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USAID builds a media empire in Sri Lanka

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e-Con e-News 17-23 July 2022

Over the radio

I hear the victory bulletins of the scum of the earth. Curiously

I examine a map of the continent…

I can still see a small door.

– Bertolt Brecht, 1940

‘European ambassadors gave President GR an “ultimatum”,

a “last chance” to condemn Russia,

but Sri Lanka had refused to condemn either side…

A few days later the Aragalaya started…

When things had cooled down somewhat,

Gota arranged to talk to Putin.

Within 24 hours of talking to Putin,

2 Russian oil officials came to Colombo for discussions…

US Envoy Julie Chung endorsed the JVP.

The Aragalaya stormed President’s House and Gota resigned.

ee Sovereignty, Geopolitics

Speculation heightens that the US and India – with their local agents cawing like crows on a bull – are provoking chaos in the country, to enable invasion, by first deploying the United Nations as multilateral camouflage, then setting their own boots on the ground to divide the country into ‘ethnic’ enclaves.

     Nine UN ‘experts’ – never heard of before – were headlined this week expressing ‘alarm over record high inflation… as the country grapples with unprecedented political turmoil’.

     It turns out these ‘rights experts’, ‘receive their mandates from the UN Human Rights Council, which is based in Geneva. They operate in their individual capacity and are neither UN staff, nor are they paid for their work.’ Individual indeed! (see ee Economists, Immediate)

‘Nations should look at a place like Sri Lanka today

– heavily indebted to China – which has made some really dumb bets

about their economic future and are suffering pretty catastrophic,

both economic and political, consequences as a result.’

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, US) capo William J Burns

at Rockefeller-funded Aspen Security Forum, Wednesday

Imperialism – ranting about ‘democracy & transparency’ while blaming China with only 10% of SL debt and ignoring the over 50% US ISB trap – plans to foist an unelected NGO junta of Black-whites, with colonial roots, to govern Sri Lanka. Yes, an unelected ‘Civil Society’ above an elected Parliament:

‘The statement by the Eisenhower Fellowship in Sri Lanka

unequivocally deplores the attack on peaceful protestors,

lawyers & journalists at the dead of the night by heavily armed military personnel,

at the Galle Face Protest site in Colombo.’

This ‘Fellowship’ includes all the ‘usual suspects’ daily broadcast in the media wagging their fingers in faux NGO outrage. This ‘Fellowship’ is co-chaired by the Ruwanthie de Chickera, whose father, Duleep, ex-Anglican Bishop defrauded their Sunday collections. (The head of the Anglican Church is the Queen of England who is also head of England’s war machine. She was removed as head of state of Sri Lanka, only in 1972). Chickera was recently photographed purportedly organizing the aragalaya with other such CIA-NED beneficiaries as ‘protest organizer Chameera Dedduwage’ (Reuters).

     Other EFers include Ceylon Tobacco Company executive Chandra Jayaratne (who ee reported last week got the court to confiscate former CB Governor WD Lakshman’s passport), USAID-funded Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, US Assembly of God & Rockefeller-Citibank MP Eran Wickremaratne, Chevaan Daniel of Unilever-Maharaja media (whose TV station Sirasa provoked the burning of current President Ranil Wickremasinghe’s home) and more!

     US President Dwight Eisenhower (in an earlier July in 1960) demanded at a US National Security Council meeting, that Congo’s first elected President Patrice Lumumba be ‘eliminated’. The US steals Congo’s cobalt and uranium, etc. What a fellow was Eisenhower? Eisenhower ordered the assassination, a few weeks after Lumumba proclaimed, ‘The Congo’s independence is a decisive step towards the liberation of the whole African continent.’ (Random Notes)

‘We are committed to doing what we can

to produce the most stable regional order possible.

