The UNHRC’s Michele Bachelet wants us to forget Matías Catrileo


Bachelet has a lot – a lot! – to answer for. She should be immediately put on trial.

Michele Bachelet, the UNHRC, and the capitalist media who sing her name loud, as an avenging angel for NATO’s version of human rights, may not wish you to know certain sensitive matters about her.

They will certainly not wish you know of the Mapuche. Even less about Matías Catrileo. And we don’t blame you.

Yet if you meet UNHRC Commissioner Michele Bachelet, you could find out. She certainly will not wish you to know too much. It will knock her right off the moral B-52 she flies in.

But who is the official or politician or editorialist who would dare mention Catrileo’s name?

Catrileo was one of several Mapuche people murdered while Bachelet was a minister of war in the government of Chile. Bachelet, sided with his murderers, defended their actions, and refused to join in the judicial inquiry, such was her collusion with impunity.

The Mapuche are the original people of what became known as Chile, and they were and still are trying to prevent further robbery of their lands. There is absolutely no compare with the Tamil or Muslim people of Sri Lanka, whose leadership is part of the ruling oligarchy.

After Bachelet was promoted as President, she issued an “apology” to the Mapuche people: for the “mistakes and atrocities”, “errors and horrors “ committed against them.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, companeros and companeras, was it!

No reparations. No land. No saying, “We white settlers are leaving on the next jet plane. Though we don’t know when we’ll invade again!”

Mapuche activists are arrested and prosecuted under a 1984 anti-terrorism law, implemented by the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990), which Bachelet reiforced. This law still allows witnesses to conceal their identity while testifying, providing for longer periods of arrest on remand and extremely heavy sentences.

Under Bachelet, the Commando Jungla, a militarized arm of the national police, was created to repress land conflicts.

Who is the lawyer, intellectual or professional, who can turn Bachelet’s accusations against Sri Lanka  around, and put her and their history on the dock.

Chile is one of those places, better known for their massacres only in and after 1973, when the US government backed a coup against the mildly socialist government, that saw the murder of both their leader Salvador Allende as well as the poet Pablo Neruda.

What was enacted after the mass murder, saw Chile become a model for Sri Lanka’s post-1977 dispensation, for what was later misnamed “neoliberalism.’

This coup in Chile was planned on behalf of the US Corporation ITT, who wished to keep robbing Chile’s copper for their wires, etc. Under President Bachelet politicians profiteered hugely from education and pensions.
Less publicized is the ongoing extermination of the Mapuche people, which has made Chile one of the whitest governments in the Americas. It is no mystery then that Nazis were most welcomed by the Chilean government.
In fact, German Nazis guarded Chile’s mines, and later set up a Colonia Dignidad (“Dignity Colony”) there, which interned, tortured, and murdered opponents during the dictatorship of General Pinochet. They continued to operate during Bachelet’s regime, and even to this day!
The Mapuche, the original people of Chile, are now less than 11%  percent of Chile’s population.

What exactly does Bachelet mean by “errors” anyway? Their mission appears perfect!

Bachelet has a lot – a lot! – to answer for. She should be immediately put on trial.

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