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e-Con e-News 02-08 October 2022

‘Between the Persian Gulf & Red Sea to the west

and the Straits of Malacca & Sunda to the east,

Sri Lanka is arguably the most strategically located maritime nation in the region.

More than 60,000 ships – including two-thirds of the world’s seaborne crude oil,

half of its container ships, and all US Navy vessels passing between the 5th & 7th Fleets

– annually transit Sri Lankan waters.’

– US State Department’s Integrated Country Strategy, April 2022

Former English diplomat Charles Parton wishes to militarily terrorize Asian shipping and industry. Parton, writing in London’s Financial Times this week, wants ‘the US to remind China that…it could block the Malacca & Sunda straits through which China’s oil arrives’ from West Asia. And what of their plans for Sri Lanka?

     A fellow of the Council on Geostrategy, Royal United Services Institute & Mercator Institute for China Studies, Parton also notes, ‘a well-aimed US missile’ could destroy the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing plant that ‘produces the majority of the world’s advanced semiconductors’, to prevent it from falling ‘into Chinese hands’. FT London is owned by Japan’s Nikkei (see ee Industry, West must remind Xi).

     US and English warships unleashed sea drone drills in the Persian Gulf off Bahrain on Friday, in retaliation for the closer economic ties (OPEC+) announced between Asia and Russia. In East Africa, theirs war are raging in Ethiopia. In the North Pacific, media avoid mention of US threats and only reported Free Korea’s missile test over Japan.

     The Malacca & Sunda Straits are considered ‘bottlenecks’ in the oceanic trade, comparable to Iran’s Strait of Hormuz, Egypt’s Suez Canal & Yemen’s Bab-El-Mandeb (Gate of Tears). Sri Lanka sits in the middle of all this.

     So here we have it – along with the recent EU threat to go to war to grab China’s rare earth metals (see ee Quotes) – they are openly advocating economic terrorism. All this puts Sri Lanka’s present frames within this historical & geographic panorama. The white calls for ‘free trade’ and ‘equal opportunity’ have always been about the equal right to enslave and plunder!

Sweden Bombs NordStream pipeline

Sweden hides the evidence

Sweden hands out Peace Prizes

Sweden Pauses on the Economics Prize…

• Blatant terrorism is on display for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, minds to think, and lips left to smirk. Soon after the US-EU sabotage of the NordStream natural-gas pipeline in the Baltic, US Secretary of State A. Blinken openly boasted, the US is now ‘the leading supplier of [liquefied natural gas] to Europe… It’s a tremendous opportunity to once and for all remove the dependence on Russian energy…’ How’s thaaat!? (ee Sovereignty, Blinken’s ‘Tremendous Opportunity’)

     Again, the US and its EU poodles operate a massive media projector (an upgrade on their ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’!) that redirects their own acts and own designs onto others, particularly China, Russia & other ‘axes of evil’. Sweden has now decided to prevent access to the crime scene (see Random Notes)

• A ‘vice-like Anglo-American grip’ holds Sri Lanka’s rulers in slavish thrall. Sri Lanka could easily have gotten economic support from China, Russia, Iran, but was prevented, or…. (ee Economists, Turmoil)

     ee here records the ominous silence in the last few weeks, a pause in the usual gushing of vacuous press releases from Sri Lanka’s banks, which are being steadily taken over by US & EU corporations & banks. An IMF strategy to privatize state banks has been also been devised, the Central Bank hinted this week (ee Economy, Sri Lanka banks to be re-capitalized)

     The US Treasury and their monkeys, the IMF & World Bank, are in public denial, and privately demand our countries help pay their way out of the horror they create. Over 90% of CEOs at large US companies forecast long-term global recession within the year, and half plan to lay off employees en masse. No wonder they are promoting world wars plus nukes! 95% of CEOs aim to grow their companies not through investment in industrialization, but through ‘mergers & acquisitions’ – good old capitalist cannibalism! (see Economists, Almost All CEOs). What of Sri Lanka’s wealth do they plan to ‘restructure’?

     This ee reproduces an essay that reinforces the notion that Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has been deliberately planned. It reveals how the US & EU created the so-called 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, and how their banks & multinationals swooped down to gobble and eviscerate Asia’s biggest corporations. The ‘Fall of the Asian Tigers’ was indeed called ‘The Fall of a Second Berlin Wall’ (see ee Focus).

• US and English embassy’s ‘born-again’ agents in Colombo are taking former government officials to court. A pliant Supreme Court has accepted their petition, and the media is giving it full play (see ee Security). This lawsuit syncs with the US government’s demand to pursue ‘economic crimes’. The ‘UN anti-corruption legal provisions’ are also being ‘introduced to appease the IMF.’ This could however provide an excellent opportunity to put the accusers on the block, and point to the real corruption; the prevention of industrialization (see ee Economists, Opposition to be briefed).

Why does Sri Lanka go to Geneva to get bashed annually at UNHRC? asks Shenali Waduge (ee Sovereignty) Why, indeed! Sri Lanka is a member of the UN, not of these white-controlled committees, on which it has no voting rights. It is quite apparent how these UN Committees (IMF, WB, UNDP, UNICEF, UNCTAD, etc). have been hijacked, and keep poking their fingers ever deeper into Sri Lanka’s political & economic entrails and orifices:

‘If Sri Lanka is only an observer State & UNHRC Resolutions are non-binding,

why are we wasting money to send a delegation to get humiliated in Geneva?

All that ends up happening is the Minister in charge makes a political talk

meant to make him a hero back home.

Political talk has no action & UNHRC recommendations

get tied to numerous conditions for handouts

given by the countries that voted against Sri Lanka.

