What’s behind the Sathosa ‘Shuffle’


Why was Perera removed? Did he do wrong? Was he inefficient? If so, was he given a new job as ‘consolation’??

Naushad Perera is no longer the Chairman of Lanka Sathosa. His ‘departure’ was controversial. There were allegations that he had sweetened buddies using sugar imports. He was sacked, some believed. No, he resigned, others said.

The Government has not explained the why, how and who of all this. Bad.

Anyway, Rear Admiral (Rtd) Ananda Pieris has been appointed as the new Chairman of Lanka Sathosa while Venura Gunawardena is now the Chairman of the CWE. Perera has been moved to the Sri Lanka Standards Institute in what has to be seen as a ‘demotion’ or a ‘punishment transfer’.

Why was Perera removed? Did he do wrong? Was he inefficient? Even if we see the SLSI as a ‘lesser’ body compared with Sathosa, if indeed Perera had been indulging in hanky-panky then the proper course of action would be a) launch an investigation, b) explain to the public what happened, and c) to make sure that he is not given any post until his name is cleared, if indeed he was innocent, that is.

We have had erring ministers and officials being ‘sent upstairs’ way too often. Gotabaya Rajapaksa was expected to clean things up, put systems in place and to ensure strict discipline. In ALL MATTERS, including appointments and removals.  

What’s the signal that’s being given here? Well, it simply says ‘don’t worry about a thing…everything’s gonna be alright!’

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