Private Devils & Not-So Social Media


NATO countries are pouring in dollars to spread disinformation through so-called social media.

Employers of ‘illegal’ migrants – large multinationals making superprofits off them – rarely suffer commensurate fines or punishment.

Big media hides the corporate-state nexus behind these ‘kallathoni’ schemes. India keeps trying to settle migrants in Trincomalee. Headlines about drug and arms caches divert from other smuggling to undermine import controls, especially with custom’s officials seeking private profits. A white-controlled UN seeks to undermine national security, and NATO countries are pouring in dollars to spread disinformation through so-called social media.

Headlines about ‘Somali’ pirates conceal that the US and their epigones are operating protection rackets in African waters at the Red Sea’s mouth. They promote ‘retail’ pirates (mostly not Somalis) to justify ‘wholesale’ induction of white military-hardware.

Obama, the white man with a tan, fronted covert wars in Africa, from Somalia to Libya to Mali to the Congo. Besieging China with numerous Euro-US bases, their media instead whines about Chinese expansion in the South China Seas.
What on earth are the white man’s navies doing here!? If they love peace and reconciliation –they should show us how they do it in the USA? Will the US and England return people they kidnapped from the Chagos islands, a few miles south of us, back to their homes? Chagossians are now homeless in the Euro-Indian colony of Mauritius. The UN is silent.

Will the US take the nuclear missiles parked in Diego Garcia, and deport them to London? Not to Mississippi. To Europe, where it all started. Why is there no hourly media call to make this Ocean peaceful, rather than a rodeo for Cowboys and their Indians? Was the Indian Ocean Peace Zone buried with Sirimavo B?
Thovil Minus Mahason
The primary job of the public capitalist media is to divert and confuse mass opposition. The production of lesser evils is their other daily duty, akin to performing thovil minus Mahason, but with a host of lesser evils!
The media also offers coy Mahason: Many stories emerge about big banks operating ‘laundries’ for drug barons and other traffickers. Didn’t the US State Department also once bankroll their Osamas and Talibans to counter their hallucinations about communists?
Is ‘corruption’ the main crime of banks? Isn’t the main crime their failure to invest in modern production here?

Banks too are subject to the monopolizing process whereby capitalism rescues itself from periodic crisis by swallowing smaller dinosaurs, until all financial and industrial processes are fully centralized (and ripe for socialization!).

Our media and our economists resemble Japanese soldiers still fighting World-War-2 on incommunicado islets in the Pacific, blissfully unaware their bemedalled commanders were long pensioned off to placid boardrooms in private banks and corporations. 
Those persevering Pacific warriors may be more up-to-date, than our neo-con economists who yammer on about free markets and the pleasures of capitalism even after their most cogent defenders in the Euro-cosmos have announced its juddering demise.
The Status Ko?

Our economists were coy about the almost indecent rush with which 100s of billions of public money was openly splurged to bail out large US and European banks and corporations. They are still bailing out the so-called private capitalist system with public money, after years of ‘liberalized’ blather, forcing our governments to abandon social investment in health and education.

Imperialism has directed saturated gunfire against the state’s responsibility to ensure people have enough to eat, and clothe, shelter, educate themselves. They downplay that better nutrition has improved peoples’ lives, not fancy medicines!
Bailouts have given bankers not welfare but warfare budgets to escalate war on people they’re robbing again! As people learn more, the machineries of justification – the capitalist media – have fewer excuses about blatant rip-offs.
The media high-priests of capitalism don’t mention, that 2 out of the 4 biggest banks in England are state-subsidized. Or, the so-called private-public divide is a fraud: The US Federal Reserve is controlled by private banks.
Mothers of Innovation

Imperialist states spend zillions on armies to protect their banks and industries. Most so-called inventions, come directly out of this military-industrial-complex: from computers and cable to internet. Instead, our ersatz economists sing from a hymnal long-dispensed even by the Corporations of the Holy-Corpus in Canterbury and Rome: paeans to free this and free that, free world, free press, etal, though we know who pays the bill: We!
Perhaps we confuse our readers: The rise of the white man is not only from slavery, or exploitation, no magic or mystery, not genes or psychology, natural resources, luck or inequality, even imperialism and colonialism – but innovation in machinery!

The diffusion of technological innovation in agriculture and industry, innovation in organization – social and political – and a class commitment to applying and adapting innovations: this, Yaka believes, is the basis of their power – and like our Ammas say about eating out at restaurants: we can do it better at home!

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