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Vaccine Imperialism: Intellectual Property Rights vs Human Rights


Our accusers in Geneva have killed millions by delaying the production of vaccines in our countries….

e-Con e-News 29 August – 04 September 2021

From a 19th-century English Government Agent’s Diary

in the salubrious ‘vacation’ and plantation district of Nuvara Eliya:

“Went on to Kurundu Oya. I have met during this circuit – whether by accident or by design I cannot say – more than my usual number of destitutes – villagers who have lost all their lands and are now vagabonds in the same district. Their story is usually the same… somewhat as follows:

Q. Who are you?

A. We are people of Valapane.

Q. Why have you left your village?

A. Because we have lost all our property.

Q. How did it happen?

A. We were allowed to run into arrears with our paddy tax for 2 or 3 years.

It was then called up all of a sudden. No mercy was shown to us and all our property was sold.

Q. What are you doing now?

A. We are in search of employment and means of livelihood.

Q. Where are you going?

A. Nowhere in particular.

Q. Why do you not go and work on a tea or coffee estate?

A. We have tried this, but never get anything for our work.

Our earnings were taken by the Kanganies ‘for debts’.

It is ‘debt’, ‘debt’ always ‘debt’ with us…”

(from SBD de Silva’s The Political Economy of Underdevelopment)

Compound interest – unlike the traditional system of debt payment that did not impoverish – was imposed on the Sinhala peasantry by the English judiciary on behalf of alien traders and money lenders, who robbed the cultivators of their land.

    People are now fast being driven into debt by banks and finance companies making a killing off disease and death. These traders and moneylenders are fronts for imperialist countries’ multinational corporations selling industrial goods, and their financial institutions, camouflaged as ‘development banks’. They are worse than the ‘drug addicts who robbed valuables from the tsunami victims who were breathing their last, in 2004’ (see ee Economy, Heartless).

• The UN, rather than being used to alienate its member states, should be calling for the cancelation of national debts, and support for modern industrialization: This is the real international human rights question.

• The capitalist media is playing a game, by one minute crying about the economy, the next about the pandemic. On this there is now no doubt: capitalism is spreading Covid to save itself by impoverishing people even further, through unemployment and wage cuts.

    The government has to take over the production and distribution of food, medicine and fuel, targeting those who need it most. They have to ensure importers and linked officials do not sabotage this effort. Saboteurs’ links to the media and their multinational backers must also be exposed immediately. Also, expose the links between the ratings agencies and the banks. All this needs a national plan. (see Random Notes, Importers hoarding)

    The plan must call upon all peasant and worker organizations, and all political parties, to unite to save the people from the spread of Covid. This also requires exposing the link between the disease’s spread and international lenders and their policemen, the World Bank & the IMF, who prevent investment in modern industrial production (see ee Focus).

• Our largest import bill is for fuel, so we cannot blame those who keep dreaming of obtaining our own energy from the Mannar Basin, etc. Control over the Mannar Basin is seen as one of the major reasons for the terrorist wars waged against Sri Lanka by the US, England and India.

     Ships conveying fuel from West Asia, first pass us and go to Singapore and then bring it here! Sri Lanka has become an indirect colony of Singapore – “The Houston of Asia”. Both Singapore and Houston offer curious insight into what real industrialization means. (Random Notes)

    Yet, uncovering huge oil reserves will only benefit the country if we control and build a modern industrial economy. Look what happened to the rich oil deposits of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T, which France’s Napoleon once tried to trade, with strategic Sri Lanka and Malta, to the English). ‘Once proud, hopeful, and wealthy’, T&T ‘is today left with nothing but a beleaguered Treasury and toxic crude poisoning our waters and food system’.

• Sri Lanka keenly awaits an implementable plan and related investment program. Many a fine plan has been devised, but implementation has always been thwarted, by sabotage, either through legislative stalling, assassination, terrorism, bribery, or by the machinations of the bureaucracy, the civil and public service, inherited from English colonialism, so beloved by our Colombots.

    Any plan and its proper implementation requires strict oversight from cultivators and workers.

    There is much fake debate about ‘free’ education, yet African liberator Amilcar Cabral once asserted, a country’s education system cannot be created mechanically, but must be informed by ‘the plan for the society to be created’. Cabral was from Guinea Bissau, with whom we share an invader, the Portuguese. Cabral’s forces expelled them, and yet they made him pay with his life (ee Sovereignty, Cabral)

• What kind of socialists are these? The UN is now led by a member of the Portuguese Socialist Party, who served as prime minister of Portugal – António Guterres is the 9th UN Secretary-General. He more than anyone must be reminded, the Portuguese are yet to pay reparations to Sri Lanka. He should state his position on this, or step down!

    The state media should insist that Sri Lanka’s well-paid diplomats play a leading role in the world in Geneva, by rallying Asia, Africa and the real Americas. Together with people of nation-states around the world, we must somehow stage real resistance worldwide.

• The Sri Lanka government must turn the tables on the imperialists, by crying out, ‘We Charge Genocide!’ in Geneva, turning our accusers into the accused. The government can thus reinforce its power within the country, and in the world, by waking billions of people from slumber.

    It’s surely the whitest comedy on this planet Earth, that our accusers in Geneva are the worst ‘human rights’ violators the world has ever seen. Yet more currently, they have been responsible for causing millions of deaths in the last 2 years. Some call it Vaccine Apartheid. Let’s call things by their true names: Vaccine Imperialism.

This ee Focus looks at the crime of the century: How imperialist nations have sought to maintain their hegemony by not just promoting the spread of disease by withholding vaccines and preventing access, but more importantly have done so by actively sabotaging modern industrial production. This is why it’s not just Vaccine Apartheid but Vaccine Imperialism.

    Imperialism is particularly about maintaining economic underdevelopment by preventing modern industrial production. This ee examines how intellectual property rights (IPR) laws are used to prevent the transfer of knowledge and technology, with the World Bank and IMF leading the choir.

When someone passes on news, ask for the source. India’s WION TV, which disseminates Anti-SL, anti-Rajapakse and Anti-China propaganda, is linked to the powerful Marwari traders Birlas and Goenkas, from Rajasthan. Profiting off the English opium trade and wars on China, the English made ‘Sir’ Badridas Goenka, the first Indian Chairman of the Imperial Bank of India in 1933….

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