Wishy-Washy is half-way point to ‘Same-old, Same-old’


Foot dragging does not bode well for the kind of changes in these things expected by those who voted for this Governmen

Repealing the 13th Amendment. Changing key, confusing and downright stupid elements of the 19th Amendment. Dumping the MCC Compact. Nationalism. Protecting the natural world. Sustainable Development. Developing local industries. The list goes on. Impressive at first glance. The stuff of election manifestos. The stuff of rhetoric spewed from the political stage.  

Change takes time. Easy excuse, but fair enough. What’s troubling is the pussy-footing we are seeing right now.

The 13th is a white elephant. It was illegally thrust down Sri Lanka’s throat and is nothing but an example of India’s hegemonic intentions. Now there are people who say ‘we owe India’. No, we do not. India reneged on the agreement. India did not disarm the LTTE. Indian intervention gave the LTTE a new lease of life and as a result the country suffered two more decades of meaningless blood-letting. And yet, there’s talk of provincial council elections. Why? Why not? We have managed without PCs for several years now and even the diehard advocates of devolution have uttered not a whimper of protest.

The 19th was mostly about constitutional tinkering, although it did contain a few positive features. We are yet to see a solid and comprehensive statement from the government about the 19th. Why not?

The MCC Compact. Udaya Gammanpila was talking percentages (of goodness). That’s fishy. The Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is talking of ‘compromise.’ Why?

This foot dragging does not bode well for the kind of changes in these things expected by those who voted for this Government, expectations based on what the would-be representatives pledged mind you.

Dilution and compromise should be taken seriously because historically they are the stuff that makes for a quick turn-around of positions taken. From there it is easy to revert to that which exists, that which people vowed to change. It’s a half-way point of sorts in a shameless journey to ‘same old, same old.’

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