Whips and the Common Welt


England should be kicked out of the Commonwealth.

It is long long past time. England should have been kicked out of the Commonwealth. Sarong-sporting goday yakku like us don’t comprehend why we’re still in the Commonwealth.

This Common Hell of a “British Commonwealth of Nations”, was first coined such by a co-architect of English apartheid in South Africa: the Dutch Boer Prime Minister Jan Smuts.

Our jewels should be plucked off that uneasy English crown, Caroline-Jurie-style. Retrieve the rubies that once made up the eyes of golden Tara still held hostage in that English Museum – some call it the British Museum, but we do not recognize such appellative conceit.

Tara was stolen by that 19th century mass murderer, saltern destroyer and colonial governor Robert Brownrigg.

Tara stands blinded and tortured, her golden fingers and toes sawed off and sold separately, guarding the China, South Asia and Southeastern Asia section of the English Museum. We need our eyes back.

The thieved gems and gold stashed in their Tower of London must also be returned to the world. All such ‘Wealth’ deemed ‘Common’ (now accreted within the veins and vaults of the banks of England) should be liberated, and divided up with interest among those who have too long endured imperialist economics. England’s banks and corporations here should be nationalized and socialized.

No point praying: give us back our daily surplus. The real robbery is by their banks like Barclays (origins: chattel slave trade in Africa), HSBC (forced opium on China) and Standard Chartered (Slavery, Opium, & Diamonds), and their multinationals like Unilever and CTC, who still underdevelop us through stealing profits via “transfer pricing” etc.

It may seem fantasy to demand extrication of their daily claws, when the English and their settler spawn – from the USA to Canada to Israel to Australia – still wage horrific wars. Not just openly on Palestine, Libya, Yemen and Syria. But covertly, on Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Korea & China.

Yet: “None of them can stop the time!” – as that Jamaican reggae song reminds. Karma insists time is on our side.

We recall when they denied security to the President of a hitherto loyal ‘jewel in the crown’ as Sri Lanka visiting London. How could the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC), comprising some of the biggest English multinationals, not offer protection, even as we provide hourly protection to Unilever, etc. This was during a high-security alert when a controversial German queen, who had presided over about 700 million murders across the world over 60 years, was being feted by her enslaved English subjects

This was when on Bauddhaloka Mavatha – Boulevard of the Buddhist World – the English embassy fancy-dressed their un-unionized brown security guards as unionized ‘Bobbies ‘ – those trenchant icons of the English truncheon – to celebrate that savage Hanoverian vampire.

Lest we forget: Elizabeth’s German family passed information to Hitler, for which her uncle had to abdicate That olde divorcee tale, of the King and Mrs. Simpson is a pseudo-romantic smokescreen. Even as our tortured Tara statue was one of the 100 most precious English Museum items salted away for safekeeping by the English during the Nazi blitzkrieg over London!

Diasporas, Despots & Underdevelopment

The Tamil ‘diaspora’ was blamed for preventing that CBC event. They remain an expedient fig-leaf to camouflage naked English tomfoolery. The English have a long tradition of using refugees for such purposes.

Recall the directors who ran that Commonwealth Business Council then: Simon Cairns once Managing Director of Rothschild-banker S.G. Warburg & Co. and chairman of BAT plc (owner of Ceylon Tobacco Co.); C.K. Birla, Chairman, CK Birla Group, India; Allan Fields of Cable & Wireless; Chris Nonis, Chairman of English agency-house Mackwoods; TSDS Hamad Kama Piah, Vice-Chairman, Sime Darby Berhad, Malaysia; and Rahul Bajaj, Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd, India. These major English-spawned multinational corporations for whom their multibillion-pound English weapons budgets are stockpiled to aid in bloodsucking Asia and Africa.

CBC director Sir Alan Collins, ex-vice-president for Shell Oil, was Managing Director, Olympics Legacy, on the board of UK Trade & Investment, run by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and included the UKTI Defence & Security Organisation. A Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George, and Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Collins was a Director of Amlin plc, “the largest of the Lloyds insurers and a global specialist in insurance and re-insurance.” Such spooky panjandrums, then conducting a massive military operation to control the July 2012 Olympics, refused to curtail the activity of a banned LTTE.

The CBC boasted that the Commonwealth’s 53-member countries accounted for 30% of the world’s population, 25% of its international trade and investment, 40% of WTO membership. The CBC wanted “further liberalization of services”! They’ve got that alright – ‘liberalization’ being another sleazy trope for removing any protective panties, and bending over – ‘deregulation’! They also wanted to facilitate “access to international capital markets”? If so, they failed miserably.

Literacy Minus Numeracy

It’s no coincidence the CBC included major English banks and industrials! Underdevelopment involves prevention of modern industry. The English surveil any attempt at real industry (tourism and garments don’t qualify at all!): A superabundance of mercantile agents keep ‘droning’ against any such attempts in the media. Thus there’s almost 100% illiteracy, not just among our economists, about the crying need for genuine machine production.

We can easily repair 200 years of English underdevelopment and erase odious debt: by building an economically independent country – once famed for such products as high-grade steel! To really kick England’s merchants out, we must indeed extricate those suckers deeply implanted inside our own arteries, like in some old-time vampire movie. We must rely not on merchants but on our true national wealth: the sinews of our workers and cultivators, to ensure their labor is not drained away into the kitchens and warehouses of Rockefeller’s West Asian oilfields, or of England’s Colombots

It is by real production (not assembly), we can overcome underdevelopment.

And remember: They need us now more than we ever needed them!

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