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The Planned Dividing of Sri Lanka & its Mythical Debts


Eelam? Arabistan? The London Club of bankers will decide on the future states in a former Sri Lanka

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Before you study the economics, study the economists!


e-Con e-News 09-15 January 2022


In 1917 the USSR rejected Czarist debt.

In 1949 China rejected colonial debt.

In 1959 Cuba rejected colonial debt.


Parasitic oligarchies the world over have to hide their loot in the white ‘havens’. US, English and EU spy agencies know all about their stashes. Quietly or publicly, the whites let the oligarchs know they know. They figure oligarchs will never bite the hand that holds their nuts.

Yet imperialism plans to invade and divide Sri Lanka into a proposed Arabistan and Eelam vs the majority of the country? This ee details how the little-known London Club of bankers and the Paris Club of creditors would decide on the future states in a former Sri Lanka (see ee Focus).


  • ‘Calls by business leaders and economists for default are ‘politically motivated and frivolous’… The government’s political opponents have been hollering about a default for the past 3 months. ‘Now that the government is honoring [the debt], the same economists want the government to default or seek a restructure… [the] opposition realizes this is the best opportunity to destabilize the government.’ – ee Economists, Sri Lanka economists


  • Over 500 years of invasion: the white man still insists it’s we who owe them money. The ruling oligarchs, media and their economists all agree: We (not they) must pay any debts. Their import agents: merchants (of imported goods & imported dollars) have long monopolized national resources. Yet they cry, ‘a toxic combination’ of ‘populist economic policies’ have enabled governments to stay in power since ‘independence’, feeding ‘an entitlement culture’, which people have got inured to. We (sic!), they insist, have underperformed since 1948, after being second only to Japan (post-Hiroshima?) in socioeconomic indicators. And compared to East and SE Asia, we’ve been deprived of a high standard of living (SL Economic Summit, 2021).

Populism? Was it populism that entrenched the import-export plantation oligarchy after 1948? Populism that post-1948 still allowed English banks & companies to withdraw capital and assets stolen from the country for centuries? Is it populism that’s prevented modern industrial strategy?


  • The USA (IMF, etc.) tries to destabilize any government accountable to its people. They particularly wish to weaken working classes. So it’s with irony ee read this week, of a staff revolt at the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC). The EFC, after all, promoted the mass sacking of 50,000 unionized workers in July 1980, accelerating the terrorism that ensued. This was done on behalf of the IMF, etc. It’s another irony that the most powerful groups are organized as a class in the society – Bankers, Merchants, etc. The EFC also registered as the first Trade Union in 1935 (ee Workers, Revolt). Meanwhile the frauds perpetrated by the private sector in the name of advertising and conferences, etc., go unchecked (ee Business, Fraud)


  • As we approach the 74th anniversary of Soulbury independence on February 4, we need to clear away the mists. In 1948 Sri Lanka was turned into a US colony in all but name – the 53rd State of Amnesia. Our colonial bondage, symbolized by the US Treasury setting up the Central Bank here in 1950, reinforced SL as an exporter of underpriced raw materials, and a consumer of overpriced imported industrial goods.

A deal with the International Monetary Fund etc. really means a deal with the Great White Father in Washington and his Treasury. What will an IMF deal actually entail? (see Random Notes)


  • Sri Lanka’s 16 deals with the IMF since 1950 have deepened debt. Yet, capitalists are all screaming in one voice we should try another IMF deal. The whites are rousing up all their holmung. The Canadian government is warning Canadians here to stock up food (while inviting Sri Lankans to work in Canada in dangerous jobs). Vulture funds are circling. US-regulated Rating Agencies are pessimistic. Grey economists are expressing 50 shades of doom’n’gloom. Chambers of Commerce and the usual US-funded thinktanks – Pathfinder, Advocata, Verite, IPS – are demanding blood (aka privatization of SOEs). The US is banning government officials as war criminals. UN agencies, gone rogue on the General Assembly, are curtailing national sovereignty.

It’s all about ‘White exceptionalism’: they invent their own memory, history, reality. White projectionism: all their crimes, they accuse us and others of committing. And their media here sing, ‘Yeah, yeah, yay!’ This ee Focus explores the link between the US setting up the mistitled ‘sovereign debt bonds’ for ‘emerging markets, followed by the entry of fake vulture media like Bloomberg.

This ee analyzes the hype about the SL economy by Bloomberg, about an investment (actually a vulture) fund openly betting on the government defaulting. Social media traffickers even claim the Rajapakse family has bet against default. Others say they’ve bet on default. But is it vultures, speculators or banks? The JVP’s Harini Amarasuriya this week sighed, that international rating agencies are ‘independent’ and that their ratings are ‘very important for investors to make decisions’! Our intellectuals! Dear, Oh dear!


  • The US banned Europe’s richest company, ASML, from selling its most advanced machines that make machines (to produce semiconductors/chips) to China. Holland’s ASML claims to be largest public tech giant (the real giants hide from sunlight). Yet ASML workers have to be first whetted by the US military! (ee Focus, ASML)

Industrial Holland has a smaller population than ours. Our educated-idiots still insist Sri Lanka does not have the market to be an industrial power, citing ‘economy of scale’ etc. Yet Singapore and Switzerland, with even smaller populations, are industrial powers. Our e-diots would rather whine about debt, default, etc., without citing that industrialization is how countries can truly wriggle out of debt traps. But they don’t even know what real industrialization is. Marx in the 1860s defined industrial capitalism, not as manufacture and assembly but, as: Machines making machines. It’s not Marx who is dead but our Leftists, Marxists – and those nationalists who do not know that modern nidhahasa is based on machines making machines!

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