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e-Con e-News 28 August – 03 September 2022

The current rage is to curse power cuts, politicians, and spread despair, defeatism. So who will tell our children of the strivings to harness our own sources of energy? Of the luxurious exertions of the import-export merchants in smashing these endeavors? Who will tell of the deadly vandalism of waterways to undermine the solidarities of rural production? The murderous prevention of national pharmaceutical production? Don’t wait for Hemas who once again this week announced a ‘state-of-the-art’ pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Or Abans Auto ‘manufacturing’ Hyundai automobiles. Or for another report from USAID’s Centre for Policy Alternatives. Theirs are no alternatives. They will not alter. And they are no natives. To them, ain’t no one else in this world but the IMF.

     Indeed, flowing into 75 years of 1948 independence, are the sagas of the exiling of Anagarika Dharmapala, the undermining of Devapura Jayasena Wimalasurendra, the murder of Senaka Bibile, the thwarting of Arumadura Nandasena Silva Kulasinghe, and innumerable unnamed others, against the repeated bloody annihilations of generations, the crippling of leaders and the collapsing of an economy to hold us hostage.

     All this, part of Sri Lanka’s economic history yet to be written. Just as the USA and their IMF hijack national economic policy for the 17th time. A history which would more accurately centre the sabotage of repeated attempts at modern industrialization, and more particularly the history of preventing the growth of a conscious working class – a proletariat, who can daily undergird a program for the future.

Rock a bye baby on the treetops

     When the wind blows

       The cradle will rock

            When the bow breaks

                        The cradle will fall

                                    Down will come baby, cradle and all…       

This was an early English ‘rock’ song, a lullaby taught to Sri Lanka’s anglomaniac ruling and wannabe classes. The baby here is an independent Sri Lanka, which was early thrown out of the cradle, For it is the more the overweight infant middle class snuck in its place. This baba was taught for free: Independence meant filling their mouths with English elocution, their eyes with Yankee Hollywood, their bellies with foreign meats and fruits, whiskies and wines, their bodies with woollen suits (with accompanying AC), and their homes with imported machine modernity.

     The cradle is the so-called welfare state, that actually nurtured this ruling and wannabe class of the truly corrupt. The tree is the tree of life that needs sustenance and pruning to keep it strong and growing in the right direction. Yet who supplied ‘the wind that blows’? Sri Lanka instead experienced an infantile Maidan.

The World We In – We hear daily lectures on financial reserves and human rights, etc. One year after the USA’s ignominious retreat from Afghanistan, stealing that country’s reserves, NATO has moved to threatening nuclear war in Europe, with the US pushes NATO toward the Arctic to supposedly counter Russia and China. Russia reminded this week, that all these US and allied military exercises are data collection probes. In the East, both the US-occupied colonies of Japan and Korea have decided to shove aside all displays of ‘sustainable’ this-and-that, and focus on the real global-warmer nuclear power (see ee Industry, Korea). As for the so-called ‘international community’ aka ‘the whites’: After the USA pushed Lithuania to recognize Taiwan, China has now refused to import German or other products that include Lithuanian-made components. That’s foreign policy.

Going with the Wind: The US and English embassies are working overtime to erase their fingerprints in the recent regime-change fiasco. Those examining the role of the English in the recent ‘Aragalaya’ and ‘regime change’ fiasco, point to long-term planning scenarios – an ‘aragalaya’ long in the making.

     ee 02 November 2018, reported, ‘USA posts ‘Ukrainian Experts’ in Colombo Embassy, noting ‘The counterrevolution is mobilizing internationally and the US embassy in Colombo, which has 4 officers posted from the Ukraine, will attempt to destabilize the new Government.’ ee was quoting a Sri Lankan ambassador, while posted in Russia, before he changed his rocking tunes.

     ee 15 Nov 2018 followed up with ‘English High Commission Appoints Terrorism Expert: An ominous development’ – the English government moved Neil Richard Kavanagh as 1st Secretary (Political) at the English HC, Colombo. His qualifications include making the 2016 New Year Honours List OBE (Ordure of the British Empire). What is more impressive is, he was the Head of Terrorism Response Team, Counter-Terrorism Department, Head of Terrorism Response Team, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. ‘For services protecting British nationals overseas…’ 4 months later, the Easter terrorist attacks took place.

