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US Hitman Tells Sri Lanka President: ‘The Force is with You’


IMF: ‘Don’t undermine your own central bankers.’

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e-Con e-News 16-22 October 2022

Sri Lanka’s economy is like a patient being murdered in the ICU

due to non-treatment of prescribed macroeconomic drugs by the Central Bank

while the government & CBSL top officials travel world over

to import already failed drugs from the IMF & international well-wishers.

– see, ee Economists, Operationally bankrupt

Another US mafia hitman flies in. US Assistant Secretary of State for South & Central Asian Affairs Don ‘Banana2’ Lu enters to threaten escalation of their proxy war. He was here to warn against any attempt by Sri Lanka to signal – let alone entertain – any thought of independence, autonomy, non-alignment or whatever we call it – especially in the run up to the US midterm elections on 8 November. Any upturned finger could tumble their doddering geriatric boss Joe Biden, who threatens the world with nuclear armageddon, and Europeans with frying ice cubes for water, with a shy Arctic-hostage sun and abundant radiation. All to maintain Anglo-American domination.

• Meanwhile they wished to emphasize clearly again what they mean by ‘democracy’, ‘free trade’ and laissez-faire’. Capitalists, bankers or fund managers, or whatever they call them, led the Bank of England – one of the world’s topmost criminal organizations – to turf out another English government, just 6 weeks old!

A carefully coordinated effort to reassure the markets

there’d be no more policy surprises to spook bond traders

 England has so far had 4 chancellors (finance ministers) in 2022. The outgoing English chancellor & PM is expected to have made a killing from so-called fiscal turbulence.

     ‘One of the strongest’ messages was delivered by the International Monetary Fund, says New York Times: ‘Don’t undermine your own central bankers.’ The IMF, which ‘usually reserves such scoldings for developing nations, on Thursday doubled down on its message to England: ‘Don’t prolong the pain.’ The NYTimes should know. They amplify or diminish such scoldings and pain. And to emphasize their point, US Federal Reserve banker Shalom (Bob) Bernanke was awarded the 2022 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

     Prolong indeed! The US is accordingly delaying dollars to make Sri Lankans ‘scream’. To make sure the leadership, if not the Sri Lankan people, stay in line.

     They can hire lots of unemployed ‘scholars’ and ‘artists’. They warn they can finance yet another ‘aragalaya’, unleashing the latest weapons of hybrid war, social-media-multiple-meme&hashtag rocket launchers, covert ‘lawfare’ and upgraded espionage, etc. (see Random Notes).

     This Washington peon-of-color in a suit, Don Lu had earlier delivered the ‘coup or submit’ threat against former Pakistan President Imran Khan in April. Lu finally made it to Colombo, signaling it is a do-or-die moment. A docile media claims, Lu assured President Ranil Wickremesinghe, ‘he has a force backing him’.

     Perhaps he stuck a gun up their invertebrate taxonomy. For a docile, clearly unpopular parliament passed the 22nd Amendment to supposedly weaken the state and the President’s legal powers. Plus a Petroleum Bill to undermine the economy further by ‘liberalizing’ the petroleum sector, amid protests by workers and unions. Indeed, Rockefeller determines US foreign policy. And not just Mr Moragoda. So petrol is a test of faith. And fate. Meanwhile, capitalists pressed ahead with plans to weaken labor laws, and sell off strategic natural resources, with an English Ceylon Tobacco Co director in charge of the sale of national enterprises. All to maintain the power of the anti-industrial import-export plantation oligarchy (see Random Notes).

• California Lu was here to warn the ruling class against any attempt to claim ‘neutrality’ or ‘non-alignment’. They wish Sri Lanka to sever links with Russia, China, Iran and any other country the US deems a threat to their ‘sole superpower’ conceit.

     Banana2 Lu arrived here: at his heels the Pakistan Election Commission’s disqualification of former PM Imran Khan from political office on spurious ‘corruption’ charges. The US also waging ‘lawfare’ here hoping to play the court system, police & security forces against each other & the people. A similar ‘aragalaya’ involving ‘lawfare’ is being waged against Peru’s popularly elected President, Pedro Castillo (ee Sovereignty, Peru).

     Banana2 Lu ‘called on’ President Ranil Wickremesinghe and ‘met’ Secretary of Defence, General Kamal Gunaratne. Lu also met Foreign Minister Ali Sabry. Sabry had earlier met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during the 29th ASEAN Regional Forum in August, in Cambodia.

     California Lu, who claims to be half-Chinese, arrived just as China was holding its 20th National Congress in Beijing, representing the largest parliamentary gathering on planet earth.

     Perhaps they see Sri Lanka as a mafia training ground. Maybe they think Sri Lankans have developed a 225-year-old inbuilt revulsion to Angled Saxons, and an irrational soft spot for them ‘yellow’ folk. This is why the US has decided it will send bananas-of-color and lesser white women (Jews, Irish, etc) wearing short skirts, to execute white dictat, and exert Anglo-Saxon muscle.

