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There’s no ‘Fake Media’: the media IS fake


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“Secret agents, omen readers, and astrologers shall spread the news of devilish manifestations” – Kautilya

Toolmakers and suppliers of gold-digging equipment made more money than gold diggers in the North American Gold Rush. They could also monitor the movements of gold diggers and their gold.

Negative news about Sri Lanka, and most of the world (Africa, China, etc), seems to come at us from 1,000 different angles. But is it from one lighthouse? Those who talk of censorship rarely mention that the media, social and anti-social, has been monopolized for a long time. And what a stranglehold:

Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the All India Newspaper Editor’s Conference at Allahabad on February 16, 1946. He said, ‘‘In India one particular news agency (Reuter-API) has the monopoly of news, which is unfortunate. I should like news to come from all sources…”

Reuters, news broker of the English empire, withholds information, as well as controls the wholesaling of real information in Sri Lanka, to and from the world. Has done so for over 160 years, From horse, pigeon, to train, to telegraph, to cable and now satellite, part of a dominant cabal, Reuters has monopolized news across the planet, along with the USA’s Associated Press (AP), Germany’s Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), and France’s Agence France-Presse, intimately linked to their military-industrial machinery.

It is US News Agency Associated Press, a “non-profit cooperative”, headed by Hearst Corporation’s CEO Steven Swartz, that ‘decided’ the recent US Presidential election, by declaring Biden the winner….and all the ‘social’ media followed suit. Some argue that AP was signalled by Fox News, which itself was ordered by owner Rupert Murdoch. Who signalled Murdoch we are not told. AP is the “only organization that collects and verifies election results in every city and county across the USA”. Sri Lanka’s Capital Media, owner of EconomyNext, et al, is linked to Hearst….

First set up in mid-19th century Ceylon at Point de Galle, Reuters’ Colombo office was handling 50,000 cable messages by 1900. Its cable-graphic code had a quarter of a million words – the “movements of all the more important vessels [at the port] flashed over the earth in all directions.” Reuters had the agency for all “Home and Colonial newspapers for the advertisement branch.” It also controlled information on passenger movements via ticketing, as well as remitting money “to any part of the globe”. It supplied “all the Ceylon newspapers with the cablegrams which form generally the most attractive feature of the daily print.”

So how much has changed, so who owns Reuters and why does it matter? Also, why has BBC decided to tell us that India operates more than 750 fake media outlets to undermine Pakistan? How many fake outlets does London operate, and when news goes ‘viral’ who creates the virus?

“Lankan migrant named one of World’s Most Powerful Women of 2020 by Forbes, CEO of Australian firm Macquarie Group… First Sri Lankan CEO to make it… first woman entrepreneur, to make it to… List. Who manufactures these false icons?

Get ready for a steady stream of “first Sri Lankan” this-and-that to enter-some-white domain. Covid breakthrough. New Zealand parliament. Lord of the Rings. Funny Boy. Chief of Staff. It matters little to the masses of people. Do these white success stories all come from one set of Colombots?

This ‘tokenism’ is more than the bilge and blur of the encroaching Biden blob. It is multinational corporate strategy of faux ‘inclusion’. A massive fog is descending on the present fog while NATO bombers stalk the skies from Missouri to Diego Garcia to the Gulf of Iran and to the straits of the Yellow Sea.

“Sri Lanka making machines that make machines” – When will we see such a powerful headline? The media may unenthusiastically repeat government promises of “production” and “technology”, without examining them. Building machines that make machines using our own supplies, for our needs, will extend skills beyond the yes-sir no-sir, three bags full sir, of the import-export plantation disaster. This week’s celebration of “Lanwa’ steel and cement hides major scandals about that happened to our local production, and how Germany, in this case, holds the keys to technology. Their whining about restrictions muffles louder questions…

“Sri Lanka Moors and other non-Tamil minorities earn on average more than Sinhalese workers,” 2020 World Bank report, Informality, Job Quality, & Welfare in SL.

This ‘stray’ line in a WB report, says a lot but is not enough. It has gone ‘viral’. The media withhold needed information, spread falsehoods and prevent studied action by peasants and workers. So much is left to the imagination.

Most government jobs are held by Sinhala people, and women too, as the pay is low but there’s job security. So-called ‘minorities’ dominate the private sector. Some justify these disparities by claiming some communities work harder and are more ‘productive’, repeating colonial propaganda.

Cargill and Keells, and most shops and restaurants, employ a disproportionate number of Estate Tamil workers. These supermarket chains have illegal clauses in contracts stating workers can’t demand better conditions. Women workers are forced to work after 6pm, in breach of the Shop & Office Act. There are a disproportionate number of businesses owned by Muslims, who hire a disproportionate number of Muslim workers.

All businesses have one policy in common. They exploit peasants and workers.
“There are 2 superpowers in the world today in my opinion. There’s the USA and there’s Moody’s Bond Rating Service. The USA can destroy you by dropping bombs, and Moody’s can destroy you by downgrading your bonds. And believe me, it’s not clear sometimes who’s more powerful.” – T Friedman, 1996

“The entire game plan for Southeast Asia was founded on stable exchange rates pegged to the US dollar” – J Winters on the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
Another rating agency, S&P this week joined the chorus demanding we submit further to the IMF, echoing calls by think-tanks etc, representing the import-merchant mafia. These are the same forces insisting that public enterprises be sold on the stock market.

The IMF planted a news item in Capital Media’s EconomyNext (linked to Fitch), lamenting a large percentage of the taxes paid by people are handed over to workers. The item is nostalgic about mythical IMF restraints against such profligacy. So when will we downgrade Fitch?

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