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e-Con e-News 23-29 July 2022

The US Pacific Fleet and their Australian henchayas in warfare continue their synchronized splashing about in the ocean called Indian, until August 04. Their RIMPAC Exercise 2022 hasbeen ongoing since June 29, and is accused of hampering oceanic trade to Sri Lanka, threatening Russian and Chinese vessels. Meanwhile, nine Sri Lanka Navy sailors involved in RIMPAC jumped ship in the USA.

      RIMPAC’s concentration may have been elsewhere. They may have been observing the super-tempest rise and break over the Port of Colombo on 09 July. Perhaps they are on standby and alert for what this 09 August rolls in, as tempests from the North-East start to reverberate, rumble & roar over the southwest.

• The US and India are moving to impose a referendum in the North-East to separate our country. Midst the fogs of the aragalaya, various white envoys – from the US to Canada to Japan (the last jumping the diplomatic gun, so to speak– see ee 2 July 2022) – have made singular travels to these reaches of the country. Former Indian envoy MK Bhadrakumar openly wondered this week as to why India has been so silent about US interference in Sri Lanka (ee Quotes).

• The later-assassinated President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, can be seen posing for a photo with Julie Chung in 2019, when she served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the US Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. 2021 June 15, US President Biden nominated Chung to serve as Ambassador to Sri Lanka. 3 weeks later, 7 July, Moise was assassinated. Was Chung’s appointment or ‘demotion’ here to wipe away her fingerprints on planning that murder in Haiti? Or a promotion to use her skills to arrange another dystopia, a’la ‘We came, we saw, he died’? (Hillary Clinton on their murder of Libyan leader Qadafi) – Quotes & Random Notes

Why is there no solution to the economic crisis

when there are so many educated intellectuals

(including those of international fame) in Sri Lanka?

– Nalin de Silva

NATO’s Plato’s – Over 100 so-called academics, local and foreign, mainly fermenting in NATO’s belly, are not amused. They: ‘work on Sri Lanka & South Asia more broadly,’ and ‘fully condemn the violent assault on peaceful protestors in Colombo by the Sri Lankan security forces on 22 July 2022’.

      Over the last century, such academics have had their education (& sabbaticals here) and long dreary tomes funded by the export of scarce dollars mainly sucked from workers. Workers who are prevented from entering such exotic NATO locations. These academics have expended their grey-white brain cells on such lofty matters as ‘ethnicity’, ‘human rights’ and ‘culture’, using these ‘disciplines’ to camouflage their stripes, if not erase, the economic and class warfare that undergirds and informs such matters.

      Postmodernism and its kissing-cousin post-colonialism is now all toast…errrrr…post!

MP Wimal Weerawansa this week divulged the vast amounts of dollars ($10+mn in last 6 years) the US has poured into Sri Lanka via NGOs to destabilize the country (ee Focus).

      A standard of international diplomacy is that national sovereignty is demonstrated by actual control over who and what enters and leaves a territory. For centuries now, invaders have been funding states within the state of Sri Lanka.       

      US Envoy Julie Chung issues one press release after another, dutifully xeroxed by the media, issuing a not-so-veiled threat after meeting President Ranil Wickremesinghe: ‘He takes office at a time when Sri Lanka stands at a crossroads…We discussed how it arrived at this point of economic & political crisis, and how we can work together to navigate toward a brighter future for all.’

      Navigate indeed! And co-navigation to boot!

• The USA is blasting out an ever-louder crescendo of anti-China bile. See the unsigned articles in the Daily Mirror, clearly from the US embassy’s Zoldaat by de pen (soldiers of the pen) section, which also trolls the Daily Mirror‘s Comments gallery. They blame people’s suffering solely on an economy wrought by the Rajapakses sinisterly enabled by China’s deathly ‘debt trap’. No history. No numbers. No wider world: Of imperialist mass murder and exploitation.

      Is it just hysteria wrought by masks and prolonged lockdowns? Or due to an approaching Chinese ‘research’ ship? Why the kalabala? Farther east, the US is enacting nuclear brinkmanship over US-occupied Taiwan, to divert from their looming drubbing for their invasion of Russia, farther north and west.

      Or is it due to the media still refusing to divulge that ISB banks, mainly based in the US, are Sri Lanka’s biggest ‘creditors’? These private vulture banks are refusing to cut their losses (after obscene profits) and run? They are also enabling their IMF and World Bank stalling strategy to instigate further chaos, to justify the entry first of UN troops, then India and US boots and drones on Lanka’s soil?

• Consider what their undeclared war on Sri Lanka may aim to achieve: On July 4-5, top officials from the US, EU, England, Japan & South Korea met in Switzerland for a so-called ‘Ukraine Recovery Conference’  Salivating over massive potential contracts, preparing to plunder war-ravaged Ukraine applying tasernomics – shock therapy: privatization, deregulation, slashing worker protections; calling to cut labor laws, ‘open markets’, drop tariffs, deregulate industries, & ‘sell state-owned enterprises to private investors’. Sound familiar?

• Midst these outrages, it is no surprise the US stink-tank Advocata is hosting a ‘Let’s Reset Sri LankaReformNow Conference at the BMICH, August 5-6. The buffet appears to be ‘Unlocking Land for Development, robbing of national industries (SOEs, SriLankan Airlines), followed by stripping Samurdhi (welfare), dismantling labour laws (so-called flexibility), etc.

