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e-Con e-News 30 July – 06 August 2022

The Indian footprint was made among other ways by the jackboot of the Indian army.

We know that Rajiv Gandhi, when the Indo-Lanka Accord was signed,

bragged that it was the beginning of the Bhutanization of Sri Lanka.

 – ee Sovereignty, Friendship & ‘Friendship’

US National Security Advisor states: The US needs a clear threat

To rally the world and play the role of savior of mankind.

China could be that organizing principle for US foreign policy

The problem, he sees, is that people are not going to believe

that China is a global threat, their view of China is too positive.

The USA needs a ‘Pearl Harbor Moment,’

a real focusing event to change their minds, something he calmly stated

would scare the hell out of the American people’.’

ee Sovereignty, Nancy

The US and India would’ve invaded and destroyed the Sri Lankan army and reduced its headquarters to dust, if President Gotabhaya Rajapakse had not been removed. So says former defeated presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka. He was backed in 2010 by the same US-India imperialist coalition behind the threats to President Rajapakse on July 09 (ee Sovereignty, That Sarath, This Sarath).

• Asia mourned the 77th anniversary of the horrific US atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. Unfazed, the US, after sacrificing 10,000s of people in the Ukraine, yet facing defeat by Russia, and hoping to undermine this week’s ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting in Cambodia, sought/ seeks to provoke another nuclear holocaust by inciting China

• US state secretary Anthony Blinken flew in for the first time to meet India Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and PM N Modi, on Wednesday July 28, as ‘the China challenge has become acute for both US and India’ (ee Sovereignty, US Secretary). India is praying for US permission to keep supply chains open for vaccine manufacture (see, WTO ban on local vaccine production in SL, below).

     Both US and India hope the US-framed Rajapakse-relative Jaliya Wickramasuriya’s revelations, along with threats of invasion and violence (signaled by the May 9th burning of 74 MPs homes) will keep the SLPP leadership hostage to their demands (ee Security, Plea bargain helps Jaliya get off lightly).

• Another fake NGO hunting dollars – the misnamed Belt & Road Initiative Sri Lanka (BRISL) – was quoted by Indian news agency ANI, as saying a Chinese ‘spy’ ship would soon be entering Sri Lanka’s waters. Soon, the news headlines and related US-embassy ‘social’ media trolls were agog screaming ‘Chinese spy ship.’

     Yet an Australian warshipOcean Shield, returning 46 Sri Lankan ‘illegal immigrants’, was allowed to enter the Port of Colombo on Friday.

     The US and Indian prevention of Russian and Chinese ships in the Indian Ocean is meant to undermine Sri Lanka’s independence (ee Sovereignty, Foreign Ships).

     Midst imperialists screaming, ‘free & open Indo-Pacific’, India says it will ‘secure the Indian Ocean’ when its first aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya starts patrols this month. India’s 2nd aircraft carrier INS Vikrant will also be commissioned 15 August (ee Sovereignty, India’s 2nd).

• This week saw the 3rd anniversary of India’s abrogation of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh’s autonomy. In August 2019, India banned all internet services there to prevent people’s access to media. High-speed internet is only available now in their high-income urban ghettos, with costs exceeding most middle-class household budgets. A lesson to remember.

     There’s an escalation in unattributed news stories (no bylines, no news agencies) which, by content analysis alone, can be traced to the Galle Road’s Kollupitiya-GalleFace stretch (US and Indian embassies), and sometimes off-Galle Rd in Bambalapitiya (where the tax-escapee Brutish Council still reigns).

• On Saturday, August 5, a conference hosted by US-funded thinktank Advocata, led by Indian Borah merchant Murtaza Jafferjee, announced their plans to hijack Sri Lanka’s economic policy, lands and resources (see ee Focus below, also see very interesting blog: avocadocollectiveblog.wordpress.com, for further details about Advocata, Sally, CIA’s Hausmann, etc.)

     Deploying their monopolies over information, dollars, fuel and food to drain, choke and whirl the world’s non-settler colonial economies into a tailspin – with their lapdog media vociferously and unrelentingly censuring China and Russia – whites worry such widespread defaults will send their own banking and corporate behemoths, built on squeezing superprofits off non-settler economies, crashing, as in 2008.

