White Dreams


Notice the white coordination of the attacks on Myanmar and Thailand, using religion as a cover. We don’t need a weatherman to tell us which winds are blowing this our New Year way.

England and the US are getting ready to pour more of their trained ‘freedom fighters’, who have ignited chaos in Syria and Libya, into Myanmar and Thailand.

“Terrorists’ would be more appropriate, “mercenaries” may be kinder, “privateers” is how US officials provide legal cover for them. The World Bank and the International Chamber of Commerce may call it a “PPP” project – another public-private partnership.

The whites, rather curiously led by evangelicals, are suddenly also concerned about Muslims in China’s Xinjiang and Sri Lanka. After decades of murdering and maiming millions of West Asians. And waging war on Afghanistan. NATO’s main aim there has been to grab Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, which borders Tajikistan and Xinjiang. Their great game in Central Asia is now focused on this oddly-shaped relic of colonialism.

So what about their concern for Muslims? We recall when the BBC led over 1,000 broadcast and print news sites to chant hysteric headlines that Muslim men in England, Pakistanis particularly, were prone to “abusing white girls!” 

“Pakistani gang jailed for raping 50 white British girls,” cried New York Daily News. England’s Daily Telegraph led with: “A sex grooming gang targeted white girls because they were not part of their ‘community or religion’ said a judge.” The BBC weighed in with “Split views on race issue,” acting as if they were the very scales of justice, and that ‘race’ could relate to rape – but only for “White girls”? Then more BBC sophistry stirred the pot: “Grooming and race – what do we know?”‎ 

White supremacist parties waved anti-Muslim placards outside Liverpool Crown Court. They were only augmenting more salacious details blared out loud by their mainstream media.

The Political Economy of Synchronous Sensationalism

On the very next day, all 54 police forces in England (and Wales) sent white officers, sporting baseball caps emblazoned “Cuts are Criminal,” to demonstrate about imminent public danger. Calling for their pound of the recessionary pudding. Interestingly, Police News calculated “16,000 cops march against budget cuts”; while ‎exponential BBC Channel 4 News saw “30,000 police march through London”!

Giant bureaucracies and their PR machineries thus order the hourly news? As every October when, just before the Pentagon’s trillions are handed over, ‘terrorist’ plots of diverse vintage are uncovered and their world made ‘safe’ for just one more budget annuity. 

Moneymen, mass murderers and their media work in blustery synchronization.

This ‘Pakistani’ case had been long stewing on a back burner. Former home-secretary Jack Straw, a Labor MP, still not charged for torture in West Asia, a year before, claimed some Pakistani men saw white girls as “easy meat” for sex abuse. Yet his English bombers and righteous Torquemadas make ‘easy meat’ out of all people of all ages everywhere else. Straw claimed ‘race’ had made the authorities hide the attacks! 

The Media Holdup 

The massive demonstration organized by the Police Federation was against “cuts for public safety and the disproportionate attack on policing by the government.” This meant “more crime, more disorder and more anti-social behavior.” (“More crime” did not mean the bail out of banks and multinationals going on at that very time).

The cops were arguing: Look, you bail out the bankers wholesale, what about us? If you dear lords and ladies shall use our bodies to keep the lid down, share with us the loot. And if you don’t go along, here’s highly selective information we can release to sink your imperial plans and liberal poses.

Few mass media equip children and parents with the latest tools to counteract such mass abuse. Organized child abuse is common to many societies, certainly not invented by Asians. None recollect how early English factories recruited and mauled children. Recall the 1990s news items, when capitalism was agglomerating pristine tucked-away white towns.

Several recalcitrant municipalities were exposed as dens for pedophile rings involving local authorities – judge, sheriff, priest upwards. Of course such practices as far more common among upper class ‘gangs’ or corporate men, with easier access to ‘privacy’ and other resources. Those 3.5 tons of foreign-office files were destroyed for showing English officials routinely practicing torture and murder, not just in England, but worldwide.

Day Dreams & ‘Night Riders’

That frenzied media coverage was more than eerily deja-vu of historic headlines, particularly in the US, where alleged rape became excuse for thousands of lynchings: of ‘Desperado Indians, Black Rapists, Yellow Perils, hot-blooded Spics, Illegal Aliens’ (versus the legal aliens) trying to befoul White Womanhood; even as most women were being exploited inhumanly in factory and farm.

This resort to culture, race, biology to explain political movements caused by economic fractures and fusions is now an almost all-encompassing 24-7 bourgeois pastime. Political economics is too complex to explain the world: psychologies and genes more sexy!

Carl Jung, later Hitler Germany’s chief psychotherapist, observed at the 2nd Psychoanalytic Congress in 1910: “The psychological peculiarity of the Americans evince features… point[ing] to energetic sexual repressions – causes… found in the specific ‘American Complex,’ namely, in the living together with lower races, especially the Negroes. Living together with barbaric races exerts a suggestive effect on the laboriously tamed instinct of the white race and tends to pull it down. Hence, the need for strongly developed defensive measures, which precisely show themselves in those specific features of American culture.” 

Of course, dreamy proto-fascist Jung made no reference to the genocides, slavery and misogyny that still fashion English and Yankee waking life to its very core.

Yaka reminds: The people of the world, children, women and men, face the challenge of uniting against a capitalism aiming to rescue itself by spreading irrationality, to bloodily sacrifice many more millions in the coming years. 

Notice the white coordination of the attacks on Myanmar and Thailand, using religion as a cover. We don’t need a weatherman to tell us which winds are blowing this our New Year way.

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