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US Grabs Mannar Basin Energy Reserves


• New Fortress Energy is a Front
• World Bank Bribes Ministry of Education
• Pharma Murder of Senaka Bibile
• Bankers Ignore New Central Bank Chief
• Exporters Set Up ‘Unofficial’ Bank
• UN Food Summit Hijacked by Agribusiness
• Planters, Adventurers & Pirates
• The Corruption of Media Economists

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Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 26 September – 02 October 2021

Vultures, dressed in eagles’ feathers, are circling. The odour of distemper, blood and oil and gas swirls thicker.

     They come ‘donating’ medicines and fancy second-hand equipment – for which we will eventually pay by buying parts, etc. But they prevent modern production of these goods here, by murder wholesale or retail (see ee Focus, Senaka Bibile)

     One of ee’s central aims is to discuss how underdevelopment is based on forcing (many times second-hand) industrial machines and goods on non-settler colonies. Imperialist countries and settler-colonial economies promote a culture of machines that make machines for themselves. Modern industry goes beyond handicrafts, assembly and manufacture, constantly producing new technologies and skills.

     Such a discussion is prevented here, where the media and education system shapes a culture that refuses to explain the difference between a ‘consumer culture’ and a ‘producer culture’: concealing that science and art are products of technology.

     Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology make everything we see around us. The arts, commerce, etc., only ‘market’, sell and use what these other subjects make. Yet many who study the ‘sciences’ are stolen abroad to build other nations. So let’s see who prevents our producer education:

• World Bank bribes (actually we end up owing them!) worth 2.4 billion rupees are being paid to 300 Education Ministry officials to pursue postgraduate studies in England. Much of this money will end up in England to pay for fees, books, technology etc.? (see ee Workers, Bribery Commission)

     It’s no wonder that the US-controlled World Bank and Japan-controlled Asian Development Bank control educational curricula in Sri Lanka. The WB’s and ADB’s set of narrow guidelines are adopted uncritically by the University Grants Commission in SL (ee 24 July 2021).

     It’s not only education, look at how faithfully the media reproduces the press releases of the World Bank on building ‘climate-resilient roads to enable food supply’ – without one question as to what on this good earth such ‘loans’ entail and who’s being bribed, to do what? To prevent what? (ee Agriculture)

• Terrorism and the wars inflicted on Sri Lanka have been intimately linked to control and exploitation of the Mannar Basin and its abundant energy reserves. In a fraud, considered greater than the bond scam, the Mannar Basin is being handed over, lock, stock and barrel, to a US company, which will operate outside the laws of the country, much like the English sterling companies that plundered us even after 1948 (see Random Notes)

     As a result of this sellout to oil conglomerates (we note Rockefeller-linked Pathfinder etc., and related diplomats are very quiet) note the change in the tenor of the white ‘human rights’ lobby’s demands that Sri Lanka must kneel down (ee Focus).

• The New Central Bank governor ‘s road map (do all road maps lead to Gaza?) wishes bankers to be more transparent and exporters to return their dollars and not speculate on ruining the rupee, importers not to smuggle in imports, retailers and wholesalers to ‘avoid’ hoarding and price gouging! These importers and exporters remain an alien imposition, no matter what Sinhala and Buddhist masks they affect. Wishes, indeed!

• Name & Jail Criminal Bankers & their Paid-off Economists – The capitalist media’s economists insist bankers complied with the Central Bank’s request not to devalue the US-controlled dollar exchange rate. But then they ‘unofficially facilitated a separate market among exporters and importers’ outside the formal banking system for their foreign exchange requirements! So now we know the link between over and under world!

     Yet capitalist economists demand the government uphold the rule of law. Even blaming the government for the operation of what they call – not a ‘black’ market – but ‘grey’ (there are 50 shades when it comes to the wealthy!). But truly it’s the usual white market undermining the country. These illegal outfits are run by these ‘trade’ bankers who pay our dear beloved economists to daily hosanna: Imports! Exports. Holy! Holy! Holy!