• The USA is playing Halloween to their home market and dishing out real Halloween horrors to the rest of the world. They have sent Don Lu trick or treatin’, threatening to unleash another proxy war upon us, while offering pizza-making skills (ee Workers, USAID & Pizza Hut Open 1st of 28 Commercial Training Kitchens for SL Youth). The pizza brand will be called Made-in-Sam.

     Sri Lanka is indeed being absorbed into the US ‘supply chain’ as a provider of pizza-oven lurkers & award-winning clerks, into the industrial cycles of the imperialist world (evident in such innocent events as the Colombo ‘international bookfair being held in August, even as our school year begins in January), so we are being intertwined into their political and military cycles.

     This month of October is not just when they display their military budgets and halloween horrors (US halloween spending will be an estimated $11billion dollars, and needs foreign markets).

     Next year’s US war budget ‘will likely be nearly $1.5trillion… And the US Congress wants to add tens of billions of dollars to that number.’ (ee Security, Next Year’s US war)

     As far as the English media was concerned: Lu was all about:

strengthening of the Democratic institutions.

US Ambassador to t [sic!] Sri Lanka Julie Chung

and Political & Economic Advisor Susan Walke

were also present at this discussion.’

Every single English rag repeated the US Embassy Press Release, to a t! The awkward capitalization and errors, perhaps to insist who can copy-edit yankee prose. Or maybe they had to begun to write ‘US Ambassador to tea plantation Sri Lanka’, and then backtracked.

• For 4 years ee has attempted to fix attention to the roots of our disarray in the prevention of industrialization by an import-export mafia. ee has traversed all the major ‘faux’ eruptions of these years, starting with the US-backed Yahapalana government’s dissolution, the so-called ‘constitutional coup’ to the April 2019 terror attacks, then to a landslide Pohottuva government, and then the aragalya and ‘soft’ coup d’etat of 2022…

     For 4 years ee has offered ample evidence beyond doubt that the Sri Lankan media, certainly the English media, is puppeteered by the US, England, and related body parts. A simple scan of our 60,000 news links will show how the white worldview monopolizes news not just of the world, but about ourselves.

     Indeed so-called ‘global public opinion’ is the true English fiction.

• The media claim to be Sri Lankan (Sunday Times, Daily Mirror, Financial Times, Island, NewsFirst, The Morning, etc.). But their point of view is that of the imperialist world (the fate of almost all English media around the world; even English Moscow Times is owned by the Dutch government! & now operates from Amsterdam!)

     We can therefore see recent events as they unfold even clearer when we realize, what the media calls ‘Russia’s unprovoked invasion of the Ukraine’ is in truth – another US Proxy War.

     This year’s ‘chaos’ in Sri Lanka needs to be also examined against what the US did to the Ukraine government, which until 2014 was attempting to maintain its autonomy. Then came the US coup d’etat, by the same Halloween devils, who have been parading themselves in Sri Lanka, including the US Gallician-diasporic Victoria ‘FtE’ Nuland, lost-Irish paddy Samantha ‘Ghaddafi killer’ Power, etc. Then came the rule of killer clowns wielding memes.

US hitman Lu met with various identified and unidentified officials, accompanied by US envoy Julie ‘Banana1’ Chung. Lu arrives in Sri Lanka just as the US and their poodles Canada, France etc are threatening to invade Haiti. Chung is implicated in the murder of Haitian President J Moise, last year. She arrived in Sri Lanka right after the assassination, promoting further chaos.

     And just to make clear the value of supporting US colonial policy, the media calls the protestors in Sri Lanka, ‘democrats’, and those in Haiti, ‘gangsters’: ‘A powerful gang federation surrounded a key fuel terminal in the capital of Port-au-Prince to demand the PM’s resignation due to a spike in petroleum prices after the PM announced the government would no longer subsidize fuel… The gang is demanding positions in the Cabinet, and has overpowered an understaffed & under-resourced police department…such threats were quickly quelled in the past with the help of UN peacekeeping forces.’ So there they go invading yet another country.

     Haiti is a great beacon in human history, having defeated 3 European armies, sending the English scurrying to Sri Lanka in 1796. A French ‘refugee’ wrote the handbook on plantations used in Sri Lanka, which advocated ‘terror’ as a tool in labor relations.

     It is ironic therefore, the English Black-whites in Sri Lanka are wetting themselves after one of their PR ‘copy-writers’ won the colonial ‘Booker Prize.’ Booker was a Caribbean slave sugar plantation and shipping owner. They controlled 75% of the sugar industry in Guiana. The Prize is now funded by a hedge fund that trades in plantation stocks. The fund thus arose also out of an English agency that vended slave rum to the English navy for 200 years. Booker as slave owners also received compensation, via the Bank of England, financed by the Rothschilds bakers.

     Judges choosing the Booker winner included a British Museum curator: England’s second-most infamous symbol of imperialism. The Sri Lankan winner railed against ‘racism’. Then hugged the Queen Consort, implicated in covering up royal murder. His first award-winning book was given the racist title Chinaman. But US publishers changed the name for the US market. Such are the fictions imposed upon us. Royal murder indeed.


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