The Silence of the Media Lambs


The US media has declared that ‘Asian’ only means those with those not-so-round ‘eyes’.

A white man killed 6 Asian women in the historically evocative Cherokee County, Atlanta in March. He is neither insane nor alienated. He is as ‘normal’ as most other denizens of those white settler states (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, etc.). He did what they’ve all been historically taught to do! What their governments amassing weapons of mass destruction do and plan to do around the world.

This man was a simple retailer. The media of course diverted by referring to his ‘sex addiction’, his ‘evangelical’ upbringing, his ‘hunting’, his penchant for guns and porn, etc., even as he stated in plain white, “I’m going to kill all Asians!”

Whites assaulting and killing Asians generally gets little publicity in their hourly CNN-BBC bull sheets! Yet even our media cannot paint the full picture about what’s been really going on in the Euro-Amerikas or Europe. 

The joke of course is that the US and other imperialists see it as their human right to mislocate people. So the US media has declared that ‘Asian’ only means those with those not-so-round ‘eyes’.

As for most ‘Asians’ in the white world, they are reminiscent of the Jews living in Europe during the ‘belle époque’ of the 1920s, who thought they too were Europeans.

Some Sri Lankans hope a white gunman hunting ‘Asians’ might give their darker skin a pass. Likewise they think the white man will sail past us this time, hunting Chinese, and not us too! Yet our turn will come again!

The cover-up of born-again imperialism in Europe and its settler satellites is one of the English media’s best-kept secrets. Why not! Why should they warn us about what their rulers truly hope to get away with?

Euro-Amerikan investment in nuclear weapons (like last week’s nuke submarine deal with Australia) is usually kept below radar. Their trick is to blame it on China or the south China Sea, while imperialism encroaches on the oceans from South Africa to North Korea…..

North America’s Cauldron of Seething Neotribalisms

Recall the white hype about their societies achieving a ‘post-racial’ multiculturalism – as was showcased by tee-ing Tiger Woods, tennis-ing Williams, or White-House-trained Obamas, etc.

Watch how ecstatic our cheerleaders are by the recent Wimbeldon final between a Romanian-Chinese and an Ecuadorian-Filipina from Canada. Yet Canada is famous for using the strategy of marrying Europeans to original American women to invade that continent. The policy was called ‘Meticization’, a policy now being used on the rest of the world.

Yet that gunman’s outrage targeting Asian women remains as Yankee as apple pie! And few of our US media cheerleaders dared mention one word about it.

Perhaps we should even be relieved when they practice on their own! Yet when they kill ‘their own’ they are deemed ‘mentally ill’. When they kill their usual victims – mostly darker or even redder – other reasons avalanche.

Frying chicken closer home?

The US machinery of indoctrination – churches, schools, media – strikes a steady drum beat, most times sotto-voce, telling their denizens they were right to kill off the original inhabitants of those lands. Their settler ancestors who stole that land were chosen by their god to steal it, the same god that directed them to enslave Africans – and they should replicate this ‘success story’ by hook or by crook across the world. 

The killer can therefore claim white people went to a lot of trouble to kill off the original peoples of a continent; should he just accept these ‘developed’ economies now consider him obese and redundant?

“You will not replace us” is a resonant rallying cry for those whites who suspect that what European settlers did to the original Americans could just as easily happen to them.

So should they just hand over these stolen lands to a bunch of browner ‘aliens’? (Meanwhile, Sikhs and Tamils abroad, once famed for upholding Asia’s independence, have seen their communities destabilized by Khalistani and Eelamist separatists promoted by imperialism.)

That white man, who murdered Asians done did what hourly television and daily newspaper, weekly pulpit and nurturing schoolroom always prompt him. The week prior to the mass murder saw an escalation of anti-China rhetoric led from that White House!

Was the man’s retail crime better or worse than what the US and Europe have been doing wholesale in Libya or Syria or Afghanistan, or what they plan next in the world, with their ever-escalating military budgets and hardware? 

Those singular white killers cannot wait to get to Asia, and do at home what their government and NATO is doing elsewhere. Why go kill people in darker skins afar, when they can turkey-shoot them at home?

Illiteracy vs. Innumeracy

The media is always quick to claim these outrages as “the worst ever” or as “never before”. Murder is only novel if you’re blissfully illiterate about the actual history of Europeans in those, AND our, worlds.

If we know about the Winnebago wars or about Black Hawk (not the helicopter!), whatever happens in Cherokee County (or Missouri or Washington) will ne’er surprise us. What is a surprise is that we have not suitably armed ourselves – even with the truth!

The Cherokee were once considered a “civilized nation’ and look what happened to them!

Our degree’d ignorance of the world, despite much-touted literacy, partly relates to our colonial education system, which promotes ‘consumer’ education as opposed to ‘producer’ education. We invest in elocution rather than in innovating electronics. We luxuriate in the finer subtleties of wine, women (or boys) and song, rather than first learning even how to make a screw! 

We learn English not to learn about England’s actual history, their political economics, how they improvised an innovative machinery – beyond slavery and colonialism – to rob the world. Instead we fantasize that learning English is a green-card into the English-only ionosphere of our own ruling neanderthals, who retard the economy, let alone education and justice – all prettified with the adjective ‘free’!

Killing Black or less-Black people, at prayer or play, has never been an alienating or estranging experience for the white man, regardless of what Anglomanic media or international school teachers concoct.

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