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The Rowlatt Act (yes, from ‘Great’ britain) and other tidbits


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• ‘Give the Ceylonese the self-government they want and they will hand it over to Carson & Co

• ‘The Medical Research Institute, which once produced vaccines, is today without facilities even to test imported vaccines! So much for the progress the country has achieved in the fields of science and research!’

• ‘The transition from childhood to adulthood will be marked for many in the coming years by such “deadly rites of passage” as violence, delinquency, drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle accidents and sexual hazards. Adolescence may prove to be the most dangerous years of life.’ – Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle, TW Wikramanayake, 2007

• ‘He said, “Lawyers and judges nowadays cannot speak in English,” and my quick reply: Do you think in Japan, Germany, Russia, Cuba or Israel lawyers work in English?’

• ‘The Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act of 1919, popularly known as the Rowlatt Act, was introduced by England to crush even the whisper of independence in India.’

• ‘The trans lobby is very powerful even though it represents barely even 1% of the population. It’s funded and supported by the pharmaceutical, medical, surgical – sex reassignment, aesthetics – industry. And the big digital companies: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. They’ve managed to infiltrate the Feminist Movement and are now a Trojan horse.’ – rt.com/news/514258-transgender-lobby-fascist-lidia-falc

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