US Embassy Bribery of High Court in Aeroflot Scandal


‘Some officials are just playing dumb having been part of a foreign conspiracy to embarrass Russia’

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e-Con e-News 05-11 June 2022

      A colonial family law firm has been caught in an illegal act involving bribery by the US embassy to seize a Russian Aeroflot aircraft. This ‘first’ law firm is linked to the colonial robbery of lands to set up plantations, and the undermining of true independence, such as the assassination of a Prime Minister and an attempted coup d’etat against another.

     The seizure of the Russian plane was timed for last weekend’s news cycle, breaking out into the open on Thursday, June 2. The operation was funded by the US embassy via one of Lanka’s most powerful and infamous old law firms, FJ & G de Saram (see ee 29 May & 10 July 2021). De Saram sent their lawyers to impose a now apparently never-given court order to seize the craft.

     The ‘junior attorney representing the plaintiff served notices on my client instructing to stop the aircraft…Can a lawyer perform the duty of a fiscal officer, while the duties of a fiscal officer are being governed by Fiscal Ordinance?’ asks an Additional Solicitor-General.

     The Aeroflot case centres around the antics at the Colombo Commercial High Court (CCHC), set up at the urging of the USA to fast-track ‘justice’ for big capitalists. A CCHC ‘Court Registrar’ stands exposed as having ‘given several telephone calls to the Airport Navigation Centre requesting them to implement the Court Order in an unprecedented manner’.

     To make matters worse, PM Ranil Wickremasinghe, wishing to assert his Asian-Saxon kinship and business-as-usual credentials, declared the game was ‘a matter between 2 private parties’, as did the Foreign Ministry.

     ‘Some of our officials are just playing dumb having been part of a foreign conspiracy to embarrass

Russia and to exacerbate the dire situation in the country, already beset with a myriad problems.’ (see Random Notes)

• A political, economic & military alliance of Asian, African & real American countries is the need of the hour. ‘We are seeing a financially weaponized power grab by the US Dollar Area over the Global South as well as over Western Europe. Without dollar credit from the US and its IMF subsidiary, how can countries stay afloat? How hard will the US act to block them from de-dollarizing, opting out of the US economic orbit?’ (ee Focus)

• The capitalist media have turned the ongoing strangling of the economy into a matter of ‘corruption’, ‘theft’, ‘debt’, a lack of dollars and investment. This ee reproduces the claim ‘The rise of the black economy for foreign exchange in Sri Lanka must be placed at the centre of the economic collapse we are now facing’.

     The Bank Employee Union (CBEU) this week states, ‘The 2 state banks provide a huge contribution to the national economy annually, by paying taxes and committing their profit dividends to the Treasury.’ Yet ee believes the real issue is why state banks have failed to invest in modern production.

     The biggest robbers of foreign exchange are the multinational corporations (MNCs), though it’s all very ‘legal’. This is enabled by the day-to-day practices of transfer pricing, and misinvoicing. The biggest crime however is disinvestment. Even if the dollars are not robbed, there’s a continuing prevention of investment in long-term industrial production. This is the key to continuing underdevelopment and crucial to understanding the sabotaging of independence (ee Focus). 

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