The UN’s Sri Lanka Inquisition


The odd man out is India. Anyone wanting to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds will quickly lose their credibility and any aspiration for leadership of Asia.

The Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is a fundamentally flawed anti – Sri Lanka document. It is a biased and shameful report which is totally one sided. Not a semblance of fairness.

One would not expect the spirit of the Spanish Inquisition to return to the UN  in the 21st century with total faith placed on mere accusations and falsehood without verification. 

This is exactly what the Report does. 

A display of malignant predictability when the party accused happens to be a former British colony showing defiance and no longer prepared to be subservient to the dictates of the inheritors of colonial Empires, is what we see in Reports of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Human Rights has been weaponized and now been used as a red herring and a pretext by empire builders to cover up their genocidal crimes against the indigenous people all over the world.

Michelle Bachelet is a woman of Spanish descent from Chile. Most likely a descendant of the Spanish conquerors who ravaged the harmless natives of South America and exterminated them in a manner not very different to the Holocaust in modern times.

It is difficult to forget the crimes of the Spanish Conquistadors who wiped out the Incas, Aztecs and Mayan Civilizations in North, Central and South America. 

These crimes committed by the western colonial countries outside Europe have never been accounted for. 

This is the black hole in the International Criminal Justice system.

Colonial crimes carry no sanction.  

Even the Trans – Atlantic slave trade which involved the transportation by slave traders of various enslaved African people, mainly to the Americas, and which killed millions of black Africans, is a subject dodged by UN agencies and their powerful backers. Not one red cent has so far been paid to the victims and their descendants.  

While evading Accountability for these colonial crimes and past atrocities, people of Spanish descent like Michelle Bachelet, have joined hands largely with the current generation of western colonial countries and without a qualm of conscience or sense of collective guilt for the crimes of their forebears, are now earnestly engaged in witch hunting leaders of small countries using inquisitorial tactics.

What is happening to Sri Lanka today at the UNHRC will happen to India tomorrow. The breaking – up of India is the end station of this colonial conspiracy. To get there Sri Lanka has to be balkanized on the pretext of helping the minorities. Similar to the case of Yugoslavia. Dismembering is what is in store for Sri Lanka and eventually India. Born again Evangelists well funded by sources in the USA and Europe are now spreading and using Christianity as the battering ram to break up the unity of the people of both countries.


India today has an identity crisis. Does it wish to retain an exclusive Asian identity or is it desperately desiring an honorary white status like an Uncle Tom seeking entry to European clubs?.

India forming military alliances with countries that colonized India or supported the rapacious destruction of India during colonial rule, well narrated by Dr. Shashi Tharoor, is a paradox that is hard to explain.

India once co – sponsored the Pan Asiatic movement with the blessings of Rabindranath Tagore. Japan in the pre war period supported Pan – Asianism. Pan-Asianism at its core, represents the idea that Asia should unite against western colonialism.  

Asian leaders have constantly argued that political models and ideologies of the West lack values and concepts found in Asian societies and philosophies. European values such as individual rights, human rights and freedoms would not be suited for Asian societies. 

Europe is not a role model for Asia or Africa. 

In 1924, the Chinese leader Sun Yat-sen (1866–1925) stated that the West was hegemonic ( and Euro centric) and he argued for full independence by resisting colonialism with “Greater Asianism” which unified Asian nations.

In a recent article, Shenali Waduge says as follows:

” Inquisitorial Mindset at the UNHRC

An Inquisitorial mindset still governs the Christian West.  At the UNHRC vote on March 22, 2012 the US and European Union (all Christian countries) sponsored resolution on Sri Lanka was adopted with 24 countries voting for the resolution and 15 against it. Eight countries abstained from voting.

An analysis of the voting pattern at Geneva shows that the overwhelming majority of countries that voted against Sri Lanka were predominantly Christian countries (with exceptions like India, a largely Hindu nation, but governed by a Christian led Congress whose leader Sonia Gandhi (Italian born Roman Catholic) is heavily influenced by the dictates of the Vatican, and a few African countries subject to blackmail of withdrawal of foreign aid and technical assistance). Eighteen (18) of the 24 countries that voted against Sri Lanka belong to the Christian civilization and a large majority of them are from the Christian bloc of European nations.

A similar pattern of voting was repeated in the UNHRC vote against Sri Lanka sponsored by Christian nations (USA and EU) held in March 2013.  Quite a number of the movers and co – sponsors of the Resolution against Sri Lanka are former colonial countries that had suppressed the basic liberties of the indigenous people of Asia, Africa and America (both North and South) in the most barbaric fashion for over 500 years, and were never called upon by international criminal law to account for their colonial crimes.” 

In 2021 the same pattern of voting is being repeated at the UNHRC in Geneva. 

The odd man out is India. Anyone wanting to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds will quickly lose their credibility and any aspiration for leadership of Asia. 

Ideally speaking, India must protect Sri Lanka given its millennium links and vote for Sri Lanka at the UNHRC like all other Asian countries such as China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Maldives, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, etc., have undertaken to do and not throw darts at Sri Lanka.

The vote at the UNHRC will be seen as a sign of who our true friends are. 

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