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USAID Head Butts In: Baring Small Gifts, Wielding Big Threats


The path to hell is paved with the IMF

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e-Con e-News 04-10 September 2022

Questions to ask about a ‘struggle’:

1) What is the social base?

2) Who are the organizers?

3) Who are the funders?

4) How is the politics benefiting the working classes?

5) Who is producing the images?

6) Where does my knowledge of this struggle come from?

– see ee Politics, Aijaz Ahmad

Before I sign off, I would like to address my colleagues in Zambian civil society

who went along for the ride with the IMF, appeared in many photo-ops with IMF staff

& largely gave credence to the opaque process that gave birth to such an anti-poor deal.

This, my friends, is on your hands and you went to sleep on the wheel

when your role was & historically has been protecting the interests of the Zambian people,

especially the least among us. Posterity will be the judge,

and I am wagering the judgment will be one of disappointment.

– see ee Focus, Cry Zambia

With the reverbs ringing in her ears of the recent explosions of a terrorist attack on the Russian embassy in Kabul on Monday (September 5) – which the ruling Taliban blames on a ‘third-party’ (Pashtun diplomatese, for the US) – USAID’s Samantha Power has parachuted in from Pakistan to threaten Sri Lanka against furthering ties with Russia and China, even as India is striking mega-deals directly with Russia, and China remains India’s largest trade partner.

     Sri Lanka’s whitened media thus dutifully ignored the Eastern Economic Forum plenary in Vladivostok (Sep5-8) where leaders from India, China and Russia spoke. They will meet again at the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation on September 15-16 in Samarkand. Uzbekistan.

     The US always worries Sri Lanka could one day finally choose to be independent.

     ‘Aunty Sam’ Power’s gate-crashing into Sri Lanka synced with US CIA thinktank Freedom House’s much-publicized report, Beijing’s Global Media Influence, claiming ‘Chinese party-state’s media influence efforts intensified in Sri Lanka during the period 2019-21’.

     A Japanese media outlet also called for the ‘elimination’ in Sri Lanka of China’s purported ‘Influence on the Military & Politics’, citing PM Fumio Kishida’s speech at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD8) in Tunisia on August 27-28 (see ee Sovereignty).

     Power had addressed the Freedom House (FH, built by enslaved labor) in early June, avoiding the yawning abyss between US practice within its borders and its proclamations about ‘freedom’ to the outside world. (see Random Notes, Mississippi).

     Her FH speech recalls the lyrics of African ‘Godfather of Soul’ James Brown:

Like a dull knife

Just ain’t cuttin’

Just talking loud

Then saying nothin’

     There was no mention in Sri Lanka’s fawning media of Power’s trip to Pakistan, which coincided with the recently US-couped Pakistan PM Imran Khan being indicted in an Islamabad court. Nor is there mention of where Power is headed next. And what explosions may follow.

     She will not be going to India soon. Power maybe feeling some burn from the Indian Government decision to raid over 110 offices of US-funded NGO Centre for Policy Research (CPR) across India, over the ‘funding of more than 20 registered but non-recognized political parties’! CPR is funded by the CIA’s National Endowment for Democracy – NED also funds similar ‘policy’ NGOs in other countries, like Centre for Policy Alternatives in Sri Lanka. India’s tax department also raided English-NGO Oxfam, whose annual revelations about capitalist wealth accumulation, ignore why wealth-creation is undermined in our countries & the role of banks & multinationals.

     The failure to prevent the funnelling of funds for such subversive ‘NGO’ activity exposes Sri Lanka’s lack of sovereignty. Even worse, however, is the failure to enable fuel, food and defence sovereignty: the prevention of the investment of surpluses in local modern industrial production

     ‘Power will discuss issues related to food security, fuel and essential item shortages, economic stability, and the impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine on the region,’ states the US embassy press release.

     Power’s visit to Sri Lanka purportedly ‘comes after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen informed the Sri Lanka government that the USA, as a creditor nation, would participate in restructuring Sri Lanka’s debt. The US also pledged continued engagement with ‘their other government agencies, as well as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, to assist the people of Sri Lanka’.

     Yellen’s comments came immediately after the IMF delegation left Sri Lanka recently. Meanwhile a Hollywood movie production unit may soon take over the overt imaging of the governance of Sri Lanka. A similar Hollywood movie production unit is already running the government of Ukraine.

     Coverage of the IMF ‘understanding’ has included fake criticisms of the IMF not being ‘transparent’ enough, by the IMF-loving headline-seeking footnote cliquist Harsha de Silva and his sidekick MP & vote-bank-sponsor US Citibanker and Assembler of God Eran Wickremaratne.

