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US Female War Criminal Lands to Lecture Sri Lanka on Human Rights & MCC


Nuland is well known for buying off businessmen, politicians, editors and journalists, and selling weapons of mass destruction!…

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US Female War Criminal Lands to Lecture Sri Lanka on Human Rights & MCC

e-Con e-News 06-12 March 2022


  • The US State Department is threatening to send Victoria ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland, Undersecretary for Political Affairs, to Sri Lanka on 22 March, with Assistant Secretary for South Central Asian Affairs Donald ‘Banana 2’ Lu. S/he will be allowed to issue public ultimatums (MCC, anyone?) and shower private bribes to split the government further, by expelling any remaining Sri Lankan nationalists and socialists. Nuland is well known for buying off businessmen, politicians, editors and journalists, and selling weapons of mass destruction!

The blood of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians, let alone Afghanis, Iraqis, Congolese, Syrians, Libyans, Yemeni, Myanmari, etc, also drips off Nuland’s lips and hands. She wishes to add Sri Lanka to her bloody list – and should be arrested as she steps off the plane, let alone allowed to land!

Nuland’s jaunt comes a few weeks after the US government ‘gifted’ 2 pre-owned (Ha! Ha!) Raytheon military aircraft to Sri Lanka. Current US War Secretary General Lloyd Austin is a former director of Raytheon Technologies Company, the USA’s No. 3 war contractor.

‘With Victoria Nuland back at the State Dept, the Biden administration seeks to transform more Ukrainians into bullet stoppers for Raytheon’, wrote The Grayzone. Nuland is credited with masterminding mass murder in the Ukraine, along with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Both are of the Ukrainian Jewish ‘diaspora’, happy to have East Europeans murder each other. She’d no doubt love to have Sri Lankans do the same.

Nuland made a name for herself selling weapons to Ukraine, and, with her husband Rob Kagan, was a big supporter of the invasion of Iraq. It’s Nuland who demanded that their ‘free’ media refer to the US sale of deadly arms to Ukraine, as ‘defensive’ weapons. The corporate media has also been instructed to ignore the Fascist and Nazi elements in the Ukrainian leadership, and hide the US and Nuland’s $5billion role in the 2014 coup d’etat against Ukraine’s democratically elected government. (Random Notes)


  • The US and Nuland’s real agenda is of course for Sri Lanka to submit to IMF dictat. The IMF prioritizes ‘reducing the role of the state in the economy’ (i.e. selling of national enterprises) in order to plunge Sri Lanka into even greater foreign debt bondage.

The supposed paralysis and mind-boggling incompetency to resolve the fuel and gas shortage in Sri Lanka was deliberate – to undermine a popular government and its even more popular leader, who once promised the people, they would further strengthen national independence.

To prevent a national economy, ‘human rights’ provides the main ideological smokescreen to impose capitalist demands. The US recently joined the self-appointed imperialist ‘Core Group’, headed by England, which is leading the attack against Sri Lanka. This ‘Core Group’ represents countries whose multinationals, like Chevron and Unilever, dominate Sri Lanka’s home market, from fast-moving consumer goods to fuel and fertilizer!

The role of the IMF in deepening inequality is rarely reported in the media. The US economic quest to open global markets to capital is a key driver of international affairs, but the media chooses to ignore it, with public debate turning incomplete and shallow. So what was Nuland’s role in imposing IMF conditions and destroying Ukraine’s economy? (Random Notes)


  • And so, the US is sending a notorious war criminal to lecture us on ‘human rights’. A woman, who as we write, has been caught setting up biolabs in Ukraine for chemical warfare targeting specific nationalities. Irony, indeed, as the US and their banks and corporations have been vociferous about ‘gender inclusion’ – even tho they’re now extremely unclear what ‘gender’ means! (Random Notes)

‘IFC, CSE ring bell for gender equality in Sri Lanka’, blared business headlines on International Women’s Day 2022. Imperialist-funded NGOs with such tired names as ‘Women for Rights’ , ‘Tamil Nationalistic Women’s Day’ were briefly highlighted in the capitalist media. Notorious corporate gangsters such as Standard Chartered Bank joined in to ‘empower working women’. McLarens Group (a front for Rockefeller’s Exxon Corp) handed out sanitary napkins (such capitalist male fascination with menstruation!) to celebrate IWD. In 2016, India extended legal UN immunity like those enjoyed by foreign missions and diplomats, to the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC). Why?

