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The hoarding of vaccines and the refusal to share their patents is the ‘human rights’ scandal of the century. Geneva acts like it doesn’t know…

Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 22-28 August 2021

• The hoarding of vaccines and the refusal to share their patents is the ‘human rights’ scandal of the century. Capitalism is prolonging the Covid plague to halt capitalist decline, while proclaiming their love for the environment and human rights. The capitalist media is also spreading confusion and fear.

• The umbilical cord between multinational corporations, ‘human resources’ personnel, labor contractors and so-called human traffickers, embassies and immigration officials, the impoverishment and wars caused by imperialist economic policies, are never fully exposed. Geneva’s UN Human Right Commission is frantically trying to hide all this by undermining its member states.

• A top economist says the underground market (mafia) is governing the economy. Yet it’s not underground, it’s very much over ground – hidden in plain sight! It’s the multinationals. Traders are mere fronts for them.

     The President (with 6 million votes in his holster) should explain to the country, how our economy and politics are still held hostage by these multinationals and their Colombots, who dominate the news.

The imprisoned MP R. Bathiudeen – saying he has powerful friends in government and opposition – allegedly threatened a doctor who told him to stay in queue. Is this a symbol of traders holding the country to ransom. Or an old story: The wealthy jump the queue, and demand others stand in line? Rule of law indeed!

• September is here. The 9th month named after a ‘7’. Schools and industries start firing up their engines in industrialized countries. August see factories retooled, new books in the curricula.

     And who sets the pace? A ski-resort in summer, called Jackson Hole! Why? The world’s central bankers are meeting there (see below).

     So this is the real New Year in the industrial world. They will soon announce their war budgets, scare people with Hallowe’en, and then celebrate thanksgiving for being able to rob the real Americans of their continent.

     War budgets will not be publicly announced, instead there will be film festivals and the latest Hollywood movies, book festivals and book prizes, etc. We cheer from the sidelines. They then announce their next demons. They’ll shift from alleged ‘defeat’ in Afghanistan to seeking Covid’s origins in Chinese communism. Yes, it’s that time of year for their bestselling fictions.

     But what is the greatest fiction? Fictitious capital!

• The BBC correspondent in Kabul asked eyewitnesses about the recent ‘ISIS attack’ at the airport, a few days after US CIA Director Held Secret Parleys with Taliban Leader. BBC reported “significant numbers of those (182) killed were shot dead by US forces in the panic after the blast.” “The Pentagon did not respond to the BBC‘s request for comments.” – The BBC will not press too hard. Also: 25-30 “British Afghans” were killed, but not mentioned in the English news. So much for being “British”!

     ‘The ‘western’ media are pushing for a continued war on Afghanistan or, if that is not possible, for putting devastating sanctions onto its people. To diminish Afghanistan potential is part of the continuing hostility’ Sri Lanka has certainly had our fair and lovely share of ‘potential diminishment’.

• More fiction: Colombo’s stock market is ‘scintillating’ says a US-funded news site. Local banks, corporations and stock market are announcing big gains. But none of this money is being invested in capital-intensive production. Our eminent economists – by eminent ee means repeated daily or weekly in the capitalist news media. These eminences want us to submit to the IMF and to the ‘market’, which is ‘free’, they tell us. Of course we know about this ‘free’ business. It is very expensive. And dominated by foreign banks and multinationals. (see ee Finance)

• The capitalist’s economists demand we submit to the IMF, complaining the ‘international rating agencies’ have downgraded Sri Lanka. They say this reflects ‘the sentiment of international stakeholders’ who do not like what they see. These ratings agencies are paid by the big banks and bondholders themselves. It is a blatant conflict of interest (see ee 21/11/2020).

• Why there is no overall planning during this disaster? Quite a few of those making such accusations are people who minted money from the privatization and deregulation of health and education, etc.

     No Planning Allowed! This has been the policy of the US-controlled IMF and World Bank, and their salaried economists. They insist that planning is ‘communist’, and against a ‘free’ market (which just happens to be dominated by banks and multinationals with budgets larger than nation-states).

It is no coincidence that IMF’s largest SDR allocation in history came into effect on Monday. On Friday, August 27, central bankers of the world began their annual jamboree at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US, to hear US Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell and US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen speak, and study the thoughts of various mainstream ‘monetary economists’ (see ee Quotes)

     This is the annual meeting of central banks to meet and discuss strategies. But this is not why it happens. It is for U$ imperialism to tell other governments how to run their economies.

     And in line with imperialism: the Asian Bankers Association (ABA) had their 37th General Meeting and Conference virtually, August 24-27, on the theme: ‘Asian Banks: Achieving Sustainable Growth in the New Normal’. All this talk of ‘sustainable’. Is capitalism really sustainable? Who says? (ee Focus)

• September will also see the UN Food Summit in Rome. There, Unilever and other corporations, who have been preventing the sharing of vaccine recipes, will proclaim ‘Multi-stakeholderism’. They plan on trapping governments, scientists and a few civil society organizations into ‘an artificial new multilateralism’. ‘The keys of the food system’ will be handed over ‘to the biodigital mega-corporations, data platforms, and private equity firms’ who are ‘proliferating merger deals’ to become ‘tomorrow’s agrifood giants’.

• The capitalist media with its almost monopoly over information, by spin and saturation, is merely spreading fear. People are sick of this economic system. And yet if you read their business news: The only problem is government. Companies are all, as they used to say, tickety-boo. They are the best workplaces to work for. The fairest and loveliest dispositions. Where did all these ratings and indices come from? (ee Focus)

‘Through the IMF’s lending, surveillance, technical advice to countries. and research, it has a major influence on the global economic agenda and country-level policies.’

     The IMF is preventing funds to fight Covid. They first want governments to cut workers’ wages and social assistance programs, as well as to sell off public assets. These humiliating conditions were exposed by the English NGO Oxfam this week – no doubt, in time for Jackson Hole.

     However, Oxfam has their own larger agenda. Oxfam is demanding that the IMF get countries to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These ‘goals’ pushed by multinational corporations, will essentially prevent the transfer of technology. They will make our needed industrialization even more expensive by insisting we reduce our so-called Carbon Footprint, etc., using new technologies.

            It is no coincidence, that the funders of Oxfam are the same as the owners of the IPR for the new technology that can help meet the SDGs. So who decides on who is ‘sustainable’ or not? The ‘Climate Finance Leadership Initiative’ is made up of the wealthiest and most powerful private capitalists.’ (ee Focus)

• The US-controlled World Bank and England’s Unilever and Standard Chartered Bank, rag-trader Brandix et al, keep magnanimously ‘donating’ ‘essential health’ supplies. Yet it is they who blocked the waiving of the intellectual property Covid-19 vaccine patents, leading to millions of deaths.

     Importers are deciding who can donate charity, claims the Sunday Times, and customs officials are blocking the release of aid. Yet multinationals get to make donations of ‘health equipment’!

Some NGOs are speaking of ‘corporate capture’ of the UN. The UN however has its origins in the white supremacist League of Nations, set up by South Africa’s Smuts, et al. They may now be more openly corporate controlled, subverting representation by nation-states. Yet, if the real decisions are made at the UN Security Council, why all this fuss about what some white countries alone think about human rights? Is it because they still control our economy?

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