Yakhanda 5: Yaka & the Common Hell


That Commonwealth must kick London out if they do not return our share of the Bank of England. Otherwise how can Yaksha even countenance such detritus long past expiry in the garbage dumps of history.

Readers may think this a Yaksha revivalist column. Yaksha need no renaissance. Yaksha are always within and without, inside and about us, caged and uncaged. In the air, underground, at home and at work. Yaksha walk, Yaksha take public transport, because we are with the people!

Nor do we yearn for postings in London, Paris, Manhattan or Geneva. We are no endangered species seeking protection with the most dangerous humans in this world and in history.

Some suggest Yakhanda restrict our divine dance of words to this land’s theatre alone.

We shall, therefore, for the serene joys of our eyes alone, audition all casts in this world that dance the devil upon our stage.

Civilization Bang Bang

It seems not to matter to the capitalist media what the people want. Most people in Libya supported Al Qathafi. Most people in the Soviet Union wanted to retain the USSR! And China knows too well, despite having the support of its people, that Europeans and their settler states will never rest from attempts to reduce it to neo-coolie-hood! 

Democracy is only good as an accusation or as a promise. For Euros too, particularly.

The near 4 billion people of Asia – nay, the 7 billion the world over – are being taught over and over again what a determined and organized, well-armed, well-heeled, well-camouflaged minority can do. 

But, as the song says, “None of dem can stoppa de time.” 

The future is decided, the world is made anew each day, by the moves of the million millions.

Or let’s reword that poet of the east: “Civilization flows out of the barrel of a gun, but politics is the trigger.”

Real Anti-Americans

Now there are those people who tag Yaskha criticism of US policy as Anti-American? No way! Yaskha would never countenance such jingoism!

Let’s be clear as mud: There are no bodies more anti-American than the ruling cretins of the USA and Canada. Settlers from Europe, these denizens, from the very beginning of their sorry adventure in the “New World,” have murdered, enslaved and kept trying to destroy the original peoples, the real Americans. Both the USA and Canada have invaded more countries of the Americas. And they haven’t stopped there.

Yaka is actually very pro-American! When we say American, we do not closet the label to people living only in the USA. Americans live anywhere between the Arctic and Tierra del Fuego. Haitians, Venezuelans, Peruvians, are also American. Cuba calls its international radio service, Radio Havana – “the Free Voice of the Americas.” 

They are not the ‘American’ of 19thC US Monroe Doctrine: that sees the suppression of all of the Americas under the boot of Wall Street, as one greater United Snakes of Amnesia, as their godly manifest destiny!

And now Cowboys dressed as Indians say the Pacific flows all the way into the Ganges.

The Common Welt

We’re all American now, someone claimed. Others claim we’re still in the English Commonwealth. But there can be no common wealth yet. There is only a common thief who won’t return the loot, and still controls our greatest wealth – daily labor. Their fingerprints deep inside the national treasury’s underwear, and thrust inside our brains, wield fresh the whip scars of a common welt! 

Let England and their settler colonies US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, play their settler games, exploiting a disoriented ‘diaspora’ to divide people living in this country. 

Yet we need a common health, a united heart in this world. A real post-colonial games would feature the high jump over Wall Street, shot putting NATO out of the sky, leaving the empire naked at the starting blocks! 

Australia, a white fortress settler colony (like Israel), waging war on original peoples of the Pacific and Asia for over a hundred years, will be Southern Java again one day. 

Yeah, none of dem can stoppa de time.

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