We are not going to leave vacuums that the Chinese or Russians can seek to fill…’

– US CIA Chief William J Burns

Produce the most stable regional order possible? No, the honorable CIA Chief was not referring to the USA. That would have made more sense: since they keep their denizens under siege – fearing Hollywood aliens, Apache with memories, Mexicans, Russians & Chinese. The US spy chief was referring to their ongoing mass murder in West Asia. However, the ease with which he segued from West Asia to South and then East Asia, divulges that the white man’s burden is indeed never ending, all encompassing, and righteous, to boot! (Random Notes)

     The white propaganda narrative on Sri Lanka’s current challenges grows more surreal by the day. On July 9, just as Sri Lanka’s government was changed, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency & National Security Agency (NSA) operative Derek J Grossman portrayed events as an anti-China uprising. ‘China’s window of opportunity to one day control Sri Lanka probably just closed,’ he tweeted.

     Grossman is now an analyst at the Pentagon’s main thinktank, the RAND Corporation. RAND, the US’ first thinktank combining corporations, military & academia, began as a division of Douglas Aircraft Co (now Boeing), under General Curtis LeMay, future head of the US Strategic Air Command, accused of aerial mass murder in their war on Korea.

So, the US CIA leader now feels it is time to deliver his coup de grace on Sri Lanka.

     Last week we’d been told, Russia was responsible for Sri Lanka’s unrest, fuel and food shortages! These imitation pearls were dribbled out by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, their comedian in Kiev, who was addressing the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul in US-occupied Korea. Zelensky was echoing an earlier accusation by the Canadian ambassador, who appears anxious to announce to his diasporic constituency that #ComeEelamHome draws closer on the horizon.

     This week, the CIA leader ‘held China responsible for Sri Lanka’s economic collapse, saying Colombo’s ‘dumb bets’ on high-debt Chinese investment have led to ‘catastrophic’ outcomes. At the Aspen Security Forum via an interview with US’ NBC, delivered to us through India’s Asian News International (ANI) by Ada Derana.

NBC’s CIA Chief’s interview (ee Sovereignty) however betrayed underlying anxieties, both real and fake, while attempting to project a calm jokey demeanor. Countries covered by the CIA Chief include Sri Lanka. He started by throwing seemingly infantile mud balls of expletives at Russia’s leader, thoroughly thrilled with himself, shivery quivering his legs together like an overexcited pubescent, calling Putin ‘too healthy’, cynical, suspicious, taking advantage of ‘better angels’, intimidating, getting even, an apostle of payback, etc. His audience applauded and laughed on cue. They had to. He waxed about Iran, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan (before the US supposedly fled Kabul, leaving local informants behind – Special Immigration Visa/ SIV anyone?), and even Cuba (where he seemed to finally dismiss ‘Havana Syndrome’ – Cuba ‘infecting’ white embassy personnel, as AHI – ‘anomalous health incidents’!).

     Under the guise of ‘climate change’, they also spoke of the ‘weaponization’ of food security (the biggest geopolitical existential threat), drought, migration.

• ‘USAID is funding and training an online media empire in Sri Lanka’, tweeted SL’s BattlementLK (BLK) this week. US NGO IREX aka the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) features in many of these imperial efforts.

     BLK reported, Roar Media is an online media organization in Sri Lanka with 1.2mn visitors to their website and 10.9mn social reach. According to Roar, some of their investors are IREX and Google news. According to IREX: funded by such organizations as USAID, US State Department, Open Society & Ford Foundations, and Millennium Challenge Corporation (supposed to counter China’s BRI in Europe, Asia & Pacific including Sri Lanka). IREX programs include Mandela Washington Fellowships for Young African Leaders.

     IREX also has a journalist training program in Sri Lanka called MEND supported by USAID, which Roar, according to their own website received a grant from (see below).

     Roar has published several articles criticizing China’s influence in Sri Lanka in the past, including an article falsely claiming the Hambantota Port lease was a debt/equity swap.

     Roar’s editor-in-chief Roel Raymond (related to some of Sri Lanka’s famous grave robbers and morticians, as well as to colonially coddled Tamil compradors?) has played a crucial role in Sri Lanka’s regime-change protests, using her Twitter to support them and to rally people against SL leaders, with many tweets about the protests.

     Almost 2 months after the first protests/riots broke out, Raymond was among those invited to meet the US ambassador (see ee Focus).


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