The largest risk looming is a worldwide sovereign debt crisis,

with Sri Lanka being only the tip of the iceberg

ee Economy, US Fed rate hike

August’s Perseid meteor showers set to peak on the 13th: may not be able to outsparkle the more & more & more revelations that keep leaking out about the US & Indian role in exacerbating turmoil in Sri Lanka. Despite the USA’s so-called social media, like Twitter, suppressing Russian and Chinese sites, the latest exposés about their role here come from great Zimbabwe – favorite bugaboo of the kalusuddhas and their white masters (see Random Notes).

• It is now clear as the mud in green Galle Face, the US and India will keep using their military might to threaten the country’s leaders with death, blocking essential supplies of fuel and food, and promoting record dollar outflows by stepping up attacks on the rupee, with their openly capitalist and camouflaged social-media keeping up a steady drumbeat of economic illiteracy and political idiocy about the retail corruption of politicians and their cronies. The truth is even more enlightening.

• Sri Lanka’s colonial import-export plantation oligarchy keep denying their role in the bleeding, even as 80% of SL’s export earnings are hoarded in white countries. Even the docile IMF-house-trained Central Bank (CBSL) Governor Nandalal Weerasinghe had to publicly refute exporters’ claims that loan repayments and raw material imports, etc, demanded 80% of their foreign earnings.

     The private oligarchy keeps benefiting from the float of the rupee. The country is not getting export proceeds in keeping with laws, and the CBSL is not strictly enforcing penalties for noncompliance. (ee Economists, 20%)

IMF goes on Summer Vacation – While Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa had to phone US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman (linked to global business strategy firm Albright Stonebridge Group) to request speedy disbursement of IMF funds, Bangladesh appears to have also been ordered at gunpoint to kneel before them.

     The IMF, with the most expensive economists in the world – who if their own criteria were to be used to evaluate their performances, would be charged with causing mass murder and deprivation – began their summer vacations on August 1st.

     The US IMF’s Chief Economist, France-born University of California-Berkeley’s Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas meanwhile, joined his Washington musical conductors, in blaming Sri Lanka for not crawling to them earlier, and warned the rest of the world of the consequences of such tardiness (see ee Economists, IMF Chief Economist)

     This messaging has also been picked up ‘by SLPP asupporters, who while correctly critiquing the Aragalaya earlier, have now become crazily anti-socialist’, comments an ee correspondent. 

     Our liberals fashion themselves as leftists, socialists, and Marxists, though they are more accurately petit-bourgeois anarchists and nihilists (until they get dollars!). ‘Corruption’ provides an endless source for outragification. They refuse to study that it’s not just the transfer of capital, enterprise and technology from the already developed countries, but the prevention by merchants, usurers and landlords (the import-export mafia!) of ‘an appropriate class structure, and a corresponding set of production relations, within which accumulation takes place’ and ‘conditions the scope for the reproduction of capital’ and modern (machine-making) industrialization’, see SBD de Silva, The Political Economy of Underdevelopment.   

• The 12th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), June 12-17 in diverse-inclusive-equitable (DIE!) Geneva, saw white countries block any possibility of providing inexpensive vaccines, antiviral drugs and diagnostics to the world. Not a word in national media. The drug-import mafia reigns supreme!

     No Sri Lankan media (we don’t have journalists, we only have impermanent clerks reproducing amnesia) was allowed to examine how the SL Business Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Importers, led by Hemas et al, even prevent local production of saline (salt water!) and helped worsen fatalities during the Covid attack (ee Industry, WTO & Vaccinations).

Across the Pond: The white-settler superpower USA dispatched their ‘Special Envoy’ Mike Hammer to the Horn of Africa, to Ethiopia, Egypt & United Arab Emirates (UAE), July 24. To help settle disputes between Egypt & Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project. So they say! The US is sponsoring a terrorist separatist war in Ethiopia, on the Egyptian border, to prevent this important dam, and further undermine African unity!


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