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INGOs accredited by white-dominated UN/IMF/WB etc. became ‘astroturf’ variants of slaughtered grassroots socialist groups, transformed into fronts for multinationals to undermine a country.

A tea party in Calcutta, 1890

Once we believed the sky was blue. Then came sunrises, sunsets, clouds and rainbows, silver rain and clear phosphates, science and prisms, bars on windows, B52s and tinted glasses.

Once upon an illusion we believed in the UN, in an English free press, in a white Jesus and Moses (who resembled Charlton Heston); that paler was more beautiful, Israel the promised land, and India a land of Himalayan holy men.

Then the real sky crashed over us, flipping us over, back onto our feet! The English Free Press turns out to be the Macbethian fief of macabre Maxwells and malevolent Murdochs. A constipated BBC, the nether orifice of their Foreign Office. Jesus turns out to have been black Ethiopian, thank goddess! – and not as Michaelangelo mispainted him. And pale, turns out, to be just that: sun starved. As for Charlton Heston and Israel (may their gods save their gun-running souls), all these wander-lusting Zionists shall soon retreat quickly from Palestine to their real homeland: in Poland! 

The so-called ‘international community’ – “that matters’ – is mostly white psychopathological organizations. The hijacked UN the best example, NATO the most obvious. The UN clearly needs rescue from being a broad-based fig leaf for NATO. Pitiful that foreign-service hands see the UN as a wayside ambalama in their pilgrimage to becoming pensionable stipendiaries of the US state department’s many international fig-leaves

The proliferation of INGOs dates from the late 1960s, to counter the combinations of non-NATO countries over the white countries. INGOs accredited by white-dominated UN/IMF/WB etc. became ‘astroturf’ variants of slaughtered grassroots socialist groups, transformed into fronts for multinationals to undermine a country.

Smother India – India meanwhile is not just a land of sanyasis, fakirs and pandits. Merchants whose worldviews venerate the sahib, operate as remora below the white shark’s mouth, and represent themselves as ‘Indian’ throughout the world. But India, with its peasants and workers, is a billion times more complex than anyone can wrap in a stereotype.

On the other hand, Lanka has always been a more cohesive entity than India, throughout history.  Buddhism gathered together the first true all-encompassing belief system in India, inspiring a cultural spread to China to Turkey and beyond!

On yet another hand (this argument is as multi-limbed as any deity) there is no term for ‘Hindu’ in Sinhala or Tamil – the term used is ‘Saiva’ – ‘Hinduism,’ after all, being an agglomeration of the 19th century white man.

India, beyond any Gandhian dream of unity, is now a daily shifting quicksand of competing regional bourgeoisies. So it’s hard not to see that the continuing attack on Lanka will splinter India as well! For if they can dismember Lanka, then India will surely smithereen!

Yakku always advocate more equitable ties with our immediate neighbours in India. Not just to break off from the isolation wrought by 500 years of invasion: The Portuguese attempted to control our maritime provinces. The Dutch attempted to cut us off from the seas and great ‘country trade’ between India and China. The English then tried to take over our links to the world. 

It is long past time to take back our sense of ourselves and the real world. We can even reserve the right to hate ourselves or our neighbours rightly or wrongly. Independence is the right to make our own decisions. To make our own mistakes, and learn from them (though making the same mistakes over and over, and expecting different results, is the very definition of insanity). So we live and hopefully learn. 

English as a Foreign Policy 

Do Manhattan Jews determine US policy in West Asia, or is it Exxon? Is it Miami gusanos (white Cubans) who determine US sanctions against Cuba, and not the US Sugar Corporation? Is it Boston Irish who fabricate US policy on England? Is it Mississippi Africans who called in the NATO bombardment of Libya? Puhlease! Why don’t we ask London-based Unilever, CIC, CTC, or New York’s Caltex, etc, who make phat profits in SL: who really makes NATO policy?  

We reject the view that Tamils or Indians, Chinese or Africans are our enemies. Our people have lived within each other for millennia.  There are more Sinhala Buddhists in this country than anywhere else, though our export of labor burgeons. There are more Tamils in India, and around the world – thanks or no thanks to the European slave trade, that first subjugated their own white serfs, then the red Americans, and Africans, then the Asians (particularly the Tamils and Malays), and the Pacificans.

Can people who wrought  slavery over Tamils in India, still be spokesmen for Tamils? Apparently. The Tamilnadu bourgeoisie hold a special place, alongside the other Indian merchant classes who supported English rule for the last 200 years – linked to the merchantry that enslaved, transported and exploited Tamil plantation workers worldwide. Their link to the English occupation of Lanka when the English East India Co. ruled us, first from Madras, strengthened their induction into the Colombo mercantile set controlling imports and exports. These merchants too have no interest in sustaining the independence of any country.

It is one thing to speak English, it’s another thing to think white! There’s mucho hype about learning English, when it’s really Whiteness as a Second Language that’s being promoted. Instead, we should learn first to glean how the English industrial revolution built their capitalist system, how they burgeoned from African chattel slavery, through opium wars on China, then Asian indentured slavery; how they imposed the plantation system, and how they destroyed industry here to underdevelop our country.

Their fatuous empty diction and grammar about human rights becomes even clearer! This is the English, Yaka thinks we should learn: discern who are our real friends are in this world: they who understand the real English that fogs this sky of many colors.

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