      Advocata is chaired by regional Indian Borah merchant Murtaza Jafferjee. The Conference is sponsored by Capital Alliance (CAL, one of 5 non-bank primary dealers), ExpoLanka, John Keels and Germany’s Friedrich Naumann Foundation (In 2013, the CID investigated the Naumann Foundation, operating here since 1974, for going ‘beyond its legal limitations in Sri Lanka’, for funding opposition parties and their foreign junkets – ee 2021 Oct 24-31: Germany Delivers Sermons on Freedom to SL)

• The IMF & World Bank press releases, which all media faithfully rebroadcast, are a medley of modifiers. This week it was ‘as quickly as possible’, then ‘talks to resume’ and now, ‘successful’ even. Success! Success?

      IMF & WB media pronouncements appear variable, posing as sweaty and as grave as surgeons about to call the coroner or Raymond’s embalmers. Yet, these US bureaucrats say they’re taking official summer holidays for 2 weeks from August 1.

      August is the month the ubermensch of the North Atlantic and North East Pacific take their major vacations to refresh their industrial-military-media menu for the next year while catching this year’s sun.

      The World Bank is busy salivating: they demand the handover of vital oceanic and riverine assets, making further claims on the home market and rural lands, while saddling their high horse with claims to fiscal & monetary accountability: selling off national resources by demanding ‘cost-reflective’ pricing, ‘debt-for-nature swaps’.

      Debt for Nature Swaps are targeting Lanka’s oceans, fisheries, mineral resources & coastal land, for Blue Economy greenwash. Also for military bases like Chagos Island’s Diego Garcia. (ee Agriculture, Ocean Grabbing

      The US this week said, they have ‘extended a hand in technical assistance for economic policy reforms for negotiations between Sri Lanka and the IMF.’

Meanwhile, the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) while promoting such anti-worker ideology as flexibility, calls on ‘all stakeholders for a collective social partnership. The EFC has still not admitted their role in the mass sackings of July 1980, escalating the terrorism.

The London Economist, that weekly magazine for English billionaires,orders new PresidentRanil Wickremesinghe: must persuade suffering Sri Lankans to endure more pain’. It always comes down to, which Lankans will endure? Former governor Indrajith Coomaraswamy, accused of saddling Sri Lanka with $12billion of ISBs, blames populist policies enacted after 1948, and a ‘sense of entitlement’. So was it populism retaining the plantation system and allowing English banks & companies to withdraw the capital they had stolen from the country for centuries? Is it populism that has prevented a modern industrial strategy? And who really has a sense of entitlement? The English bestowed upon a constricted independence, the most-impoverished peasantry in Asia. Why should we not have felt entitled – to an independent economy that would liberate us?

A former Goldman Sachs executive divulges that private creditors, to whom Sri Lanka owes most of its debt, have already made a killing off Sri Lanka. These vultures should now be told to cut their losses and shove off! ‘Bridging finance’ is to merely placate the middle classes, especially those fattened by imports right after 1948, then post-1977; and will just postpone even worse pain. Sri Lanka should just declare bankruptcy and do a hard reset, unless they wish to sacrifice even more people (Also see ee Focus, Time for New).

• The US & Europe’s threats, exclusions & sanctions inspire their ‘enemies’ to ‘build their own capabilities’. In Sri Lanka, a supine ‘import mafia’ media wails, scrambles down on its knees or screams to demand further acquiescence to their measures, berating leaders for not bending over even earlier.

      Witness this week’s admonition by the German ambassador, Yet another! Anyone got a copy of the Vienna Convention? Germany, lamenting their Green abandonment of nuclear power, yet multiplying their weapons production, and upping their human rights standards (ha ha!), which could deny access to their perennial carrot, GSP+, etc. Gasp!

      In the cold steel of economic reality, such obsequiousness demands we only buy overpriced ‘carbon-conscious’ contraptions from them, and don’t make our own machines…

      The import-mafia is the anti-industrialization mafia.

      Meanwhile, the colder reality is, Germans are saying they will soon all take cold baths and turn off lights so as not to have buy more Russian fuel! Even icier it is that they prevent the Sri Lanka state from investing in long-term modern production. And neither does the USA’s IMF, etc.

      The announcement ‘Ideal Motors unveils Sri Lanka’s first home-grown electric car’, once again amounts to handicraft and assembly, meant to divert from the scandalof an anti-industrial high-consumer culture. That this story was repeated in all the media, like UN, World Bank and IMF press releases, shows what the game is all about.

      With capitalist governments enacting draconian laws in their own country, and attacking Russia and China, abroad the political games escalate as the US approaches their autumn (ominously euphemized as ‘fall’) mid-term elections, and the ruling Democrats desperate to shore up support, resort to sensational gimmickry – self-inflicted September 11th being the epitome of such efforts.

      The US is meanwhile secretly pleading with Russia. Africa blames US sanctions for famine. Euro economies are crashing, while expanding war budgets, singing wildly about peace & reconciliation. Our idiot economists are waiting for white export markets to open, and for white tourists and white dollars to come marching in with boots.

• The publicized arrests of so-called Aragalaya activists in full view of cameras, etc, is indeed a curious development. A president is not allowed to board a plane, but ‘activists’ are.

      One ‘activist’, a doctor (aka PaKe), was wanted by police for attempting to burn down parliament Nazi-Reichstag-style. After absconding for days, he was then allowed to conduct video interviews with the media outside the offices of the CID. Claiming he was not evading arrest but sick, holidays and offices were closed etc. Media cameras longingly watched his disappearance through the gates, and dutifully broadcast it to the world.

      This doctor appears to be another ‘leader’ gestated and breastfed in England, with interesting ancestral links to the English planting mafia in Sri Lanka, and England’s Royal Navy (Reader Comments).     


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