IWD here, for all intents and purposes, appears to be have been hijacked by the whites, corporations and their NGOs – the deadliest enemies of women and men, the world has ever known. In Sri Lanka more attention was given in the English media to the stock exchange ringing its balls with the World Bank for gender equality. So what exactly are IWD’s modern origins? Read Alexander Kollontai’s recall of its beginnings in the 1848 revolution of workers in Germany. 1848 indeed resonates, even if subconsciously, with Sri Lankans… (Random Notes).


  • 2.4 million out of the 2.8 million ensnared in the microfinance debt trap were women’ – news headlines – almost 200 women have committed suicide due to microfinance debt. Yet the story does not highlight the role played by imperialist development banks, that are behind both these local microfinance companies, as well as behind the NGOs criticizing such debt (see ee Finance, Micro).

So this ee gazes at the development banks. There are at least 2 types: the imperialist development banks that are slowly (or should we say, openly) taking over the national banking system (if it ever was national). And what of truly independent development banks, which will invest in modern production? This is what the last Central Bank governor WD Lakshman promised. He was ‘retired hurt’ before he could deliver. He is yet to tell his story (ee Focus). Many ee critics insist we’re fools. The SLPP had no intention to promote a national industrial policy. Their intention was to halfheartedly contrive, to discredit such practices (ee Comments)


  • Dollars for Bajajification – Many are complaining about the deadly state of the economy. What would they do different? Secretary to the Ministry of Energy KDR Olga states, it was only after credit rating downgrades, that fuel suppliers started demanding payment for fuel before oil stocks were shipped. Meanwhile the Indian Oil Corporation is fleecing the country by hiking fuel prices. At the same time, the Indian government provides us loans to buy their fuel, their cars and their 3wheelers?


  • It was SBD de Silva, to whom ee owes its existence, who told us we could learn about economics, by walking along the pavement. Look at what is being sold and where it’s made. Even simple things like pencils and erasers: All of which could be made here. He also told us to look at the cars (with one occupant each) on the road, and wondered out loud, ‘How long can this import orgy last?’ – ‘How long?’, he asked, many times before he passed away. This week we were told ‘Sri Lankans’ spend at least Rs3billion a day guzzling imported fuel, with 9,000 metric tons of diesel distributed daily.

Yet is it ‘Sri Lankans’ who guzzle it off, or a small minority mainly in Colombo and Western Province? It’s however Sri Lankans in the rest of the country who pay for this orgy. It’s they who have to endure more prolonged powercuts, etc. Check ee Industry, for this comedy of oil and powerlessness.


  • Two years (& 72 years) too late into the meltdown of the economy, Finance Minister Basil Rajapakse has decided to restrict certain ‘inessential’ imports, which include bottled (plastic) water, etc. The next day, we (or merchants) are reminded (wink, wink), it’s not a ban but a restriction. One ‘restricted’ imported item struck ee: ‘conjuring tricks & novelty jokes.’ Indeed, all the media propaganda against ‘harsh’ import restrictions for the last 2 years, should also be included in these ‘conjuring tricks’. No media ever listed the enormous costs of all these useless imports being allowed to begin with. These imports have used up millions of ‘precious’ dollars. Dollars, the media is now crying, we lack to import essential petrol, drugs! What we should all be crying is: De-dollarize Now! Boycott the US$! Ditch your Dollars, as Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, Libya have been doing (why the US attack/ed those countries)

These new ‘restrictions’ are listed as amendments to the Imports & Exports (Control) Act, No1 of 1969, amended in 1985 and 1989. Note the dates. The 1969 Act was imposed under PM Dudley Senanayake’s Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs, Gamani Corea. These restrictions however have never been part of an overall political, economic and military strategy to implement modern industrialization, but a stopgap measure to deal with ‘balance of payments’. Sri Lanka’s economic predicament is not new, it’s an accumulated embolism, caused by postponing real independence, which begins with industrialization.

Dual-citizen Basil Rajapakse is being tagged an ‘US agent’, on whom the US has gathered a lot of ‘dirt’, which includes the stashing of ill-gotten money. This is of course not new. All of Sri Lanka’s oligarchs stash their money with the whites, and are thus in no mood to transform the economy. So, it’s not regime change the US seeks, but regime stability. Keep the country underdeveloping!


  • For 72 years we’ve fooled ourselves with accolades about our great literacy, culture, etc. Yet a nation to be independent requires numeracy-based literacy. A great culture to flourish needs an economy based on modern industrial machine production. The World Bank Directors in their air-conditioned offices, this week, thrilled about Sri Lanka’s ‘highest human capital index in South Asia’, while promoting a ‘services economy’ to ‘generate growth in exports and GDP’, which ‘can contribute further to gender equality’. All this is pure bullshit of course. We should find a better word to describe their nonsense, for at least bullshit is organic, tho cattle are also eating ‘shopping’ aka plastic.

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