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Unilever & Attacks on Our Sovereignty


• ‘The time for talk is over,’ said a 3wheeler driver when asked for their opinion on the economy. ‘They won’t let the President we elected rule!’

Before you study the economics, study the economists!

• ‘Is your journey necessary?’ – the English who talk a mile and a half about democracy now, never had time for such niceties. Take 1939-48 – The English arrested, jailed, whipped and murdered ‘disloyal’ opposition (who remembers the murdered Mooloya Govindan & Kollonawa Kandasamy?!)

     Faced with being driven out of Asia, they rationed fuel and food, striking deals with cultivators and workers to ensure English dominance. In 1948 they proclaimed ‘a peaceful transition’ to local puppets (just like in South Africa in 1989). Yet the only ‘peaceful transition’ was from English to US colonialism! So why is Wijeya Group’s Sunday Times et al opposing fuel rationing?!

• Speech is so free, few can afford it: Unilever has the second-largest marketing budget in the world. This ee examines Unilever’s role in the ‘growing corporatization of NGO activism’. Unilever’s advertising budget enables control of media, including in Sri Lanka: Journalists are simply told not to mention Unilever’s role. Neither Maharaja or Derana dare expose the role of Unilever.

     This ee extends on the rise of the Chettiar moneylenders and the Maharaja Corporation (whose owner, who died this Saturday, was called the richest man in SL!). ee linked Maharaja media’s (Sirasa, News1st, etc.) pro-toxic fertilizer rabble-rousing to its import subsidiary, Harrison Chemicals. What was missing was the Maharaja link to Unilever. Many of the ‘local’ companies operating in Sri Lanka are just fronts for Unilever, one of the world’s largest capitalist multinational companies…

     Let’s recall: In 1801, midst launching the most murderous onslaughts on montane Sinhale (aka Kandy) England’s Secretary of State for War & Colonies, Henry Dundas appointed 20 civilians to the Ceylon Civil Service: John D’Oyly was among 16 Junior Clerks, educated by the English East India Company (EIC) for writerships (junior rank). Unilever is today’s avatar of the EIC, which broke up into numerous agency houses in the 19thC. What is its link to Maharaja, Steuart’s, etc.?

     D’Oyly, who funded the early fake media against the King, paying poets and priests, is the patron saint of all our English media today. The Doomed King: a Requiem for Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, by Gananath Obeyesekere, recalls how D’Oyly went about his business of lies. Yet our artists and media, still echo this disinformation

• The heavily armed English navy was here this week conducting war-games with India and Thailand, casing the ocean about us. They’re here to survey control of the world’s cables that all run underwater by Sri Lanka, as does the world’s maritime and undersea traffic. Then there’s those ‘undeveloped’ energy deposits in Mannar.

Roman gods (January, May, June) and feasts (February, April), were followed by Roman Emperors (Julius, Augustus), who declared July and August the 7th and 8th months their own, pushing chronologic away with September (named after Latin Sept for 7), October (8), November (9), December (10), becoming the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th months. So much for occidental despotism, we all still submit to!

• The corporate media refuses to examine the need to protect public health (undermined by private pharma and biotech) while ensuring an economy where most people now depend on daily work. They refuse to recall how, at the behest of such luminaries as the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (yes, the first registered ‘trade union’!) the organized working class was smashed: This July being the 41st anniversary of the sacking of 50,000+ workers in 1980.

     This July is also the 38th anniversary of the 1983 pogroms, involving ‘multicultural’ gangs – deployed to enable external intervention: It should be commemorated as White July! Few explore the link between July 1980 and 1983, which led to the massacres of July 1987 and the less-adverted war on the south! Ah July!

While the media and NGOs were gushing fake tears for the murdered child worker in an MP’s home, they’re promoting polices like going to the IMF that will only increase such exploitation.

      The IMF, World Bank, ADB, claim to offer low interest rates, but their loans are subject to strict conditions like reducing public services to the vulnerable, elderly, sick, disabled; privatizing public resources and strategic state assets, and getting rid of laws restricting employers from doing exactly what NGOs crying ‘No more child labor!’ protest. NGOs are funded by the same forces who promote worker exploitation

For much much more from this week’s ee plus the new Sinhala edition – go to: eesrilanka.wordpress.com

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