It blends the hopes of people to enable a just political economy in a beautiful country subject to the caprices of a tropical monsoonal climate (ee Media, Kohomba Kankariya).

     And yet we have funny nationalists, funny Leftists, funny Marxists, funny socialists. (Random Notes) Some talk of the nation but refuse to acknowledge the nation is made up mainly of cultivators and workers, who are wiser than most, and who carry the future in their hands. We have ‘Marxists’ who talk of high ideals alone, but nothing about the modern industrial economy that has to undergird such talk.

Rasthiyadu Padhanama (Idlers’ Foundation?), a local ‘rap’ group, was charged in court this week for promoting violence and drugs. This has of course animated the fake liberals in our midst. These ‘liberals’ while working for English Unilever’s various advertising agencies, promote ‘freedom’, etc. They then get the fake ‘conservatives’ going, who will shout at each other and waste everybody’s time.

     This gangsta rap bizness is sponsored by the biggest gangstas on earth, represented here by the US Embassy. (Random Notes)

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