This annual show is nothing but a bargaining podium

where allegations get drummed up & these get plugged into conditions

for aid, investment & other coercions for their geopolitical advantage.

Sri Lanka should just allow UNHRC to pass resolutions & not send any delegation

except to get our representative in Geneva to read the official position of Sri Lanka.

Attending or not attending makes no difference in Geneva!’ – Waduge

It’s a choreographed dance to the death; all our body parts deep in the white embrace on the white Titanic. Sri Lanka’s foreign minister in Manhattan’s UN has apparently admitted, ‘Sri Lanka is damn scared of these Western Powers, especially the USA, to tell the truth’. Two decades hence, ‘Sri Lanka does not know how to combat global misinformation/misinterpretations unleashed by both the Western Powers and separatist elements within the Tamil Diaspora’. (ee Sovereignty, Sabri ‘Didn’t Know What He Didn’t Know’)

     Do we really not know?

If Sri Lanka has friends it is the friends that have consistently voted for Sri Lanka

– these countries are China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia

and we must be grateful to Eritrea, Uzbekistan, Bolivia, Venezuela

for voting in 2022. It is time Sri Lanka not only know who its friends are

but ensure they are shown gratitude and given a greater role in Sri Lanka’s development,

without going behind the unrequited love of the oppressors!’ – Waduge

The import-export plantation oligarchy is however in happy thrall to their white handlers, with their money and their children parked outside the country. One quick method to analyze how white the media and their stenographers are, is to see how they have reported this UN waste-of-time. The whites lament a ‘defeat’, while the Blacks note that the ‘nays and the ‘aiyos’ (abstentions) outvoted the yeas!

Why invade Asia to acquire its wealth

and forestall its growth through military means

as in imperial times when economic warfare

seemed to work just as well but far more subtly.’ – Abrams

• A local Daily Mirror stenographer has dared question the media whitewash. He notes how ‘Russia Today & Sputnik, channels that regularly exposed the Western media’s news distortion, [have been] off the air since the beginning of the Ukraine war in February’. How ‘the world is bombarded with one-sided war reporting. Call it propaganda or hypocrisy. Media freedom, which the West has denied to Russia’s news outlets, however, forms an essential part of the West’s list of conditions for developing nations to qualify for economic assistance.’ As to be expected, the US & English embassies’ political-section media trolls are having a field day in the comments section, demanding Sri Lanka’s so-called ‘independent’ media remain slaves. (ee Sovereignty, Ukraine war: Putin is no pushover)

     It becomes more and more apparent that top government officials have deliberately sabotaged relations with our traditional allies, like Russia & China. Beyond potential oil & coal purchases, which the rest of the world is sopping up. Seeking Russia and China’s investment in modern industrialization (as they have done before in Sri Lanka) is the only way to escape the real white ‘debt trap’. Instead, it appears, ‘controversies’ like the ‘high security zones’ gazette were timed for UNHRC sessions in order to leave Sri Lanka even more vulnerable to foreign destabilization.

     Meanwhile, the EU Commission President, just fresh from threatening to wield ‘tools’ against ‘lesser’ Europeans to vote correctly, is giving Sri Lanka sermons on human rights while praising the decision to submit to the IMF. At the same time, India is now being subject to EU and German hype and hypocrisy, what Sri Lanka has long endured: Germany is calling for an UN role in Kashmir!

• ‘Some of us at ee met SBD de Silva (to whom this ee blog is dedicated) for the first time in 1999. He had already quit teaching at Peradeniya, refusing to even apply for his pension. SB felt the University system had been undermined. Many professors hold private tuition classes. Their spouses mark papers. He said, if students just wanted a piece of paper to say they went to University, they could get it from someone else. He had better things to do. For SB, the university could have been a site for creating and applying new knowledge. Knowledge to transform the colonial economy. But that was never on the Ivor Jennings agenda, much-adored architect of the 1948 Soulbury Constriction (errr…Constitution) and Peradeniya University, to begin with.

     Another important insight SB made, is that one needs a ‘location’, a ‘base’, a ‘country’ from which one can think and work to make a change. Those claiming the need to go to Washington or London to do research on Sri Lanka, need not go that far. The evidence is right in Sri Lanka before us, said SB: ‘Take a walk on the street and see what is being bought & sold and where it is made, and ask why it cannot be made here, and listen to the answers.’

     He is still remembered for teaching ‘modern statistics’ to other Central Bankers, who he insisted, have always opposed the independence of the country. We then started helping SB find articles he needed. He generally ignored the web, for he never really took to excavating the internet. We would jokingly call him a ‘Luddite’, but he preferred, to the end, to write on paper with pencil. We would meet him often and discuss economics & politics and all manner of doings under the heavens. He is the one who taught us all about the real state of our economy. He opened our eyes. We had no inkling or knowledge of this prevention of industrialization as a major policy, beforehand. This metanarrative of sabotage explains much of Sri Lanka’s history of the last 100 years at least: From the English exiling of Dharmapala, to Shell’s sabotage of Wimalasurendra, the shutting down of Philip Gunawardena, the assassination of SWRD, to the coups against Sirimavo, and the incessant terrorism and turmoil that has followed. One important legacy was SB’s analytical power, width & depth. His way of critique was mostly gentle yet understated, and at the same time incisive, as to the real roots of our disarray, beyond daily whining about a so-called balance of payments crisis and the lack of foreign investment. ‘Why do we not make a pin?’ was his incessant inquiry.

     He also would have grimly smiled at the Ministry report this week that ‘600,000 Paddy Farmers work 31 days per year wasting 334 days without productive work’ (see ee Agriculture). He would ask again about those pins, and why we do not have the time to make them. He would also ask how such statistics are compiled.


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