• Daylight Trade Bankers’ Robbery: The Central Bank this week exposed that exporters were hoarding almost $3billion in earnings overseas, speculating on devaluation of the rupee, and widening the deficit. Capitalist media economists like to whine about deficits but are coy about exposing the role of private companies. At the same time, various ‘exporters’ are crying, ‘Not Us!’ The CB fears naming these hoarders and speculators, perhaps because CB and Treasury officials privately profit from these anti-national acts.

• What is the greater crime, robbing or owning a bank?, asked the poet. ee answers: The greater crime is owning a bank and preventing depositors from accessing the hoard to invest in modern production. Parking that money in London or New York, and stealing the dollars remitted by workers slaving in West Asia by selling them inflated, imported, industrial consumer goods that could be made right here. (Random Notes).

• EU officials have been allowed entry to verify if SL’s ‘human rights’ practices qualify for their economic ‘privileges’. The media gives this GSP+ nonsense a lot of coverage.

     Yet Sunday Times states: ‘It’s not a sign, however, of the country having been placed on notice, authoritative sources here insisted. Nor is there any danger of the GSP+ being revoked.” (ee Industry, EU Team)

     If this is so, why is the media so full of such constant blabber about threats from Geneva, about imminent sanctions despite Sri Lanka having support at the UN Security Council.

      Human rights is a game which enables both imperialists as well as their local puppets to avoid taking steps to ensure a truly equitable society based on modern industry. Last week ee recorded how GSP+ was used to prop up drug-smuggling police states in the Americas – all import-export plantation economies.

• The UN is still beholden to its white creators, whose peoples make up just 14% of the world’s population. To prevent true democracy, a hijacked UN is attacking its constituent nation-states while entering into the deep more open embrace of capitalism’s corporations:

      ‘An estimated 385 million cases of acute pesticide poisonings are reported worldwide each year. 44% of farmers and agricultural workers around the world are poisoned annually’. Yet last week’s UN Food Summit exposed how chemical multinationals Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta, et al, are hijacking UN policies on food production. The UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) is about to partner CropLife International – the mega lobbying group of over 300 other pesticide companies. (zephyrnet.com/bayer-does-not-belong-at-the-un)

• ee has stopped reproducing media wailing from the chemical import (fertilizer, pesticide) lobby. From the Planters’ Association to the Agriculture professors and experts, near and far, they repeat the same gospel, without answering who will pay compensation for the massive health costs of poisoning both cultivators and food consumers. Neither will British American Tobacco’s Ceylon Tobacco Co, which apparently claims to pay enormous taxes, but doesn’t since they pay massive bribes to top Treasury Officials under the table, to augment salaries and other expenditures of the public sector. The lengths these chemical and other companies will go is recalled in the murder of Senaka Bibile, who dared challenge the multinational pharmaceutical mafia (ee Focus).

• Roshan Rajadurai, Plantation Service Group Chairman, complained this week about the chemical import ban to the 167th annual meeting of the Planters Association, crying Sri Lanka’s tea exports ‘bring’ $1.3billion a year. He should tell us where this $1.3bn is ‘brought’ or ‘taken’ to, and where it’s been invested.

     The monopoly of the license export firms to profit off plantation commodity auctions should be abolished and the profits must be invested in mechanizing production and upgrading workers’ skills. So who is this Planters Association, that apparently has long been the real rulers of the country? (see Random Notes)

• One of England’s earliest ‘companies’, was the 1551 Company of Merchant Adventurers (in full: ‘Mystery & Company of Merchant Adventurers for the Discovery of Regions, Dominions, Islands, and Places unknown’. Those who went to the Americas, stole land, killed and enslaved people – were called planters. Those who stayed in England and invested their money in the companies were called adventurers. Each was to share in the profits. The difference between the planters here and there, is those ones became settlers and created modern industries that competed with England, etc (see, Random Notes).

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