What do the crooks wear, really?


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An ‘international drug mafia’ and ‘fraudulent business operations’ were identified as ‘major challenges’ in Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa’s 2022 budget speech. This mafia, if you believe the capitalist media, is led by people with Sinhala village names – Makandure Madush, et. al. And this mafia is led by those who wear white national couture, according to their cartoonists’ caricature of politicians. Politicians who they claim are more corrupt than even their media owners.

But the real mafia are not media villains at all. They wear suits & ties and the occasional hipster sari! They flaunt media-glittered labels and brands. And if you believe their PR-agency-fabricated business headlines, they win (or give themselves) awards every day – ‘carbon-conscious, gender inclusive, socially responsible’, ‘best workplace’, etc.. And constantly making token charitable donations of foreign equipment and goods, the parts of which will have to be imported

They sport names like Citibank, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Chevron, P&G, Unilever, ICI-CIC, Ceylon Tobacco, et al. These multinational corporations (MNCs) provide the street and field mafias with their vast multinational banking, industrial, communication, distribution and disciplinary (gangster) networks, grounded here in the mercantile agency houses of old.

Their main aim is to prevent our modern industrialization. Modern (machine-making) industrialization would deprive them of the human and natural ‘resources’, they now exploit in the raw. Welcome to the multinational mafia, and their local agents (including economists) always demanding overpriced imports and underpriced exports.

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