• Is there anything more absurd than a capitalist media (principal employers of ‘artists’) calling politicians or national enterprises corrupt? The stock market is rigged – a capitalist President recently confirmed what we always suspected. Yet the media refuses to expose the role of the companies who appear hourly in their CSE-related news: Keells, LOLC, Hayleys, Chevron, etc – this offers ample proof of media complicity. Instead they are all salivating at the prospects of national assets (aka SoEs) being sold off the slavish ‘free market’ block to the IMF’s corporate sponsors.

• England keeps giving out lectures on democracy, and a supine Sri Lankan media dutifully parrots them. Yet more pitbull than bulldog, refusing to unclench its jaws and withdraw its claws off the world, England remains an imperialist theocratic monarchy.

     The English monarch (now the gay King Charles) still controls at least 15 direct colonies, is head of all their armies also, is head of their Anglican Church and government. Their House of Lords has bishops (only Anglicans allowed) and hereditary peerages which can block an elected parliament…

     ee dubs England as ‘Inkland’, for the amount of whitewash they daub over our eyes! And so it hath come to pass that the Queen of England, leader of the dictatorship of the first industrial bourgeoisie, has died or been put on ice; while in China on October 16, the dictatorship of the proletariat, through the largest national assembly in the world, and minus capitalists, shall more democratically [re-]elect their leader.

• Media commentary in Sri Lanka lamenting the loss of the English conservative party’s leadership race by the brainier brownie East African refugee Rishi Sunak to the pale paste-faced Liz Truss, focused on the Jain not being ‘English’ enough, or more precisely ‘white’ enough. Why Lankans expect an Asian or an African to be treated as an equal in a majority white fortress, is another mental malady. Truss is an employee of Shell Oil and of Cable & Wireless, two companies that have helped eminently in underdeveloping Sri Lanka.

• The Sinhala Buddhist majority in the country no longer have a party to represent them, much like prior to 1951, observes a jathikathva essayist (ee Politics). Sinhala Buddhism provides the entire country (non-Buddhists included) with a unique cultural bulwark and metanarrative against the barbaric global onslaught of Anglo-Saxon white supremacism.

     How long has this ‘plan’ to undermine its ‘conscious nationalism’ been in operation, after at least 516 years of European invasions? While media studiously ignores the role of the banks and multinationals in creating recent ‘supply chain’ scarcities to overthrow a government, some date the ‘plan’ to the transition of the country from the English to the USA, around their World War 2, which set the country up for a big fall. Economic policy, almost 75 years later, will for now, be at least ‘officially’, decided in Washington (more precisely on New York’s Wall Street) alone. But Sri Lankans will have the last word.     

     This week’s ee Focus features correspondent John Helmer who claims to be ‘the longest-serving foreign reporter in Moscow;, and helped JR Jayawardene craft his 1978 constitution. Helmer says the recent foofaraw escalated due to Sri Lanka’s inability to extricate itself from US dollar hegemony and deal with the emerging non-Anglo-Saxon-dominated world. Russia and India, he claims, are watching if the US-led ‘regime-change’ ‘color-revolution’ succeeds, and if the scorpion soon fatally stings the amphibious frog who rescued the terrestrial arachnid from drowning in political oblivion.

     Hence, the quick flight into Colombo this week of USAID’s Samantha Power.

     ‘The East is a Career’ noted Disraeli. And Power belongs to the latest set of desperate US-state department war criminals (a curious melange of Jews, Irish, a liberal smattering of Asians & Africans – ‘kneegrows’ as Malcom X called them who spend more time of their knees than on their feet) who seek to extend the colonial reach of the white man.

     While the vomiting of untrammelled nausea-inducing fawning at the death of a mass-murdering English queen dominated news, the attacks on Russia and China – symbolized by the Aeroflot seizure, and the Qingdao Seawin fiasco – escalated with a [slew] of unsigned anonymous media reportage. (ee Agriculture, Fertilizer)

     The media hatred of China mostly fears any attempt to emulate their political and economic strategies. A supine Sri Lankan media rather hypes the delusion of an import-export plantation merchant-dominated economy, and the nonsense about the joys of a ‘services-based economy’. Banks, hedgefunds and insurance companies do not feed people (in fact, they’re behind the present ‘scarcities’, see Random Notes). They will not keep cities liveable (overpricing rents), nor will they build energy sovereignty, or food security. We would need a real agro-industrial economy to extricate ourselves from debt bondage. This the media will not report:

     China’s ‘Made-in-China 2025’ policy document: ‘Manufacturing is the engine that will drive the new Chinese economy. Since the beginning of industrial civilization in the mid-18th century, it has been proven repeatedly by the rise and fall of world powers that without strong manufacturing, there is no national prosperity

     And by manufacturing, the Chinese certainly do not mean the labor-intensive ‘assembly’ that our supine media love to promote here.


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