     We may have to wait to learn more. Yet their confessions about the past may be to hint at more recent outrages. England’s media strategy on its genocidal wars is to admit to holocausts long past. After all English history officially allows new memories 50 years apart due to its rules about the release of secret cabinet documents. Its ‘confession’ last week, about their role in the 1965 Indonesian genocide (the US & Dutch yet to declare their roles other than in silly Hollywoodizations – eg, The Year of Living Dangerously) points to what their present efforts at destabilization of countries could well amount to.

Privatization is all the Rage. The media is full of the ostensible losses of so-called State-owned Enterprises (SoEs). It’s therefore important to recall the role played by government officials who do not represent the country’s interests, in destroying these national assets. Indeed, selling one’s country to Uncle Sam and their English & EU poodles is financially rewarding. Many government officials and their children are educated in the US and often speak English with a yankee accent.

     ‘They know where their baguettes are buttered’– ‘Retired’ government officials are eagerly recruited by multinationals and their thinktanks. Though they do not retire their insider information. Former Chief Justice Kanagasabapathy Sripavan (2015-17) was made Chairman of SL’s Commercial Bank in December 2020. ComBank is supposedly private, but is controlled by the US World Bank’s International Financial Corporation (IFC). Indeed, such an NGO may turn out to be actually an AGO – Another Government’s Organization!

     Sripavan was also Chairman of the Judicial Services Commission of Sri Lanka, Chairman of the Incorporated Council of Legal Education, Chairman of the SL Judges’ Institute, and Chairman of the Superior Court Complex Board of Management!

     Sripavan had been a Legal Consultant for the National Savings Bank for 2 years, when he was appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeal in May 2002, when Ranil Wickremasinghe was PM. He was elevated to the post of President of the Court of Appeal in March 2007. As Head of the Court of Appeal Unit in the Attorney General’s Department, he handled ‘a large volume of work both in the Court of Appeal and in the Supreme Court including Bills and Fundamental Rights Applications. In March 2008 he was elevated to the Supreme Court Bench. His judgements promoting privatization were reported to have caused ‘colossal losses to the State’ especially in regards to the robberies committed by foreign banks, eg England’s Standard Chartered Bank, the USA’s Citibank, Germany’s Deutsche Bank.

     Sripavan only ‘stepped down’ from ComBank in February this year. Timely indeed.

     Ranjan Ramanayake’s pettier ‘revelations’ notwithstanding, ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Separation of Powers’ are mere bourgeois smoke and mirrors (with the sword in full view).

• ComBank and other local private banks are setting us up for a fall. They are suddenly all claiming losses. Meanwhile, Reuters is reporting the ‘US recession could be banks’ guilty pleasure’:

     ‘When it comes to the possibility of a recession, some US bank executives are saying the quiet part out loud. Not only would the largest lenders survive even a savage economic downturn, but they may emerge stronger from it.’

Ooops! Last ee copied the man’s wrong name. The name of the United Nations (UN)’s ‘Human Rights’ man prowling the much-besieged corridors of power (or no power) in Sri Lanka:

‘A team from the UNHRC headed by the Director of the Asia Pacific Division, Rory McGovern, is now in Sri Lanka on a fact-finding mission… to submit a report to the UNHRC on their findings.’ (sundaytimes.lk/220821/columns/mahinda-says-he-would-have-advised-gotabaya-not-to-flee-the-country-492475.html)

His name is not McGovern, but Rory Mungoven. Why did the Sunday Times ‘Political Editor’ get his name wrong, we don’t know? Maybe they underpay subeditors. Or maybe it’s satire: After all, the UN is trying to impose a parallel Over-Government! Ubergovernment! – McGovernance aka McPalanaya.

     Who else is on the UNHRC team, is not broadcast, at least, out loud.  McGovern or Mungoven, his credentials make him out to be an out-in-plain-sight ‘agent’. (An agent masked in a ‘liberal-leftist’ brand, apparently. Whatever ‘liberal-leftist’ means. It could mean avenging evangelical wielding weapons of mass destruction and distraction).

     The ‘Australian’ Rory Mungoven wrote his 1986 Sydney University BA thesis on ‘The victims of Petrov’ – about ‘the Left-Liberals’ netted in a fake Soviet-spy scaremongering campaign by the Australian state and its media in 1954. (Then, too, the exposure of Soviet spies was made to coincide with their 1954 national election, much like the recent sighting of an ‘illegal’ Sri Lankan boat during their May election, to massage their settler passions.)

     Ten years after the USA’s World Bank began funding NGOs to undermine the majority of Asian and African governments in the UN, Mungoven surfaces around May 1998. 5 NGOS – Quaker UN Office, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Federation Terre de Hommes, Jesuit Refugee Service, and Radda Barnen (Save the Children Sweden) – launched a ‘global effort’ in Geneva to pressure governments (not to stop war, but) to adopt a standard for child soldiers.

     In June 1998, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers (CSUCS), to sanctify uses of persons over 16 for violence, was launched. In May 2000, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution. Rory Mungoven then appears as a CSUCS spokesman coordinator.

     In 2002, Mungoven was US Human Rights Watch’s Washington Advocacy Director. In 2004 he already became a senior Human Right advisor attached to the ‘UN country team’ in Sri Lanka.

     In 2012, Tamara Kunanayakam, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, named Navanethem Pillay, then UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, as an agent of the US and EU. Kunanayakam also highlighted Mungoven’s role: ‘As far back as 2006, the SL Government refused to succumb to pressure from the previous High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, and certain Western powers, to open an OHCHR field office in Sri Lanka. Rory Mungoven was then stationed in Colombo as the UN Human Rights Advisor. A cable sent to the US State Department by the then US Ambassador to SL, Robert Blake, and released by Wikileaks, reports Mungoven as having said, what was essential for Sri Lanka was not technical assistance, but a robust UN monitoring & protection mechanism in the field! (dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/7107)

      In 2015, Mungoven appears as Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Director. In 2018 Mungoven is Liaison Officer of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Myanmar. ee has omitted his other assignments to ‘trouble spots’ around the world, or should we say ‘spots troubled by the English’ – Afghanistan, Nepal, etc.

     On 6 March 2022, the Sunday Times noted: ‘The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), senior staffer Rory Mungoven had many rounds of talks with the Cardinal before the High Commissioner’s Report on SL was released. The office also engaged civil society members, media personnel, organisations based in Sri Lanka and those in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) via an internet link.’ (sundaytimes.lk/220306/columns/sacking-of-two-ministers-exposes-division-in-ruling-coalition-475393.html).

     On 23 March, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Pentagon official, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Amanda Dory, Nuland’s Washington deputy for the region, Donald Lu, and US ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung met with President Rajapaksa. A week later, the ‘aragalaya’ began…

     In April, Nuland again warned Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka would face sanctions if: ‘Malign influence countries could displace any US agreements being signed. We will mitigate this risk by staying tied in with our allies, friends and partners along with steady engagement across the SL services to ensure the US remains a partner of choice. Congressional scrutiny could limit the amount of funding available to Sri Lanka for Security Cooperation/Security assistance.’

 (see ee Sovereignty: ‘By staying tied in with our allies, friends and partners’? Staying tied? And are these ‘allies et al’, those who were aroused and arrayed in the last few months to vent their vapors?)

     ‘Along with steady engagement across the SL services’ – ‘Steady’? Who exactly are ‘The Sri Lankan services’, ‘across’ whom the US has ‘steady engagement’? The armed forces?

     Several months of Aragalaya later, September 2022 finds Mungoven, almost 20 years later, in Sri Lanka again, now as UNHRC Director of the Asia Pacific Division, in Colombo at the same time as the IMF delegation is in town, or rather in the capital, midwifing the introduction of an ‘Interim Budget’.

     In July the IMF was given strict public orders on Sri Lanka by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The USFRC handles ‘foreign-policy legislation and debate in the US Senate, oversees and funds foreign aid programs. The Senate Committee tweeted ‘Any IMF agreement with SL must be contingent on the Central Bank of SL’s independence, strong anti-corruption measures & promotion of the rule of law. Without these critical reforms, Sri Lanka could suffer further economic mismanagement & uncontrollable debt.’ (see ee 2 July 2022)

     The US SFRC dictat was re-delivered by the IMF team head in Colombo: ‘Sri Lanka’s 2023 Budget needs to be consistent with the economic reforms program and macroeconomic framework under the IMF program’, on Wednesday before they flew away. 2 days later: the Budget is presented. Four days later, former President Gotabhaya Rajapakse returns…

The high priests of finance fly in and fly out and climb to the top of the popular sanctum and echo the cries practiced by choirs for several years, if not for decades now: ‘Remove the power of a state to choose and value its own currency. The USA will give you what you are worth.’ The high priest shrills most high: ‘No money printing! Independent central bank! Sell yo grandmother’s lands and jewels and workers’.

     The oft-printed words ‘global’, ‘international’ & ‘independent’ are now the opposite of whatever promise or progress they were meant to offer. ‘Independence’ is a word we hear of now only with regard to preventing the Central Bank from fulfilling its functions to, by and for the people of this country – and depend instead on the dictat of foreign banks, who monopolize the so-called free market.


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